In the 23rd season of Diablo 3, you should have achieved three achievements during this season’s travel. For this, you will receive a cute pet as a reward, and we will show you which achievements are beneficial to Flawless Victory.

What happened in Diablo 3? Since April 2021, Diablo 3 has started its 23rd season. In this season, you can earn special pet Lacunijunges at the end of the season. But in the community, the question reappeared again, which of the three achievements in the 23rd season is the easiest to unlock pets.

In this overview, we show here three achievements on Diabloguides that you can easily accomplish. We will provide you with tips and guidelines on how to operate.
Simply sacred
Boss mode
Speed ​​demon

Simply sacred
what is this? This may be the most straightforward achievement in season 23. You should complete the 75-level large nephalem portal in a personal game.
How does it work? For this, you need some better equipment. The 75-level big gap corresponds to the 16-level difficulty. With the core equipment of Season 23 (a set of 6-point bonuses, weapons/items to enhance your gear), such a portal should be easy to implement.

Boss mode
what is this? To achieve this achievement, you should kill all bosses within 20 minutes of starting the game.
How does it work? The simplest method is a team of three or more participants. Before the game begins, the group discusses which player runs to which boss. Use the town portal and then transmit it on the map. You can protect each port from the boss and then move them one by one.

In the boss mode guide in Diablo 3, we will show you exactly which boss you should split and how to split so that you can quickly achieve your goals. Besides, if you solve this problem for the first time, we will provide you with tips and tricks.

Speed ​​demon
what is this? When the character is level 70, complete a nephalem portal on Torment 10 (or higher). But it takes up to 2 minutes.
How does it work? To achieve this goal, speed needs to be accelerated. The difference with separate push builds is that you can quickly complete the nephalem portal with the help of fast builds. But they have little potential in the higher Rift Valley. But on Qual 10, there is no problem with speed construction at all.

If you play with at least one other player, the project will become easier. Then, you split and quickly clear all content in the nephalem portal. It’s best not to collect loot-it takes time. Shortly before the appearance of the portal guard, players needed to transplant themselves to the city to close the portal directly. This saves time again.

What are the rewards?
This is what this season’s travel gives you: if you complete this season’s journey completely, you will receive three rewards.
Two portrait frames
One companion

For many players, Lacunijunges companions are the highlight of season 23. When you summon it, just like other pets, it will collect the gold coins that opponents have dropped for you. Therefore, companions provide convenient assistance for your adventure. Have you completed three achievements or even used others? Write down our experience on Diabloguides in the comments and exchange ideas with other participants.