WOW players stumbled upon the secret easy to obtain Mount

World of Warcraft unlocked many secrets for players. One of these secrets has now been discovered by accident and then confirmed by ambitious mystery seekers: the secret slime snake.

What kind of mount is that? The slime snake is a giant worm with teeth. From the appearance, the amount corresponds to N’zoth’s Black Snake, with only greenish-yellow and a slightly lighter color.

Currently, she only serves as a ground cavalry in Shadowlands. However, indeed, you can also fly with her in the future. There is also a new item in WOW patch 9.1 that can pass in Shadowlands.

Since the release of the extended version, the slime snake has existed, but so far, it is one of the four mounts that already exist in the game, but no one has discovered it. So far, because the secret of the slime snake has been solved.

Hunter player Durandil discovered this. He is recording a completely different video, namely how he completes the recording of the epidemic on great difficulty alone:

Get the slime snake in World of Warcraft-this is the way
what do I do? You only need to follow three steps to get a snake:
You can visit the autumn dungeon of the plague on heroic difficulty or mythical difficulty alone
Beat the last two bosses-you can skip the trash can, and the first boss
Caress slime snake

After defeating the boss, a strange slime snake will be found in the boss room of Domina’s Poison Blade in the Plague Pond. Approach the snake and stroke it.
The important thing is that no one is allowed to help you. According to the puzzle experts in The Secret Discovery of Discord in World of Warcraft, everything can work reliably only when you are alone (via Discord).

This is why it is complex: Currently, most classes struggle to complete the Plague Autumn solo. Only tank squads and proficient animal hunters can do this without encountering any significant problems.
Other classes, especially those that barely survive like magicians, may encounter more significant problems in this regard. However, because the account restricts the mounting, you can also try to use the corresponding twink.

Is there any other way? At present, the above method is the only reliable method. All attempts to win the snake as a group failed.
However, it is conceivable that a specific trigger will be more easily or always triggered when you are playing alone. Or, to put it another way: other players may inadvertently tame the attempt to tame the snake.
If you want to own a snake, you might be advised to play a tank at this time-for example, a bloody death knight. This may still take less time than looking for other methods.