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Park Yun -gyus remaining task is to fulfill New York… Public -private power must be collected

Park Gungy, the second vice minister of the Ministry of Science and ICT, encouraged the participation of companies to cooperate together to understand President Soon Seok-yeol’s idea of New York.

Park held a meeting on the 26th at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jungle, Seoul, with the public institutions and industrial related associations in the digital sector and related associations to inspect and discuss follow-up plans.

Earlier, President Soon revealed the vision of digital innovation in Korea at the Digital Vision Forum hosted by New York University on the 21st. On this day, President Soon emphasized the universal value of humanity based on freedom, solidarity, and human rights and the digital order that the citizens of the world should pursue together. President Soon visited the foundation for the Canadian discussion the next day and held an artificial intelligence (AI) scholarship.


The Digital Vision Forum was conducted by the vice president of North American subsidiary Mark Clipper, who was an ambassador to Korea. In the forum, Korea’s change in digital technology was mainly dealt with, and the support speech was sent by Andrew Hamilton, New York University and Vice President Ripper.

At the Toronto University meeting, the next day, Professor Jeffrey Hinton said, The AI revolution will surely happen once more. President Soon and Professor Hinton agreed that AI could be developed through the government’s appropriate investment and the elimination of unnecessary administrative procedures.

The New York Initiatives contained the will of Korea to play the role of a digital innovation model. The government plans to announce a strategy for the government-level digital leap forward this month, which will lead the national digital policy, focusing on the keynote and philosophy of New York. The digital leap strategy will include digital innovation strategies such as AI, software and data utilization.

At the meeting, Park said, It is meaningful in that our country has declared its willingness to lead digital innovation as the No. 1 digital field. I am doing it.

Park said, We have introduced the universal value of humanity that the world should go forward, such as freedom and human rights through the New York initiative, and the world’s first, he said. Do it.

The important thing is to share digital innovation achievements with the world citizens and contribute to the international community based on New York’s idea. We are establishing, and we plan to pursue it strongly.

Park said, Now, all the subjects of the public-private personality must join forces to strongly promote the overall digital innovation. I said with strength.

As we have to gather national capabilities, we hope that each institution will make a effort to implement the New York Initiatives and the Pan-Government Digital Strategy follow-up. Please ask for participation and suggestions.

Tennis, Laver Cup: Day 3 now in the real-time ticker

Today the last day of competition of the Later Cup is held. Right here you can comply with all battles of the day in the online ticker.

Day 3 of the Later Mug Live see-secure the DAZN membership!

Tennis, Later Cup: Day 3 Today in LiveTicker-Vor beginning.

Regretting/Murray-AUGER-ALASSIME/SOCK 6: 2, 0: 2: Group Globe includes in 2-0! Auger alias me cuts an excellent figure on the network, as well as had a sensational rescue act away from the actual area.

Tennis, Later Mug: Day 3 today in the LiveTicker-Die previous outcomes.

Prior to the start: Matteo Regretting/Andy Murray as well as Félix Auger-Aliasseime/Jack Sock in doubles make the beginning. There is no night session today, so that all subsequent matches follow this video game. These are: Novak Djokovic against Auger-Aliassime, Stefano Tsitsihar versus Frances Tia foe as well as Casper Rued versus Taylor Fritz.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2, 2: 4: Regretting and also Murray are possibility of triumph in established two, wrap up 2: 4.

According to Suit 1: , it is just 8: 7 for Team Europe in the general position, which after sentence one lowered excessive as well as ultimately deservedly lost. It proceeds with Novak Djokovic versus Félix Auger-Aliassime.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 2: 1: Transformed! Group Europe leads. Regretting has enhanced in the return of the return to the return, which brings essential factors here.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2, 0: 1: Team Globe reports back, does the first point in established 2. Out of aliases beats well.

