The Annoying place of World of Warcraft Soul Inhaler

There are thousands of items in World of Warcraft. Some are good, some are cute, and some are particularly annoying and mean. This is precisely the annoying topic that should be discussed today because you can take the souls of your companions and defile their bodies. At least one point. The focus time of this product: soul inhaler.

What is a soul inhaler? The soul inhaler is a toy with a cooling time of 5 minutes. You can select the corpses of almost all creatures in the game (including players) and then use the soul inhaler.

When they started to channel the spell, black wings sprouted from the character’s back. The soul of the dead victim was torn from the body and then slowly flew towards the surface who swallowed it. The body continued to shrink while the color disappeared from it. In the end, your character screams full of power, while the corpse is just a pinch of pain.

What will the soul inhaler bring? The soul inhaler will not get any entertainment benefits. However, this is perfect for showing an annoying boss how annoying he is after a victory. To devour the soul of your boss who has died many times before, nothing can be more satisfying than eating it.

However, the soul inhaler can also be used well with friends, acquaintances, and enemies. Did the mages in the dungeon stop in the void again? Steal his soul to humiliate him.

This fighter in PvP thanked you again and again but failed? Rob his soul to show very clearly who is wearing pants (or skirts).

The soul inhaler is just tiny but visually cool. Head. This is mainly because many players change their roles when they don’t like to change their will-but you already know from the reflective prism.

Are there any restrictions? Yes, it is. Soul inhalers cannot be used for players who have already released their spirits because there is no effective target.

Besides, for many years, surprise inspections of soul inhalers have been prohibited. Some bosses become the environment after death and pave the way for players, such as Tortos. If Tortos’ corpse is shrunk, the displayed path will no longer match the boss’s model, and the player will run on an invisible wall, which will make progress more difficult.

Agricultural Soul Inhaler-Where does it spawn?
How do you get a soul inhaler? You can get the Soul Inhaler in Frostfire Ridge in Draenor. It drops from the rare enemy Tor’goroth. It is located at coordinates 44/9-at the northernmost point of a small island. Please note that Tor’goroth’s spa timer fluctuates in about an hour, so sometimes it does not exist. Besides, there is no guarantee that he will leave the toy for the first time. The drop probability is only about 14%.

As with all Draenor Leyris, you can only loot rare enemies once a day. If you have multiple characters, you can try multiple times.

Remember that each zone has two phases-one in war mode, and the other has no phases. Gorgoroth can exist at the same time, which can significantly reduce the waiting time.