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World of Warcraft postponed the TBC Classic best raid test

The subsequent raid test should start on the upcoming plug-in Burning Crusade on the World of Warcraft classic Beta server. In this test, Karazhan will be opened, and you can help eliminate errors and make criticisms. However, temporarily due to technical reasons, the trial has been postponed.

Update at 11:00 pm-Assault testing has been temporarily postponed (via Blizzard forums). The reason is a technical problem that the developer must solve first. There is no new start date yet.

What kind of attack is this? Karazhan is a 10-person team and the first team in The Burning Crusade. This instance is in the Deadwind Pass of the Eastern Kingdoms.

In the vast tower of Medivh, the guardian, there are twelve bosses. Many rooms are filled with opponents and secrets. There are even special events, such as drama events or chess matches. It would help if you won during the boss fight.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of an aristocratic castle, which has been more or less deserted for a while-except for the undead and demons that now haunt it. Our author Benedict Grothaus (Benedict Grothaus) said that talent, scope, and overall structure make this attack the best attack ever in World of Warcraft.

When will the test be conducted? You will have the opportunity to be the first person to try this raid before the re-release of The Burning Crusade Classic. The test was initially scheduled to start at 11:00 pm German time on April 27, but it was temporarily postponed. There is no new start time yet.

There is a particular server available for testing: Badge of Justice. The character you create here will immediately start from level 70 with powerful equipment so that you can go directly to Karazhan for extensive testing.

The developer has not yet revealed how long the test will last. It should run for at least a few days, and you can use the F6 key to provide feedback directly in the game.

TBC Classic-Sign up for the Beta version and test it
How can I participate? To participate in the Beta and Raid tests, you must register on the official Blizzard website. Lots will be drawn there by lottery. If you are selected, you will be invited directly:

Click here to get the registration page for WoW Classic Beta-scroll down and click on the Become a Beta Tester button
On DiabloGuides, you can find a short guide to the TBC beta
The beta version has been running since March 24, so it has been more than a month, and many players have been invited. If you haven’t registered for the exam but want to take it, it may be a bit late for Karazhan. In any case, you have the opportunity to conduct the next surprise inspection.

In any case, please check your launcher to see if you can choose to switch to classic Beta in WoW. If you have this option, you can still access it even if you haven’t received the confirmation email.

When will TBC classics appear? It is not clear when the TBC Classic will be released exactly. The beta version has been running for a while, and Karazhan is now testing the first raid. Therefore, there is still some work to be done.

World of Warcraft launched ten new legends in version 9.1

The upcoming 9.1 patch has more legendary features in the World of Warcraft PTR, waiting for your presence. The villains, paladins, and shamans have gained new legends this time, and some other career choices have also been completed.

What kind of legend are they? For the upcoming release of World of Warcraft version 9.1, all courses will receive new legends to enhance their respective contract skills. Correspondingly, each class will acquire four new skills, one of four possible contracts.

The contract is a significant new feature of Shadowlands. When players join a contract, they will get two abilities: one is for each contract member, and the other is only granted to the contract’s level. You can find more information on this issue in our extensive overview of the Shadow Land Covenant.

In the early version of PTR, convention legends about death knights, warriors, druids, and magicians were introduced. However, some classes have not yet provided new features for each convention. Here are ten new legends:

New villain legend
Nekrolords-Deathspike: The jagged bone nail has two other charges and hits two targets.
Ventnor-Obey: Scouring now also increases the versatility of each layer by 1%, and each combo point spent while flushing is active will reduce the cooldown by 1 second.
Kyriana-Resonant Clarity: Echo Condemnation now charges four combo points instead of 1.
Nachtfae-Poisonous Attack: The ability to perform invisibility exercises through sepsis allows you to obtain the blade of shadow, adrenaline surge, or vendetta for up to 8 seconds.

The Legend of the New Paladin
Nekrolords-Duty Mallet: The Conqueror’s Hammer now has two charges and will enhance your ability to enhance another use.
Ventnor (missing so far)
Kyrianer-Divine Resonance: Every 10 seconds after the divine bell is cast, this ability retakes effect, increasing its efficiency by 60%. Lasts 30 seconds.
Nachtfae-Season of Plenty: When you cast a summer blessing or a winter blessing, you and the four nearby allies will get a 5% haste and a 10% cooldown reduction.