Regretting/Murray-AUGER-ALASSIME/SOCK 6: 2, 3: 5: Regretting and Murray make ground once again, reduce to 3: 5. A close round, after 40:40 Europe obtains benefit and factor.

Beginning: Allow’s go! The warm up is over. The first additional charge is the group clothed in red.

Tennis, Later Cup: Day 3 Today in LiveTicker-Alle Games on Sunday at a glimpse.

_ The write-up is updated continuously. Click for the refresh of the page. _.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2, 1: 3: Team Europe, of course, wishes to stop this, appropriately it offers itself. With the 1: 3, the link does well.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2, 3: 6: You need to feel stress, says Murray. Team World subsequently falls back 0:30, yet is not especially discouraged, captures up at 40:30, according to which it acquires the advantage of the 40:40 and uses the set sphere to 6: 3. It goes into the suit tie-break until 10.

Tennis, Later Cup: Day 3-Berrettini/Murray vs. Auger-Aliasseime/Sock to read.

The transmitter is freely obtained and can as a result be located on free television. If you desire to take a look at the spectacle in the real-time stream, you have the chance on one of the Joy nor DAZN platforms.

Regretting/Murray-Axer-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2, 2: 5: This will naturally absolutely nothing: Team Europe grants two break balls, after a 40:15 it even sheds the point. 5: 2 for Team World after 2 advantage.

Do the Europeans do justice to their favorite function or can Group globe create a surprise? The response is available here at SPOT .

Before the beginning: It is basically ready. The groups are still a little cozy, they play.

Regretting/Murray-AUGER-ALASSIME/SOCK 6: 2, 1: 4: Team World can restore the previous distinction, makes it 4: 1.

Before the start: Group Europe leads after 2 days with 8: 4. Is there anything else for Team Globe?

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 0: 1: Not bad! Group World gets caught in the match at initially, is 0:30 behind, but then caught up strongly as well as brings the very first factor after a 40:30.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliassime/Sock 6: 2, 0: 3: and also the 3: 0! Team World carries out with a broad breast below, the energy is on his side, even if Group Europe is close. This currently smells of a match tiebreak.

Before the beginning: The world group appears on the court, the actors are called independently. The exact same likewise with Group Europe, which additionally also consists of Roger Federer. After his last job advertisement on Friday, he has actually been a viewer on the edge of the field because after that. Rafael Nadal reported after the Friday where he played the dual with Federer. The Spaniard is no more in the arena, his replacement is Regretting.


Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 3: 1: Team Europe is superb! After 40:15 lead, this point also most likely to Regretting and also Murray.

Articles and also video clips on the subject.
* Highlights: Federer’s weeping goodbye.
* Later Mug: Europe many thanks to Djokovic on training course.
* Later Mug: Naval no more being used.
* Component of my life: Rama weeps with Federer.
* Top sporting activity survive on DAZN. Register currently! Can be terminated any time.

The broadcasterEurosporthas protected the special transmission rights for the competition. All games of the day will be shown survive on network 1 of the firm.

Prior to the beginning: Hello as well as welcome to the Linebacker of the 3rd day of the Later Mug.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliassime/Sock 6: 2, 3: 6, Match Tiebreak: Group Globe gets the triumph! 10: 8 to Tiebreak.

Mode Experience Beginnings.
Double Matteo Regretting/Andy Murray-Félix Auger-Aliasseime/Jack Sock 13 o’clock.
Single Novak Djokovic-Félix Auger-Aliassime Complying With Suit 1.
Single Stefano Tsitsipas-Frances Tia foe Complying With Match 2.
Solitary Casper Ruud-Taylor Fritz Complying With Match 3.

