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Berlin builds spreadsheets

On Sunday, the sharks lost 1: 2 (0: 0, 1: 2, 0: 0) at the archival Dusseldorf EG the second derby within a week and the 235th in total. Already a week ago, the DEG had won 3: 0 in Cologne. The sharks remain victorious this year, conceded the ninth bankruptcy in a piece and the 15th of the past 17 games. The undisciplined guests were still lucky that the Düsseldorf was very wasteful with their own opportunities in the many overpayment torques. Very frustrating. Düsseldorf simply plays Cleverer than we. The break is right, said Haie-Captain Moritz Müller at MagentaSport. For both teams, it was the last game before the Olympic break.

Polar bears conjure up in the first third


Because of the many Corona-conditioned cancellations in the DEL currently, only three matches were held on Sunday. The top game won Master and Table Forbears Berlin Sovereign 3: 1 (3: 0, 0: 1, 0: 0) at ETC Red Bull Munich. Match winner was National keeper Mathias Niederberger. He’s always there for us. Today he was still there, Defender said Jonas Müller. A shooting festival celebrated the ERC Ingolstadt, which declassified the Nuremberg Ice Tigers with 10: 1 (3: 0, 2: 0, 5: 1).

The many game failures also affect national coach Toni Söderholm, who wants to name his squad for the winter games in Beijing on Tuesday. Through the confusion swirled schedule, however, some candidates could have advised somewhat from the rhythm. On February 2, the national team flies to Beijing, where the Olympic tournament begins on 9 February. Previously, the German selection meets for two training days in Mannheim.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” (Pokemon Legends Alceus) is a “different from the usual” Pokemon experience that combines the warmth new, nostalgic and challenges. Previous preview impression

Pokémon, shredded and Pokémon. This game series, which rushed 26 years from the beginning of the first work this year, has no good and bad content of the tradition. The fine mini-game in the work was a big change, but I will receive a buddy from a doctor and journey to complete a picture book. In the way, I can challenge the Pokémon Jim, or beat a suspicious tissue conspiracy. Each legendary Pokémon encountered, leading to the Pokémon League Champion and continuing the trip after that, and the JRPG-like game system for producing it has never changed. However, Pokemon Legends Access (Pokemon Legends Access) appeared in the position of a new series main story (Pokemon Legends Access) is a work that takes a big step from this tradition. It succeeded in achieving both the series and the provision of new experiences. The word warm new looks good.

Because I was blessed with the opportunity to play a part of this work in advance, I would like to introduce why I felt so, including the content of the work.

Pokemon Legends Access is an action RPG scheduled to be released on January 28. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch. The stage was the time when the connection between people and Pokémon is still thin. After the Risk region called the Shinto region, the hero who will belong to Gin gaga Team will conduct a field survey with the aim of completing the Pokémon picture book.

Different from the usual Pokémon experience

The part that you can experience this time is not a completely new if you say frankly. For example, separate plays such as NEW Pokémon snap were not provided. The basic game system of Pokemon Legends Access has received an impression that system / play in the successive Pocket Monster series is system / play, and it was impressed that it is a form that incorporates action game elements as arrangement.. This does not only have a strong convince that he has been strong in adopting the world view of the land from Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl, but also Pocket Monster fans touching this work from the main title However, the light gamer layer that has not touched other game genres is also meant that the system content is easy to understand.

So what is Arrangement by Action Elements ? The first goal of the player in Pokemon Legends Access is the completion of Pokémon pictorial books through capture of Pokémon. This is the main title, which is common to the game content of Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl. The player goes out to the vast field with up to 6 bats and will face various wild Pokemon. In the world drawn with soft colors like watercolors, Pokemon, beautifully depicted in 3D, is dotted.

It is not always necessary to do battle when getting Pokémon. Sometimes from the back. When hiding in the case of her seeds. While scattering or inhibiting behavior, it throws a monster ball and aims to capture.