New Shaman Legend
Nekrolords-Splitting Elements: The original wave will increase your speed by 5% for each additional lightning strike/lava ejection/healing wave for 10 seconds.
Ventnor (missing so far)
Keris (absent so far)
Nachtfae (not found so far)

New Druid Legend
Syrians-Affinity Affinity: You and your partner increase their secondary value by 5% when you connect, depending on your partner’s agreement:
Carey: proficient
Nachtfae: Critical Strike
Ventnor: rhythm
Nekrolord: versatility
When the gang was strengthened, the bonus was doubled.

Legend of the New Warrior
Ventnor-Guilty Impulse (redesigned): Condemnation extends the duration of the last blow by 3 seconds (protection), extends the period of Lu F by 2 seconds (rage), and makes the duration of slam 1.5 seconds stretched (weapon)

The new legend may be worth it.
How good is the new legend? In many cases, the new legendary game may be too bad to replace the best existing legendary match in every category. In the case of the bad guys in Nachtfae, the loss of ability will even be damaged.
On the other hand, Ventyr Legendary is very powerful in all rogue professional areas because you can usually benefit from 30% versatility and speed. For the assassin and the deceiver, Vincer is the most robust contract.

According to experts, the sage legend of the Paladin is also compelling. Here, you are sure that another nerf is coming soon. In general, many skills may still be adjusted, so it is currently difficult to make specific statements. For many classes, it also depends on where you want to use the item.
For example, the undead legends of shamans can become stronger according to the situation. To be more precise: as long as four targets can produce a 20% full speed gain, and only if these targets exist each time the original wave is used. In most other cases, the current legend is more potent.

What else does version 9.1 bring? With new game content, recent raids, dungeons, and new areas, the story of Shadowlands continues. Among other things, you will experience a battle with Sylvanas and may understand what happened to Anduin.

The Annoying place of World of Warcraft Soul Inhaler

There are thousands of items in World of Warcraft. Some are good, some are cute, and some are particularly annoying and mean. This is precisely the annoying topic that should be discussed today because you can take the souls of your companions and defile their bodies. At least one point. The focus time of this product: soul inhaler.

What is a soul inhaler? The soul inhaler is a toy with a cooling time of 5 minutes. You can select the corpses of almost all creatures in the game (including players) and then use the soul inhaler.

When they started to channel the spell, black wings sprouted from the character’s back. The soul of the dead victim was torn from the body and then slowly flew towards the surface who swallowed it. The body continued to shrink while the color disappeared from it. In the end, your character screams full of power, while the corpse is just a pinch of pain.

What will the soul inhaler bring? The soul inhaler will not get any entertainment benefits. However, this is perfect for showing an annoying boss how annoying he is after a victory. To devour the soul of your boss who has died many times before, nothing can be more satisfying than eating it.

However, the soul inhaler can also be used well with friends, acquaintances, and enemies. Did the mages in the dungeon stop in the void again? Steal his soul to humiliate him.

This fighter in PvP thanked you again and again but failed? Rob his soul to show very clearly who is wearing pants (or skirts).

The soul inhaler is just tiny but visually cool. Head. This is mainly because many players change their roles when they don’t like to change their will-but you already know from the reflective prism.

Are there any restrictions? Yes, it is. Soul inhalers cannot be used for players who have already released their spirits because there is no effective target.

Besides, for many years, surprise inspections of soul inhalers have been prohibited. Some bosses become the environment after death and pave the way for players, such as Tortos. If Tortos’ corpse is shrunk, the displayed path will no longer match the boss’s model, and the player will run on an invisible wall, which will make progress more difficult.

Agricultural Soul Inhaler-Where does it spawn?
How do you get a soul inhaler? You can get the Soul Inhaler in Frostfire Ridge in Draenor. It drops from the rare enemy Tor’goroth. It is located at coordinates 44/9-at the northernmost point of a small island. Please note that Tor’goroth’s spa timer fluctuates in about an hour, so sometimes it does not exist. Besides, there is no guarantee that he will leave the toy for the first time. The drop probability is only about 14%.