Before the beginning: Hardly ever was the Later Mug as very disputed as this year. The matter is interesting to the last couple of meters if the Europeans have actually been an actual supremacy in the tournament in current years.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 1: 1: Regretting defeats up well, the World Group has its troubles. The Europeans handle to make up for 1-1. It is just 40:15, then the draw follows. In the end, auger-aliasy has to run, he can no much longer obtain the sphere over the internet.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 5: 2: Curious: Regretting and Murray both most likely to the ball, Murray drops, stands up, drops back. On the other hand, Regretting attained the 40:30 lead. Group World adjusts once more at 40:40, but the point then goes to Group Europe. 5: 2! Regretting and also Murray must hardly be eliminated from the sentence. Incidentally: If Group Europe wins this suit and the next one, the tournament is made a decision. Since Group Europe with its 14 points would then have enough factors, the 3rd match would be omitted.

Gamer (team) 1. Establish 2. Establish MT.
Matteo Regretting/Andy Murray (Europe) 6 3 8th.
Félix Auger-Aliasseime/Jack Sock (World) 2 6 10 .

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliassime/Sock 4: 2: Great serve, commends Murray his colleague. actually limited surcharges from Regretting who make the difference. 4: 2, Group World without a chance.

Tennis, Later Cup: Day 3 currently in the real-time ticker.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 3: 2: The connection. Auer-aliasime strikes appropriately, he also prospers in an ace. Group Europe does not make a single factor right here, so it is only 3-2.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2, 3: 6, Match Tiebreak: Clear issue! Group Europe leads 4: 2, however it takes you, tool, in the shortage, makes up for 7: 7 once more. It will certainly be extremely scarce.

Tennis, Later Cup: Day 3 today in online ticker transmission on television and also livestream.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2: After precisely half an hour, sentence one has actually been determined. 6: 2 for Group Europe. Murray strikes, Team Globe does not make a single factor.

Day Player/Team Europe Player/Team World result.
Friday, September 23 Casper Rued (Nor) Jack Sock (United States) 6: 4, 5: 7, 10: 7.
Saturday, September 24 Matteo Regretting (ITA) Félix Auger-Aliasseime (CANISTER) 7: 6, 4: 6, 10: 7.

1: 6, 6: 4, 8:10.
| Novak Djokovic (SRB) | Frances Tia foe (U.S.A.) | 6: 1, 6: 3.| Regretting (ITA) Djokovic (SRB) | Sock (U.S.A.) & de minor (from) | 7: 5, 6: 2.

Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2, 3: 6, Match Tiebreak: Clear matter! Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 6: 2, 3: 6: You have to really feel stress, says Murray. Regretting/Murray-Auger-Aliasseime/Sock 1: 1: Regretting beats up well, the Globe Group has its issues. Before the beginning: The globe group comes out on the court, the stars are called individually. Prior to the beginning: Team Europe leads after two days with 8: 4.

GTA online: new cars, military carbine and all the news from September 23 to 29

One more week, Rockstar Games presents the weekly novelties of GTA online , the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V , this time, with two new cars great protagonists. These are the very ft Dina Banjo SJ and Postlude , two cars specially created for the street races of the Saints that are already available in Southern San Andre Super cars. Let’s move on to the new game modes available these days.

all the news of GTA online

You will obtain twice the rewards in the work client works , in addition to 40% discount on the purche of any workshop. And if you make yourself known in the Carr er del Car Meet de Los Santos you will get the triple of reputation of the usual. On the other hand, the countermelodies , the matches to death and expropriation grant twice the GTA $ and RP. And do not stop going through Ammunition to get the new military carbine .

Let’s move on to vehicles; This week, the Simeon Concessionaire offers the following test and purche cars:

  • The Annie euros (40%reduced) painted in blue port and equipped with the strips arrow stripes
  • The new impotent Phoenix Silver of Clsic Col ado Iron
  • A gauntlet clsic brave in metallic olive green and with white 445 cover
  • The decision is customized with pearly orange paint and the cover is really safe?
  • A Karin Region in Matte black with the Stance Andre Alt cover.

In addition, the Luxury Cars Concessionaire offers the following offers: an minus jubilee in metallic ice with the graffiti cover and the imported Grotto RSX (30% discount) with a layer of clsical silver paint and aerodynamic cover. And if you want to try luck in the roulette of the fortune of The Diamond Cino & Resort you can win a powerful Coil Cyclone .