Pokemon Legends Access adopts an action based on so-called TPS (third-person shooter games), and while walking around 3D space, we aim to catch the monster ball directly on the Pokémon in situ Can be d1. Depending on the type of monster ball to be used, the range distance and the capture Pokémon are different. For example, the heavy ball is a normal monster ball, which can not be thrown far away, but it is easy to catch Pokémon that is not aware of the protagonist ball. It is not difficult for the aim of aiming for aiming, but it is not easy. In mind, it was impressed that it would be necessary to practice a little until getting used to the ball in the mount.

But the Pokémon side is not easily caught. If you look at the player, there is also a Pokémon that escapes, and there is also a Pokémon that attempts to attack and repel the player who is an external enemy. It is our brain that will be tried there. Get Pokémon by utilizing field gimmicks, tools and battles. (Followed by Pokémon Battle) Here is the important thing here to do not capture for each Pokémon. In this work, it is possible to start the battle by throwing the monster ball containing Pokémon near the target, but there are many people who escape from the spot during battle. Depending on the Pokémon, it is possible that it is easy to get a ball that you can not fight with the tool and throw the ball.

The tools that can be used in the field can consume and create materials by using the craft function including balls. The craft function is available in the base camp or Kotobukimura’s craft table, and it can be used anywhere if you have a craft kit. Not only can the material existing and collected on the field, but also the Pokémon is obtained as a reward when defeated / gets / gets Pokémon. Since the collection itself is easy, it has not been in trouble with resource management, such as the lack of material when needed.

The field Friday Own that could be experienced in this trial has a tree that has a tree and has a cool waterside, and there was a dim cave. In the forest, Pokemon, a Pokemon, is an area of ​​Pokemon, and a cave in a series of caves, such as a series of caves, and a cave dungeon in a series inhabiting each of the cave dungeons in the series. It was.

The field is not only the concept of day and night but also the concept of the weather, and if it is night, Pokémon that the complex element is entangled, but also the composite element is decided, not only the difference between location.. There is no particular limitation such as a stamina system when moving the field, and it is possible to climb it even if it is a steep or Motor field even if it is judged. Some of them were able to reach the Gimmick with the power of Handheld Pokémon. I did not think that the IPA Hand-held appeared in the figure of destroying the rock wall. In addition, there is a system that allows you to move a special Pokémon called Pokémon Ride and moves the sea sky comfortably. In the trial experience, it could be used at a relatively favorite timing, and even if a powerful Pokémon was encountered and attacked, it was possible to leave the power of Pokémon Ride. Even when I was using Hidden in the old work, was it really such an image?

And for the Pokémon picture book, the Pokémon pictorial book is a major feature that it does not automatically get informed immediately by reflecting the world’s age or just catching the target. It can be said that it is a specification that piles the flavor to the game to check by themselves and write in the picture book. If you catch Pokémon, the target page is added, but the detailed information remains undressed. To cancel this, it is necessary to do some tasks that are imposed on one Pokémon.

For example, to make all the data related to the Pokémon called Colin, you must catch a condition such as caught several times or put it in battle to use a specific technique multiple times. In addition, Pokémon evolution is also introduced, but unlike the specifications in the main texture, you like to select a specific item from the menu screen, not the timing after completion of the battle. It is possible to evolve at the time of timing. In other words, if the target Pokémon reaches the specified level, it is not necessary to hit the B button for evolution cancellation. It can be said that it is a device that does not impede seamless experiences in an action game where game progress tempo is important.

The degree of achievement of Pokémon pictorial book is reflected in the members of the Gin gaga to which the player belongs, and the maximum level of Pokémon listening to saying. It is a specification similar to the so-called gym badge. When returning from the field to Kotobukimura, the number of Pokemon caught by reporting Dr. Haven at the entrance and rewards according to how to catch it. Getting the Pokémon actively in various ways to fill the picture book, it is also linked to direct benefits to the player.

Comprehensive impressions for the field action of Pokemon Legends Access were strongly received that the Normal Pokémon Experience resolution is raised, not a completely new experience. Catch the ball towards a lively Pokémon. Borrow the power of Pokémon and go to various ways. Including parts that have followed the elements of the previous works, the operation of Pokémon, which has been simplified so far, is more detailed, and it will be clearly depicted and presented again before us. Both nostalgic and challenges.