As with all Draenor Leyris, you can only loot rare enemies once a day. If you have multiple characters, you can try multiple times.

Remember that each zone has two phases-one in war mode, and the other has no phases. Gorgoroth can exist at the same time, which can significantly reduce the waiting time.

Diablo: Immortal will start a new ALPHA test for New areas and dungeons

Blizzard has begun a new alpha test for the mobile game Diablo Immortal. The focus is on PvP and endgame content. Alpha will be released tonight and is suitable for players living in Australia. Besides, some members of the Diablo community, some influencers, and representatives of the press were also invited to participate.

What is Alpha about? Compared with the test conducted in December last year, some changes have taken place.
This includes:
The new Crusaders are a mixture of magicians and melee soldiers
New areas and dungeons, including Zavian Mountain, Monk’s House and Frozen Tundra, and Echo Cave dungeon
Play against
Endgame content

Go to Diablo Immortal.
This is the focus of Alpha: the direction of the test is to end the game, which is also closely related to Diablo’s immortal PvP. We will introduce you to the endgame in detail.

This is what Endgame looks like: The content of Endgame revolves around capturing the eternal crown to become an immortal figure. Anyone who can win this dream co-challenge in a PvP war can be the leader of his faction and let other members do their jobs. We will soon tell you how to get the eternal crown in another article about MeinMMO. Here, we first introduce you to the tasks that can be distributed once you get the crown.
To start one of the endgame missions, your faction members must complete daily missions. This is how they collect

Essential resources. Do you have enough Essentia, then open the following tasks for you:
Kane’s Trial-Up to 48 players in your faction can risk participating in this raid. Then, you should defeat four bosses within 30 minutes. In addition to the loot, you will also receive Daeda’s blessing as a reward. The enhancement effect will provide you with buffs and bonuses for the elderly portal. He also filled the treasure trove of Immortal.
Ministry of Defence-Your enemies will dare to attack the Fairy Ministry of Finance. Then, your faction must return the thief.

What else to do in the endgame? Another aspect of the endgame is the treasures of hell. After completing the main task, you can use this machine to search for mighty demons. If you defeat the monster, feed the wreckage into the engine to absorb part of the demon’s power and become stronger.

You can improve the treasures of hell, for which you must collect Scoria materials, which can be found in honorable dealers and bounty chests. Then, NPC Charsi used it to make Hellfire Scoria, which can upgrade the machine. By collecting the demon wreckage, can give your character more powerful.

What do you think of the endgame in the mobile game Diablo: Immortal? Do you find it interesting?

Three simple achievements in Diablo 3 that can be used to protect cute Pets

In the 23rd season of Diablo 3, you should have achieved three achievements during this season’s travel. For this, you will receive a cute pet as a reward, and we will show you which achievements are beneficial to Flawless Victory.

What happened in Diablo 3? Since April 2021, Diablo 3 has started its 23rd season. In this season, you can earn special pet Lacunijunges at the end of the season. But in the community, the question reappeared again, which of the three achievements in the 23rd season is the easiest to unlock pets.

In this overview, we show here three achievements on Diabloguides that you can easily accomplish. We will provide you with tips and guidelines on how to operate.
Simply sacred
Boss mode
Speed ​​demon

Simply sacred
what is this? This may be the most straightforward achievement in season 23. You should complete the 75-level large nephalem portal in a personal game.
How does it work? For this, you need some better equipment. The 75-level big gap corresponds to the 16-level difficulty. With the core equipment of Season 23 (a set of 6-point bonuses, weapons/items to enhance your gear), such a portal should be easy to implement.

Boss mode
what is this? To achieve this achievement, you should kill all bosses within 20 minutes of starting the game.
How does it work? The simplest method is a team of three or more participants. Before the game begins, the group discusses which player runs to which boss. Use the town portal and then transmit it on the map. You can protect each port from the boss and then move them one by one.

In the boss mode guide in Diablo 3, we will show you exactly which boss you should split and how to split so that you can quickly achieve your goals. Besides, if you solve this problem for the first time, we will provide you with tips and tricks.