On the other hand, the members of the Car Meet of LS that open the way between the runners, the police and the traffic that comes from the front and manage to be among the top three in persecution series three days in a row will obtain a vapid flh GT Meanwhile, on the CMLS test track all the pilots willing will be able to try the VAPID GB200, the Obey Tailgater S and the Karin Auto GTX.

The exclusive contents of GTA online players in PS5 and Xbox Series X | s are the Premium test vehicle SISTER TON PERSONALIZED and the HSW countertenor .

Discounts of the week

Visit the Ammunition stores distributed throughout the city to buy the military carbine, the favorite weapon of the Saints Police, and take advantage of the ammunition, the expanded loaders and the free silencers for this weapon. This week you can also improve your agency’s facilities with an armory for a 50% less .

  • Karin 190z: 50% discount
  • Karin Sultan RS Clsic: 40% discount
  • Dina RT3000: 40% discount
  • Vapid GB200: 40% discount
  • Custom morning Albany: 40% discount
  • Karin Auto GTX: 40% discount
  • Vapid Clique: 40% discount
  • Annie euros: 40% discount
  • Obey Tailgater S: 30% discount
  • Grotto Italy RSX: 30% discount

Finally, the online GTA players who link their accounts of the Social Club of Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming will receive 125,000 GTA $ just for playing at any time this week.

NBA News: C.J. McCollum expands too soon at the New Orleans Pelicans

This reports Adrian Wojnarowski ( ESPN ) with referral to McCollum representatives. The new working paper brings the 31-year-old an additional $64 million for the 2 years. A player or team option is certainly not included.

On the whole, the Pelicans will transfer $133 million to the marker in the next four years. The celebrity trio containing McCollum, Brandon Ingram (till 2025) as well as Zion Williamson (up until 2028) is linked to the group in the long-term.

According toESPN _, Pets manager David Griffin had actually proclaimed the early contract extension with McCollum as one of the leading concerns of summer. The guard is approximated within the franchise business not only for its production on the court but likewise for its management abilities.


The New Orleans Pelicans have with C.J. McCollum settled on an early contract extension. Regardless of an existing agreement by 2024, the Guard has actually already prolonged by an additional 2 years as well as well as a result be bound to the franchise by 2026.

It was just in February that New Orleans protected the Guard’s solutions in a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers, in which McCollum had invested the very first eight and a half years of his NBA occupation. He then played a vital role in the strong second fifty percent of the Pelicans, that accomplished the play-in tournament and lastly the playoffs without the hurt Williamson.

There was an end in the preliminary after a solid fight against the 1-seed from Phoenix after six games, however with the core from Williamson, Ingram and McCollum, the Pelicans wish to strike in the west in the future. McCollum, that likewise functions as President of the BPA player union, placed on approximately 24.3 factors and also 5.8 helps per video game of 49.3 percent from the field and also 39.4 percent of downtown last period.

Articles and also video clips on the topic

  • Finals-MVP go back to Warriors
  • Experience the NBA live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated any time.

This reports Adrian Wojnarowski ( ESPN ) with reference to McCollum agents. The new functioning paper brings the 31-year-old an additional $64 million for the two years. A gamer or group option is clearly not consisted of.

EA recommends that they could return to heavy steam

Since 2011, EA Games have actually been solely offered on Beginning. Tidy variation of EA from Vapor. As insane as it may seem, EA could return to Heavy steam.

There is not much proof apart from a tweet that was sent simply a couple of days ago. The vapor that comes out of the warm EA cup is plainly intended to represent the firm making a victorious return to Heavy steam.

Franchises like Battlefield have actually lately experienced, and also their access to a larger target market could be what was needed for the collection.