Something different from us Pokémon Battle

With regard to the Pokémon Battle itself, based on the system in the main title, the Game Speed ​​Adjusts the Game Speed ​​Adjust has been incorporated. The number of behavioral values ​​and actions of behavior have fluctuated even with the property of the ability to activate one turn to one turn, and even the nature of the quickness but also the nature of the skill. If you become your own turn, you can use the turn and use tools. Monster balls are also thrown in the same way as conventional series. In this work, there may also be combat in a variety of situations, and in some cases the other party’s turn will not end easily.

That’s important to be important, early business and power business. By satisfying a specific condition, the nature of the early business force will be acquired and used while switching the nature during combat. Early technique makes the following behavioral order tends to be quicker instead of power. In addition to being able to use HP adjustment during capture, it is possible to use the early business that enhances the ability depending on the development state, and it can also be used to move to an attack without interrupting the counterpart. On the other hand, power business makes the next action order tend to be slower instead of simply improving the power. I want to use it in the scene of here. For the development element, the tool to raise the status such as き point in the old work has been confirmed, and also in the form of a graphical form of the old work as well as the status screen.

In particular, the battle with special individuals called King and Queen that will fight as a strong opponent during the story is a complex form of the TPS action and Pokémon battle described above. The player is asked to make the gauge 0 by keeping the opponent’s attack and keep hitting the tool target of Ship Media, but throw the ball with your hand holding a hand holding a hand when the other party shows the sketch You can put a battle. If this is a wonderful victory, it will be a chance to significantly reduce the gauge with Ship Media for a certain period of time. In other words, it is repeated the flow of by making the enemy attack → the battle as much as possible → shindig is repeated.

Newly discovered Pokemon was relative as this time, King, Ballgirl, in order to finish quickly the truly strong and combat the fact that the so-called boss, it is necessary to continue down continuously many times in battle, quite me feel the chewy. Because in the fight can be carried out the craft, I want to recommend that prior to you collect material for the tool created for recovery. Pokemon LEGENDS Areas Pokémon battle has taken well the elements of the action game, which is a feature of this work based on the conventional system, the contents of the technique is whether there is also one that is different from the conventional operation, simply battle also cut out only the content was me feel the potential to be interesting.

unusual cityscape

The village Kotobukimura that was supposed to be visiting at this time of trial play experience became familiar in recent main title, facility other than the Pokémon Center are aligned across the board. A useful tool can be purchased general store. Buy a fashion item draper. You can change the hairstyle Sanpatsuya. The new handle craft function and materials, the craft of recipes craft shop. You are Pokémon and photography by selecting your favorite motion and the background there is a photographer. In addition, it will play a large role on the story or clusters of galaxies Government Buildings, is to the current content was confirmed in several visual facilities that could not be experience. Although the Kotobukimura had is possible to navigate directly to the field, Black Sunday of the wilderness, was the stage of the trial play experience, what will be going in a different field from Kotobukimura, whether there are people other village did not understand. In addition, it may be asked your from the person in the village as a mission…… so-called sub-quest, tools and achieved to the Noway.

If on the one hand and include a distinctly different point, it is none other than the facility appearance itself. Among the houses of mud walls and tile roof to view the open are lined up, some places Western-style, no Gala appearance of meets the eye Kotobukimura bench and signs of local wind as an accent is somewhat Meiji era referred to in Japan, entered Cultures of the East and the West It has drifted streaks atmosphere of cultural enlightenment, suitable for this work to draw the ties of Pokémon and human, that occur. If placed in a private house and the hero of the dormitory hearth and tatami, ethnic crafts might be interesting if we compare with the appearance of the houses in the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, when you think that the motif.

I know the A New né temperature of the come late. In conclusion, Pokemon LEGENDS Areas is based on the play of the conventional main title, action games and by incorporating the world of Suzuki from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, while creating the uniqueness of the experience, consumer, it has been successful in securing a wide frontage, especially for Pokémon series fan. So far what we players were doing in fact is in the game, would that be again understanding through this work that. In view of this until the series development of the said to be a very fascinating form.