Speed ​​demon
what is this? When the character is level 70, complete a nephalem portal on Torment 10 (or higher). But it takes up to 2 minutes.
How does it work? To achieve this goal, speed needs to be accelerated. The difference with separate push builds is that you can quickly complete the nephalem portal with the help of fast builds. But they have little potential in the higher Rift Valley. But on Qual 10, there is no problem with speed construction at all.

If you play with at least one other player, the project will become easier. Then, you split and quickly clear all content in the nephalem portal. It’s best not to collect loot-it takes time. Shortly before the appearance of the portal guard, players needed to transplant themselves to the city to close the portal directly. This saves time again.

What are the rewards?
This is what this season’s travel gives you: if you complete this season’s journey completely, you will receive three rewards.
Two portrait frames
One companion

For many players, Lacunijunges companions are the highlight of season 23. When you summon it, just like other pets, it will collect the gold coins that opponents have dropped for you. Therefore, companions provide convenient assistance for your adventure. Have you completed three achievements or even used others? Write down our experience on Diabloguides in the comments and exchange ideas with other participants.

WOW players stumbled upon the secret easy to obtain Mount

World of Warcraft unlocked many secrets for players. One of these secrets has now been discovered by accident and then confirmed by ambitious mystery seekers: the secret slime snake.

What kind of mount is that? The slime snake is a giant worm with teeth. From the appearance, the amount corresponds to N’zoth’s Black Snake, with only greenish-yellow and a slightly lighter color.

Currently, she only serves as a ground cavalry in Shadowlands. However, indeed, you can also fly with her in the future. There is also a new item in WOW patch 9.1 that can pass in Shadowlands.

Since the release of the extended version, the slime snake has existed, but so far, it is one of the four mounts that already exist in the game, but no one has discovered it. So far, because the secret of the slime snake has been solved.

Hunter player Durandil discovered this. He is recording a completely different video, namely how he completes the recording of the epidemic on great difficulty alone:

Get the slime snake in World of Warcraft-this is the way
what do I do? You only need to follow three steps to get a snake:
You can visit the autumn dungeon of the plague on heroic difficulty or mythical difficulty alone
Beat the last two bosses-you can skip the trash can, and the first boss
Caress slime snake

After defeating the boss, a strange slime snake will be found in the boss room of Domina’s Poison Blade in the Plague Pond. Approach the snake and stroke it.
The important thing is that no one is allowed to help you. According to the puzzle experts in The Secret Discovery of Discord in World of Warcraft, everything can work reliably only when you are alone (via Discord).

This is why it is complex: Currently, most classes struggle to complete the Plague Autumn solo. Only tank squads and proficient animal hunters can do this without encountering any significant problems.
Other classes, especially those that barely survive like magicians, may encounter more significant problems in this regard. However, because the account restricts the mounting, you can also try to use the corresponding twink.

Is there any other way? At present, the above method is the only reliable method. All attempts to win the snake as a group failed.
However, it is conceivable that a specific trigger will be more easily or always triggered when you are playing alone. Or, to put it another way: other players may inadvertently tame the attempt to tame the snake.
If you want to own a snake, you might be advised to play a tank at this time-for example, a bloody death knight. This may still take less time than looking for other methods.

How is Diablo 2: Resurrected different from the original?

The alpha test of Diablo 2: Resurrected and Hack and Slash the Bible has started 20 years and has now begun. This is a short time of up to 13 days, but this is an opportunity to see the changed graphics and convenience. The sensitivity and interest of the original work are close to the past, so it seems that existing fans will be satisfied with it enough. The implementation of the alpha test ends in Act 2.

The Diablo 2 Resurrected you have experienced can be played with almost the same feeling as Diablo 2. Last month, I played the original song again for this test, but I didn’t notice much difference. The 360-degree rotation of the character is not awkward, and the monsters, bosses, and dungeons are satisfactory.

What has changed is the graphics, UI, and convenience. Since it is still the Alpha version, it may be modified in the future, but based on the Alpha version, I checked the original version’s difference.

Diablo 2 Denial is now running on The original game is still available for purchase in the Blizzard Store, but it runs on a separate client. Like other lineups, Diablo 2 Resurrected is expected to enjoy multiplayer games through and Gateway.

