World of Warcraft launched ten new legends in version 9.1

The upcoming 9.1 patch has more legendary features in the World of Warcraft PTR, waiting for your presence. The villains, paladins, and shamans have gained new legends this time, and some other career choices have also been completed.

What kind of legend are they? For the upcoming release of World of Warcraft version 9.1, all courses will receive new legends to enhance their respective contract skills. Correspondingly, each class will acquire four new skills, one of four possible contracts.

The contract is a significant new feature of Shadowlands. When players join a contract, they will get two abilities: one is for each contract member, and the other is only granted to the contract’s level. You can find more information on this issue in our extensive overview of the Shadow Land Covenant.

In the early version of PTR, convention legends about death knights, warriors, druids, and magicians were introduced. However, some classes have not yet provided new features for each convention. Here are ten new legends:

New villain legend
Nekrolords-Deathspike: The jagged bone nail has two other charges and hits two targets.
Ventnor-Obey: Scouring now also increases the versatility of each layer by 1%, and each combo point spent while flushing is active will reduce the cooldown by 1 second.
Kyriana-Resonant Clarity: Echo Condemnation now charges four combo points instead of 1.
Nachtfae-Poisonous Attack: The ability to perform invisibility exercises through sepsis allows you to obtain the blade of shadow, adrenaline surge, or vendetta for up to 8 seconds.

The Legend of the New Paladin
Nekrolords-Duty Mallet: The Conqueror’s Hammer now has two charges and will enhance your ability to enhance another use.
Ventnor (missing so far)
Kyrianer-Divine Resonance: Every 10 seconds after the divine bell is cast, this ability retakes effect, increasing its efficiency by 60%. Lasts 30 seconds.
Nachtfae-Season of Plenty: When you cast a summer blessing or a winter blessing, you and the four nearby allies will get a 5% haste and a 10% cooldown reduction.

New Shaman Legend
Nekrolords-Splitting Elements: The original wave will increase your speed by 5% for each additional lightning strike/lava ejection/healing wave for 10 seconds.
Ventnor (missing so far)
Keris (absent so far)
Nachtfae (not found so far)

New Druid Legend
Syrians-Affinity Affinity: You and your partner increase their secondary value by 5% when you connect, depending on your partner’s agreement:
Carey: proficient
Nachtfae: Critical Strike
Ventnor: rhythm
Nekrolord: versatility
When the gang was strengthened, the bonus was doubled.

Legend of the New Warrior
Ventnor-Guilty Impulse (redesigned): Condemnation extends the duration of the last blow by 3 seconds (protection), extends the period of Lu F by 2 seconds (rage), and makes the duration of slam 1.5 seconds stretched (weapon)

The new legend may be worth it.
How good is the new legend? In many cases, the new legendary game may be too bad to replace the best existing legendary match in every category. In the case of the bad guys in Nachtfae, the loss of ability will even be damaged.
On the other hand, Ventyr Legendary is very powerful in all rogue professional areas because you can usually benefit from 30% versatility and speed. For the assassin and the deceiver, Vincer is the most robust contract.

According to experts, the sage legend of the Paladin is also compelling. Here, you are sure that another nerf is coming soon. In general, many skills may still be adjusted, so it is currently difficult to make specific statements. For many classes, it also depends on where you want to use the item.
For example, the undead legends of shamans can become stronger according to the situation. To be more precise: as long as four targets can produce a 20% full speed gain, and only if these targets exist each time the original wave is used. In most other cases, the current legend is more potent.

What else does version 9.1 bring? With new game content, recent raids, dungeons, and new areas, the story of Shadowlands continues. Among other things, you will experience a battle with Sylvanas and may understand what happened to Anduin.