World of Warcraft is developing its tools to replace the popular Raider.IO website. The website operator revealed-and there is already a reference to this new feature in the code of the latest patch, 9.1.

What tool is that? Raider.IO is a website that tracks the progress of players in the Mythic+ dungeon. It records the following:
Which dungeons did you complete in that time
How fast is it through the dungeon
The degree of highest keystone distortion achieved outside of time
What is the primary and position you want to travel
This tool provides you with an RIO score, which should show your experience with the endgame content. Raider.IO has been popular for many years and is often used for filtering in group searches.
How about World of Warcraft? The creator of Raider.IO revealed in his blog that Blizzard is now using such a system (via Raider.IO). For this reason, the developers on the site contacted them and asked them questions.

Raider.IO should also be implemented in WoW in the form of myth + score and have similar functions. Details are not yet available, but Wowhead data miners have found the line of code referencing this tool in the WoW PTR version 9.1 patch (via Wowhead):

  • According to the line of code, there will be a UI, which is a separate interface for the tool.
  • The score is made up of all the dungeons.
  • Each value of the dungeon is subdivided separately.
  • The display shows how many points a successful dungeon will bring you.
  • It has not been determined whether this is indeed the case, and it is only a pure explanation of the code found. It is not clear when the myth + score appeared. It May be used with the upcoming Patch 9.1, but maybe later.

The myth + score of World of Warcraft-is it good or bad?
This is why the tool is so controversial: RIO scores are highly contentious among gamers. Some people criticize the fact that even if they are good enough, they will reduce the number of players and no longer accompany them. Just because they don’t know enough about Mythic + dungeon, they don’t have enough points even if they have a technical understanding.

The score also led to the fact that some players left the dungeon, even though they could have done it easily-slightly less than what was helpful. Therefore, they just let the other four players down.
However, Raider.IO is often used as a guide. For example, the detailed information shows how much experience the player has with the endgame content. If he manages the high keys in time, he might also help on the smaller keys-or you can work with him on the higher resolutions.

What can World of Warcraft do better? Players now hope to inherit the excellent quality of Raider.IO, and at the same time, be punished for wrongdoing. For example, on Reddit, user samra23 said: One of the advantages of RIO is that you will not lose points. I hope Blizzard can maintain this state, and we will not lose the motivation to go out with friends or lock keys over time.

User SC_Conster believes that if players leave the dungeon early, they should at least be punished. However, according to some other participants, it is tough to achieve this without taking punitive measures or even more toxic behaviors.
The response seems to be positive. Even if there are opponents, many players will not see any problems in Mythic + Score. Anyway, Raider.IO will be used-Blizzard can at least directly implement it directly. Therefore, there will be no third parties messing around with APIs and data.

If the tool comes with the 9.1 patches, it may cause quarrels among gamers. In any case, they are not completely satisfied with the current development direction of World of Warcraft.