Run the game, and the first screen remains unchanged. The Blizzard logo and Blizzard North’s video appeared, and a new Resurrected logo was added later.

The character selection is the same as before, and you can use the button in the upper right corner to check the past graphics. Blizzard announced that it might change the character graphics representing Amazon, but the current Alpha version is the same as the version released last year.

It can be checked in the game in the past. Press the G button at any time to enjoy games with past graphics. For users who want to consider the facts, this seems to be a service.

The original most inconvenient warehouses have doubled from 48 to 100. The inventory remains the same, and there is rumored that there is no separate amulets cache.

It is best to place ten spaces separately from the inventory because the charm of Diablo 2 is constantly in use, but if this happens, the original work may be changed, so you may need to be cautious.

You can use 100 account warehouse spaces in the Warehouse tab. This will significantly reduce the inconvenience of creating a warehouse role as a sub-role.

The gameplay changes are not fixed on the task or status notification screen but disappear at the bottom after the notification. In the original version, if you did not click after the upgrade, the statistics and skill point notifications will be fixed on the screen, and the mouse will be forced to connect. Still, the Resurrected will automatically disappear to the bottom after the announcement.

The most convenient function is to get gold automatically. The range is not as comprehensive as Diablo 3, but it was incredible compared to the content I clicked one by one. I don’t know how many users turn it off and use it, but you can turn it on/off in the options.

Retaining an almost meaningless endurance function, you can choose a mini-map as an option.

Other than that, the gameplay looks almost the same. The dungeon is dark and gloomy like the original, the image of the monster becomes apparent, and the animations such as water and flame become lifelike. It is safe to say that there is almost no sense of heterogeneity like when you first played StarCraft 2.

The most crucial point of this Diablo 2 refusal to test is whether the original tool was implemented naturally. It seems that we can provide enough scores for this part. I think the game performance and balance can only be confirmed after the next test.

World of Warcraft officially puts the most controversial community tool into play

World of Warcraft is developing its tools to replace the popular Raider.IO website. The website operator revealed-and there is already a reference to this new feature in the code of the latest patch, 9.1.

What tool is that? Raider.IO is a website that tracks the progress of players in the Mythic+ dungeon. It records the following:
Which dungeons did you complete in that time
How fast is it through the dungeon
The degree of highest keystone distortion achieved outside of time
What is the primary and position you want to travel
This tool provides you with an RIO score, which should show your experience with the endgame content. Raider.IO has been popular for many years and is often used for filtering in group searches.
How about World of Warcraft? The creator of Raider.IO revealed in his blog that Blizzard is now using such a system (via Raider.IO). For this reason, the developers on the site contacted them and asked them questions.

Raider.IO should also be implemented in WoW in the form of myth + score and have similar functions. Details are not yet available, but Wowhead data miners have found the line of code referencing this tool in the WoW PTR version 9.1 patch (via Wowhead):

  • According to the line of code, there will be a UI, which is a separate interface for the tool.
  • The score is made up of all the dungeons.
  • Each value of the dungeon is subdivided separately.
  • The display shows how many points a successful dungeon will bring you.
  • It has not been determined whether this is indeed the case, and it is only a pure explanation of the code found. It is not clear when the myth + score appeared. It May be used with the upcoming Patch 9.1, but maybe later.

The myth + score of World of Warcraft-is it good or bad?
This is why the tool is so controversial: RIO scores are highly contentious among gamers. Some people criticize the fact that even if they are good enough, they will reduce the number of players and no longer accompany them. Just because they don’t know enough about Mythic + dungeon, they don’t have enough points even if they have a technical understanding.

The score also led to the fact that some players left the dungeon, even though they could have done it easily-slightly less than what was helpful. Therefore, they just let the other four players down.
However, Raider.IO is often used as a guide. For example, the detailed information shows how much experience the player has with the endgame content. If he manages the high keys in time, he might also help on the smaller keys-or you can work with him on the higher resolutions.

What can World of Warcraft do better? Players now hope to inherit the excellent quality of Raider.IO, and at the same time, be punished for wrongdoing. For example, on Reddit, user samra23 said: One of the advantages of RIO is that you will not lose points. I hope Blizzard can maintain this state, and we will not lose the motivation to go out with friends or lock keys over time.