And this work has been the subject work of deals Nintendo catalog ticket in two. In addition, it will be able to challenge the mission that can be a friend to the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl has a save data phantom Pokémon Dark. When you buy a book work is by all means, to recommend strongly that you buy in the Pokémon series and set up this to take advantage of the ticket. For the convenience of the specification of this work, by touching the pre-series title, the fun’s sure to go up blistering many times.

Pokemon LEGENDS Areas, said will be released on January 28, the Nintendo Switch for.

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The chairs for games and headphones razer x Hello Kitty are launched today

Each product has been selected independently by our editorial team. We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and terms of the retailer.

Mario has been associated with almost everyone at the merchandising of Hello Kitty, then, why not join forces with Racer for a line of accessories for games? There is nothing surprising in this: it was just Racer’s turn. In fact, this is Racer’s second collaboration with Hello Kitty, and the first will take place in China by 2020. Interestingly, this time does not include a keyboard, but a game chair.

Racer presented the alignment of Hello Kitty in December, but announced that it would be available for sale as of today, January 20. You can keep aware of the release of the here and register to receive notifications when the items are published.

See the Racer X Hello Kitty collection at razer.com

The HELLO KITTY X RACER collection is headed by a rose Racer Games chair with a Hello Kitty and Friends design that includes Melody, Pompumpurin, Karimi and more. Do not forget that the optional lumbar cushion HELLO KITTY RACER will relieve and support your back pain with a viscoelastic foam impregnated with tenderness.

Next, we have a version of Hello Kitty of the Bluetooth Racer Kraken BT Kitty headset. It has redesigned ears, a loop and many images of Hello Kitty.

Finally, there is a version of Hello Kitty of the Racer Death adder Essential and the Mouse pad Racer Goliath us Medium. You can even customize your own hello Kitty mice and mats using your designer.

Again, the Racer Hello Kitty collection is expected to launch today, but it was not active at the time of writing this article. You can register to receive notifications through the Racer website.

Diablo 2 aficionados all courses in the brand-new patch – however a popular build stays “unplayable”.

Over all, whirlwind barbarians are preferred due to the fact that they are well fit for the solo game. In teams, you are under the 7 classes of Diablo 2 other supporting tanks. They collect challengers and also buff their group with their numerous battles.

The Preliminary Patch Notes for Patch 2.4 Diablo 2: Resurrected are known.

The upcoming patch 2.4, which will quickly be checked on the PTR, currently has enthusiasts for all courses. But fans claim that they do not help the whirlwind barbarians. He remains slugs as well as unplayable because the existing insects were not resolved according to patch Notes.

What is this for a develop? The speedy Barbara (typically brief: WW-Barb ) is just one of the most popular builds for the carving. He depends on the ability whirlwind and also is specifically excellent in theory to disassemble teams of challengers in melee.

Why is he unplayable ? In the official online forum to Diablo 2, individuals DHA creates from the troubles with to develop. He calls 4 major issues through which the speedy develop comes to be unusable, specifically in PVP scenarios:

  • After teleports, whirlwind is often set off immediately and also stops till you fulfill an opponent. That might be unlimited when the opponent flees.
  • The game does not sign up the first hits from whirlwind. The regular advantage of the skill, as it was formerly typical to do even more attacks, do not work.
  • The computer animation of the capacity to break short when you maintain it pushed, rather than running. You can be interrupted in between.
  • These interruptions can lead to desynchronization.

The pests do not just impact barbarians, but also assassins that utilize the ability. This can be done, as an example, via the runner Chaos, which admits to the capability. The YouTuber Aaron receives his video clip again straight how exactly the troubles look:

Together with the ladder, new rune words along with established bonus offers as well as dishes for the Horatio dice come. The materials are that, particularly the Core followers of Diablo 2 have been waiting on launch. You will certainly locate the complete patch notes on the main internet site.

Patch 2.4 brings the ladder and hectic aficionados

The most likely crucial modification in the new patch, nevertheless, is the ladder. In Diablo 2 ladder coincide as Seasons today. You show up there with brand-new ladder characters as well as can determine you with various other players on a leaderboard.