Whatever factor, EA’s return to Steam would certainly not be the worst concept of all time. Origin, the EA variation of Heavy steam is largely disliked by its individuals. Perhaps this would certainly currently be the finest service for EA.

As insane as it might seem, EA could return to Heavy steam. The steam that comes out of the hot EA cup is clearly intended to represent the company making a victorious return to Vapor. Whatever reason, EA’s return to Vapor would not be the worst suggestion of all time. Beginning, the EA variation of Vapor is largely despised by its customers.

Bloody Ties, the initial narrative DLC of Dying Light 2: Stay Person, when again delayed


The spell is tackled on Bloody Ties, the first DLC of Dying Light 2: Stay Person .
Scheduled for last June, the launch was after that delayed in September this year.
Las, it is once again pushed back to November 10, 2022. It is using Twitter that Tech land , the workshop behind the title of zombies, introduced the news.
According to the programmers, this post movement should make it possible to improve the contents of Bloody Ties and get rid of bugs.
For the record, he intends to integrate a new narrative arc including his share of new pursuits, characters, tools and also challenges.
An initial narrative DLC for Dying Light 2
Despite this negative news, the Polish studio which assures us a five-year game follow-up, has already had the possibility to broaden its proposition with, particularly, a totally free DLC, a vital visuals update, a modification of the number of

‘Contaminated during the night (as well as their aggressiveness) as well as the combination of anew video game +_.

Omega Strikers: The very best constructions for Dubu

Dub is an adorably large hamster inattendants omegawhich is among the most effective goalkeeper assaulter of the game, thanks to its huge body dimension as well as its defensive capabilities. Dub’s primary capability is Bamboozle, which sends a bamboo top that can avoid opponents from introducing the nucleus in order. The Hamster special is Tofu Fortress, which works in similarly as Bamboozle yet covers a much broader location lasts longer on the ground. With these standard capacities in mind,attendants omegafollowers should pick training sessions that reinforce the tools as well as building of Dub, enabling him to be the supreme goalkeeper.

ideal training for Dub Construct in Omega Strikers

Constructed Differently and Maker of Larger Points are two training programs that Dub users should never ever leave aside. Integrated characterattendants omega _. Constructed in different ways increases Dub by 35% and also brings upon a bit much more KO damage. Designer of Larger Things still improves the size and also damages of the bamboo and also the tablet computer wall surface with tofu forts.



Omega Strikers: The most effective builds for Estelle

For even more clarity, gamers must constantly use Bamboozle or Tofu Fortress as the primary forms of defense of Dub while obstructing the goal of the challenger inattendants omega _. Concerning physical strikes as well as dub body blocking, gamers ought to just use its body size as a plan-B allure if its abilities stop working to avoid Core from reaching the goal.

Those who seek to use the building of dub on the area are motivated by professional video game guides to outfit the crossover hamster, a training that uses a short-lived way of rush for the strikes. On the other hand, it is suggested that Dub guards to use Quick Fire, which permits gamers to spam Bamboozle more frequently to stop opponents from scoring.

_ Attendants omegais offered on computer.

The resource: professional game overviews

Dub is an adorably enormous hamster inattendants omegawhich is one of the finest goalkeeper enemies of the game, many thanks to its big body size and its defensive abilities. Dub’s major capacity is Bamboozle, which sends out a bamboo upper that can stop opponents from releasing the center in order. With these fundamental capabilities in mind,attendants omegafollowers have to select training sessions that reinforce the equipment and also building of Dub, permitting him to be the utmost goalkeeper.

For more clarity, players need to constantly make use of Bamboozle or Tofu Citadel as the major forms of protection of Dub while obstructing the goal of the challenger inattendants omega _.

A Plague Story: Requiem: Neuer Gameplay

With a brand-new gameplay trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem is now offering us a consider how ravaging the usage of the alchemy skills need to be in the game.