User SC_Conster believes that if players leave the dungeon early, they should at least be punished. However, according to some other participants, it is tough to achieve this without taking punitive measures or even more toxic behaviors.
The response seems to be positive. Even if there are opponents, many players will not see any problems in Mythic + Score. Anyway, Raider.IO will be used-Blizzard can at least directly implement it directly. Therefore, there will be no third parties messing around with APIs and data.

If the tool comes with the 9.1 patches, it may cause quarrels among gamers. In any case, they are not completely satisfied with the current development direction of World of Warcraft.

Players use the old Diablo 2 Resurrected mod to unlock hidden classes.

Although there are only three professions in Diablo 2: Resurrected Alpha, players can still use the old version of the mod in the original game to unlock hidden disciplines such as Necromancer.

What is that alpha? The Alpha test of Diablo 2’s Resurrected began on April 9th ​​and ended on April 12. The replica of Diablo 2 may be the first time some players have played it.
This is a technical Alpha and can only be played in a single-player game, including the first and second acts and three categories to choose from. However, during the test, players discovered that the backdoor could unlock more courses.

The old mod in the original Diablo 2 unlocks hidden classes
what happened?
On Reddit, user jinfat1 shared a video introducing the capabilities of the Necromancer. However, this seems strange because the Necromancer is not one of the three Alpha categories that players can choose from.

How is that possible? When asked by a user, jinfat1 wrote that he just tried an old Hero Editor modification developed for the original change. Obviously, Resurrected is very close to its original Diablo 2 so that the old mods can work typically.

How did he do that? This is achieved through the Hero Editor module of the original game. You need to create a character and enter it into the editor, and you can play as a necromancer instead of a barbarian. In any case, these classes should be included in the finished game.
Compatibility with the old version is not the first to show how close the Diablo 2 Resurrected is to the original.

What platforms does Das Remaster apply to?
personal computer
PS4, PS5
Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Nintendo Switch

What is the remastered content? The resurrected Diablo 2 contains the original Diablo II and the expanded Lord of Destruction.

How does Alpha arrive? Overall, the feedback on the alpha test of Diablo 2 Resurrected is very positive. Graphical improvements and changes in the quality of life were praised.

One of the rarest items in World of Warcraft

For the past four years, a player in MMORPG World of Warcraft has been working hard to bring his world into a disaster. Now he finally did it. What kind of thing is that? In many MMORPGs, there are only rare items found by chance. In World of Warcraft, Doom Pendulum is one of the ten most rare items. The maximum bet of getting it is 0.03%. The two-handed ax’s damage is 124 to 187 (3.88 damage per second), and the speed is 4.00. Doom’s Pendulum requires level 39 and causes fatal injuries and an additional 250 to 350 points of damage. Where did you get the item? The Pendulum of Doom is a random spoil you get from your opponents in the Uldaman dungeon. However, the item rarely drops, which is a long-term task of the show.

Grinding of a project for nearly four years
How do players obtain items? Prowl, a Warcraft fan, explained through Reddit that in the regular World of Warcraft, he needs to perform 2,000 dungeon runs, and Uldaman in the World of Warcraft classic needs 292 dungeon runs until the pendulum of doom finally becomes a trophy.
Besides, he was pleased that he found the Papal Fez helmet, which is relatively rare, and gave him a pendulum in Wow Classic.
This is how the achievement is achieved: many players congratulate POROWL for finally achieving his goal.
click rush joked (via Reddit): Now you can finally start playing games.
bodin26 said (via Reddit): You are crazy! Congratulations.
Virginia wrote (via Reddit): Congratulations. Instead of farming the pendulum, I bought it for 12,000 gold using my 39 twinks.

The pendulum of destruction is one of the few weapons with a speed of 4:00 in World of Warcraft. Coupled with damage, making the Axe a weapon, especially for warriors and shamans, caused a lot of explosive damage, that is, it caused a lot of damage in the shortest possible time.
Equipped with this weapon, POROWL now calls on all players in the opposing alliance to compete with him.
Besides, he has found a new task. He wants to plant other infrequent items in World of Warcraft. But before that, plan to take a break.

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