When is patch 2.4? On January 25, 2022, the patch begins on the PTR. When specifically he is then played on the official web servers, we can not state yet. As a rule, such tests last approximately 4 weeks, relying on the scope of comments, which needs to be executed.

This is in the brand-new patch: With the upcoming patch 2.4 all courses are brought. The Barbara also obtains some renovations, yet most importantly the screams are reinforced or obtain brand-new tooltips.

The test on the PTR is specifically there to discover and also report such mistakes. DHA states these errors have been understood since Alpha as well as hangs little hope that they are solved. It is not difficult, first off, Patch 2.4 must show up.

We expect the patch and also the initial ladder towards completion of February. With a view of the problems to release it could take it up until March. As long as you are waiting, we have some games to prevent them:

Gaming like Diablo – Who needs Diablo 4? Here are 11 current options

The Preliminary Patch Notes for Patch 2.4 Diablo 2: Reanimated are understood. The upcoming patch 2.4, which will certainly quickly be evaluated on the PTR, now has buffs for all courses. It is not difficult, very first, Patch 2.4 needs to appear.

When is patch 2.4? On January 25, 2022, the patch starts on the PTR.

New PS5 and PS4 games this week (January 24th to 30 January)

What new PS5 and PS4 games publish in physical retailers and as part of the PlayStation Store-Update this week? The publication calendar is slowly building up, and this week comes a first-party PlayStation game on the market: Naughty Dogs PS5-Remaster Compilation, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. For a complete list of All new release dates for PS5 games in 2022 and All new publication dates for PS4 games in 2022 , click through the links.

United States of America

25. January

  • Cannibal kitchen (PS4)
  • The artistic escape (PS5, PS4)

27. January

  • Circuit superstars (PS4)
  • Hiker (PSVR)
  • Zenith: The Last City (PSVR)

28. January

United Kingdom

25. January

  • Cannibal kitchen (PS4)
  • The artistic escape (PS5, PS4)

27. January

  • Circuit superstars (PS4)
  • Hiker (PSVR)
  • Zenith: The Last City (PSVR)


28. January

  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (PS5)

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection offers launch trailer: Return the famous Cazatesoros

Undiscovered: Legacy of Thieves Collection will get to PS5 the following January 28 , but it will certainly additionally arrive at the computer ecological community later. As for the plans of Naughty Dog, it seems that the development group does not release the accelerator as well as have actually currently gone down tracks regarding the opportunity of working on several projects at the same time.


The proposal of Naughty Canine does not consist just of the resurrection of these 2 titles, yet likewise increases the image top quality to immerse ourselves even much more in the wiser of the personalities. In this feeling, the developer confirms that Chart: Legacy of Thieves Collection will take PS5 game with a Fidelity mode for those who enjoy the graphics, a Efficiency setting that keeps a PS4 patch high Framework rate as well as a Efficiency mode + that prioritizes this element as opposed to the resolution.

As we had actually currently seen in Uncharted 4 and Chart: The Lost Heritage, the trailer reveals a few of the most exciting minutes of both distributions. Nathan Drake, Chloe Fraser and Nadine Ross star a great deal of the video with several activity scenes that mirror both the daring sex of games and spectacularly of their kinematics.

Nathan Drake A hole has actually been made in the universe of video games many thanks to all its dangerous and also enigmatic adventures. Currently, this personality is presently returned to a collection that revitalizes a couple of the initial glazing games at the exact same time graphically enhances experience. The name of this mix of concepts is undiscovered: Legacy of Thieves Collection, as well as it currently has a launch trailer.

Sony publishes the launch trailer of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection


Sony has published the launch trailer of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. The compilation with the versions for PlayStation 5 of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Chart: Lost Legacy will be put on sale next January 28. These new versions include improvements in image quality and resolution, a mode to 60fps, implementation of functions with the Danseuse control and shorter loading times. The Legacy of Thieves Collection will cost €49.99, but users who have any of the two games in their version for PlayStation 4 will be able to pay only ten euros and take the full collection for PlayStation 5. Remember, in addition, that Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will also have a PC version, but the release of this still does not have a definite date beyond it will be in 2022.