Before the time has come in a couple of weeks, the developers of the AS OBO Studios in the truest sense are actually warm. Along with the eruptive ignitability, the continuing to be alchemical features that await us in an afflict tale: Requiem are additionally reviewed in detail.

A Plague Tale: Requiem-Burn, disappear, attract


Doris is likely to be players of the very first part, a torment tale: Virtue still referred to as a capacity: she seduces rats and also attracts them from you for a brief time, with which you can conveniently walk them. Last however not least, we still see Exercuis-an art that allows us to extinguish fires once again or wake up with a cloud of smoke momentarily, in order to certainly leave them. If we remain in a challenging scenario, the alchemy generally provides us brilliant an ideal remedy.

With the devices that the game gives us, it ought to be feasible for us in the duty of Alicia to generate various helpful mixtures. The possibilities that our blended herbs provide us are varied.

With the Igniter discussed at the start, we stir up conveniently flammable things such as completely dry branches, shrubs or wooden parting in no time at all. With the so-called TAR, we distribute flammable locations and also warmth smaller fire to a blazing firestorm.

The features and also abilities we can still adjust to a plague story: Requiem likewise discloses the summary trailer over five-minute gameplay. On top of that, we provide you an understanding prior to starting throughout our detailed preview where the journey with the sequel of the action journey must go.

Trinity Fusion: Düsterer Action-RPG

The player is spoiled for selection in between lots of unique weapons, from the wrist claw to rocket launchers, as well as the variants of the primary weapons offer additional selection.

With Trinity Fusion we wanted to continue to make rapid action video games, yet enter a darker, more major instructions, says Bogdan Lies, Chief Executive Officer of Angry Crowd Games. We are preparing to start the game as a closed beta to shape the game with each other with our community.

Angry Crowd Games will provide Trinity Fusion at the EX 2022 video game fair in London, Great Britain, from September 22nd to 25th.

Use tools that occupy your opponents with status effects, do wonderful damage at a range with varied weapons or battle with blades and also hammers up close.

The phases are a blend of procedurally produced as well as hand-made levels . While the gamer travels through every world, the biomes and degrees combine depending upon the course that the gamer takes, which motivates a number of goes to see the different ways of how the worlds can be integrated.

Mods with various activation problems can alter the decision-making procedure substantially throughout the run. Do you spend your cash in the shop for a slightly better tool or maintain them for the time being due to the fact that you understand that of your mods gives you a better opportunity of critical hits, depending upon how rich you are? You lose a big component of your tools in fatality, but there are numerous permanent upgrades, to ensure that, despite where you die, you make progression somewhere.

The indie programmer Angry Mob Games is honored to expose his dark action-RPG platformer Trinity Fusion. In Trinity Fusion, which is due to appear in 2023 for computer as well as consoles, players need to travel with a number of facts in innovative and elegant battles to save a multiverse that stands on the edge of the complete failure.

Trinity Fusion plays in three damaged variations of the video game world and allows the gamers get on the role of the hitchhiker, that is extremely delicate to her parallel I to collaborate the effort to combine their different truths. Every truth not only brings with it its very own obstacles, yet additionally a variation of your character with your very own weapons and abilities.

FCB President Hainer: completely encouraged by Nagelsmann

4 winless games with only three points, last weekend break 0-1 in Augsburg: There is agitation at Bayern, train Julian Nagelsmann is slammed. Not so with the one in charges.

Instead, after the worldwide break, Gainer anticipates a different face of the group, we will really assault again, as you know it from FC Bayern. The period has simply begun as well as we know that we have the possible to make our terrific objectives get to. With Nagelsmann.

Oliver Khan wishes to obtain to the bottom of it, but the train took the coach on Sunday. We don’t handle any kind of various other trains currently, we are encouraged of Julian.


On Monday, Nagelsmann also got the backing of Herbert Gainer, that strikes the same notch: We are completely convinced by Julian Nagelsmann as well as our entire group, claimed the club president of the document champ in Munich Mercury as well as in the TZ.

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