One of the rarest items in World of Warcraft

For the past four years, a player in MMORPG World of Warcraft has been working hard to bring his world into a disaster. Now he finally did it. What kind of thing is that? In many MMORPGs, there are only rare items found by chance. In World of Warcraft, Doom Pendulum is one of the ten most rare items. The maximum bet of getting it is 0.03%. The two-handed ax’s damage is 124 to 187 (3.88 damage per second), and the speed is 4.00. Doom’s Pendulum requires level 39 and causes fatal injuries and an additional 250 to 350 points of damage. Where did you get the item? The Pendulum of Doom is a random spoil you get from your opponents in the Uldaman dungeon. However, the item rarely drops, which is a long-term task of the show.

Grinding of a project for nearly four years
How do players obtain items? Prowl, a Warcraft fan, explained through Reddit that in the regular World of Warcraft, he needs to perform 2,000 dungeon runs, and Uldaman in the World of Warcraft classic needs 292 dungeon runs until the pendulum of doom finally becomes a trophy.
Besides, he was pleased that he found the Papal Fez helmet, which is relatively rare, and gave him a pendulum in Wow Classic.
This is how the achievement is achieved: many players congratulate POROWL for finally achieving his goal.
click rush joked (via Reddit): Now you can finally start playing games.
bodin26 said (via Reddit): You are crazy! Congratulations.
Virginia wrote (via Reddit): Congratulations. Instead of farming the pendulum, I bought it for 12,000 gold using my 39 twinks.

The pendulum of destruction is one of the few weapons with a speed of 4:00 in World of Warcraft. Coupled with damage, making the Axe a weapon, especially for warriors and shamans, caused a lot of explosive damage, that is, it caused a lot of damage in the shortest possible time.
Equipped with this weapon, POROWL now calls on all players in the opposing alliance to compete with him.
Besides, he has found a new task. He wants to plant other infrequent items in World of Warcraft. But before that, plan to take a break.