7 reasons why WWE 2K22 could be a success

WWE 2K22 is not too far these days, since the game will be launched in March after skipping a year and receiving an important review. Today, 2K gave the fans a new trailer, new looks at superstars, official cover and some details about King Mysterio 2k Showcase, and with all that in mind, there are many reasons to get excited because 2k22 will deliver the products afterwards. A long weight and a pretty rugged path. From new images and controls to smart decisions about the game and new modes, it seems that 2k22 has what is needed to be a success, and you can check our seven reasons why it will start on the next slide.

Now, obviously we still have some questions. We still have to see a lot on the multiplayer side of things, and that was a problem often criticized with the previous game. We are also waiting to see more real gameplay of the matches, although the most recent trailer gave us more images about it. Nor do we know the complete list yet, and the fans are curious, especially after WWE launched so many fighters who would undoubtedly appear in the game last year. That also applies to Futuro DLC, but we will have to wait and see.

Despite those questions, there is much more so I are excited at this time, and you can find our 7 main reasons to start on the next slide. You can also find the official description of the Deluxe edition below.

«• The DELUXE edition will be available for $ 99.99 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S both in physical and digital format, and for PC in digital format. The DELUXE edition includes the standard edition plus the Immortal Undertaker package; A seasonal pass for the five DLC content packets after the launch; MyRise Mega-Boost and Supercharger packages; Contents of WWE SuperCard limited edition (included in the box only for physical copies). Before March 8, 2022, they will also receive anticipated access to the game three days before launch ; Players who buy the PlayStation 5 edition or Xbox Series X | S will also receive the Starrcade ’96 King Mysterio Pack.

New and improved graphics

One of the first things you will notice is the improvement of graphics, both in advances and in still images. Some of the superstars of WWE 2K20 looked great (while others did not look so good), but even the most handsome characters of WWE 2K20 are not up to 2K22 until now.

Some of the highlights so far revealed include Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, John Dinner, Shotzi, The Rock, Goldberg, The Street Profits, Sheamus, Cesaro, and, of course, King Mysterio and, hopefully, we will deepen on how. They look in action during the game soon. That said, the images already seem a great step forward, especially in the next generation hardware.

previous next

my GM mode

One of the most requested functions in the last editions of the WWE 2K series has been GM mode. Surely previous games had universe mode, which allowed you to configure night games and create your list, but still felt limited and not as deep and fun as a real GM mode.

WWE 2K22 comes with a full GM mode from the beginning, so, although you can still create your lists and your shows, you will also have to take into account the cost of certain superstars, as well as your wrestling style, what role currently They have assigned, pop value and more.

In addition, it allows fanatics to participate in an annual tradition in the WWE, but we will talk about that in a second.

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my faction mode

Most WWE fans love to play at armchair booker when it comes to their favorite promotion, and they will be able to do some of that at My GM and Universe Mode, but 2K also presents a new way to reserve some dream combats With its MyFACTION mode, it is a franchise first.


MYFACTION mode allows you to build your own legendary faction, gathering superstar alignment of your dreams and then administering them and updating them along the way through weekly events and updates. Do you want to build your own four riders? Feeling free. Build a new and improved LWO? Move along. Rebuild Evolution with a women’s alignment? Do it. The options are infinite, and I already have several ideas that I can not wait to try.

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Limited risk capital

One of the most common complaints with respect to the popular NBA 2K franchise of 2K is the strong presence of virtual currency (VC). It is everywhere in NBA 2K22 and in the last releases, so obviously, fans were worried that WWE 2K22 did the same. However, during an early preview of the game, 2K ended that fear and revealed that VC will only be used in a mode.

VC will only be presented in the new MYFACTION mode, and any item that can be purchased with VC will also be available to unlock through the game. Designers also said that VC will not offer any competitive advantage and will not lead to a payment situation to win. If you can comply with that promise, many fans will be very happy.

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Scheme of reworked control

WWE 2K22 also presents a checked control scheme, which carries things even further than the redesign they received at 2K20. There are some important changes, mainly with respect to attack systems, pins, auctions and characteristic movements. Now there are light attacks and heavy attacks attached to the buttons on the face, and now it touches the right joystick to set.

The Finisher and Signature movements have also revolutionized. Finalists, signatures, reimbursements and submissions are now attached to a different combination of right trigger and a face button. RT + A is a finisher, while RT + X is a signature. RT + and is a refund, and Rt + B is a presentation. You can check a breakdown in depth here.

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Draft of the WWE

While GM mode was often requested, the other important requests from the Franchise of the WWE 2K franchise were the ability to play through their own WWE Draft and, fortunately, we will finally get it at 2K22. Now you can configure your own brand division and go through a complete draft, creating the list of your dreams selection by selection and considering aspects such as style, cost and more.

Now 2K22 can have its own annual tradition, and even if the marks come together once more, you can still assemble a raw and an own smackdown in the game.

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Showcase of King Mysterio 2K

Although King Mysterio is the star on WWE 2K22, it is also the newest 2K Showcase star, and that means that the Favorite Mode will highlight different legendary moments and combats throughout its 20 years of career in The WWE. Mysterio has had an absurd amount of big fighting and iconic moments during the permanence of him in the WWE, and when you add his race in the WCW, this should easily be one of the best showcases of the franchise.

Struggle as King vs Eddie Guerrero at HALOWEEN HAVOC AND SUMMERSLAM, King vs Kurt Angle, King vs Chris Jericho, King vs Dean Malenko, King vs. Shawn Michaels, and then all recent struggles with his son Dominik are the ones that we would like to see. Featured, and hopefully we will do it.


Pokemon Go: RaidBosse January 2022 Currently with GeneseCT and Shiny Shardrago

The power plant event is currently creating in Pokémon Go that the end of January 2022 relatively many steel and electro-Pokémon appear as a raid boss. But if you believe that this is the last bosses before changing to February 2022, then you have deceived! Because on January 24, 2022, the pool of Raidbosses will change again. Instead of GeneSECT with flash module and the Attack TechBlaster then appears about the legendary Regice with the Attake Thunder in the Tier-5-Raids.

Accordingly, we have divided the overview of the Pokémon Go Raidbosse in January 2022 – which bosses are currently available and which from January 24, 2022? We betray you below! As usual, we highlighted the Raid bosses with shiny chances with (+)!

Pokémon Go: Raidbosse January 2022 – News

If you still want to snatch the mysterious Genesis with a flash module, then your Fire Pokémon calls together and plunges you until January 24, 2022 into the battle, so to Monday at 10:00.

Animal 1 RAIDs
Pikachu (+), Tanne (+), SheInux (+), Elezeba (+), Klikk (+)

Animal 3-raids
Sichlor (+), Tornupo, Flunkifer (+) Shardrago

Animal 5-raids
GeneSECT with flash module and TechBlaster (+)

Mega-aerodactyl (+)


Currently paused

Pokémon Go: Raidbosses from Jan 24 2022

Look forward to before February 2022 still about opportunities on Shiny Regice! And also Shardrago remains until February 1, 2022 in the Raids, so get a pair of the LEGO-MON!

Animal 1 RAIDs
Pikachu (+), Tanne (+), SheInux (+), Elezeba (+), Klikk (+)

Animal 3-raids
Jugong, Keifel, Panpyro, Shardrago (+)

Animal 5-raids
GeneSECT with flash module and TechBlaster (+)

Mega-aerodactyl (+)

Currently paused

We wish you a lot of fun and success in the hunt! Have you already heard all genesis available so far with the appropriate modules? And do you mean that by Regice and possible other Regis also the new ones come into the game?

Series A: Big Corona outbreak at FC Venice – Club of Ex-FC-Bavaria

Large parts of the team of Italian football first division FC Venice sit in Corona quarantine. At a test series, ten other professionals and supervisors have been positively tested, the club announced on Thursday, as a whole, eight players and six people from the immediate team environment are infected. The series clubs had agreed on new Corona rules in view of the increasing infection numbers. Games are canceled if a club has eleven positively tested professionals in the squad. The junior players are not considered. After the turn of the year, US Salernitana, Hellas Verona and Chinese Calico had to be struggling with larger outbreaks, there were cancellations. Venice’s next game is scheduled on Saturday at Inter Milan.

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