The subsequent raid test should start on the upcoming plug-in Burning Crusade on the World of Warcraft classic Beta server. In this test, Karazhan will be opened, and you can help eliminate errors and make criticisms. However, temporarily due to technical reasons, the trial has been postponed.

Update at 11:00 pm-Assault testing has been temporarily postponed (via Blizzard forums). The reason is a technical problem that the developer must solve first. There is no new start date yet.

What kind of attack is this? Karazhan is a 10-person team and the first team in The Burning Crusade. This instance is in the Deadwind Pass of the Eastern Kingdoms.

In the vast tower of Medivh, the guardian, there are twelve bosses. Many rooms are filled with opponents and secrets. There are even special events, such as drama events or chess matches. It would help if you won during the boss fight.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of an aristocratic castle, which has been more or less deserted for a while-except for the undead and demons that now haunt it. Our author Benedict Grothaus (Benedict Grothaus) said that talent, scope, and overall structure make this attack the best attack ever in World of Warcraft.

When will the test be conducted? You will have the opportunity to be the first person to try this raid before the re-release of The Burning Crusade Classic. The test was initially scheduled to start at 11:00 pm German time on April 27, but it was temporarily postponed. There is no new start time yet.

There is a particular server available for testing: Badge of Justice. The character you create here will immediately start from level 70 with powerful equipment so that you can go directly to Karazhan for extensive testing.

The developer has not yet revealed how long the test will last. It should run for at least a few days, and you can use the F6 key to provide feedback directly in the game.

TBC Classic-Sign up for the Beta version and test it
How can I participate? To participate in the Beta and Raid tests, you must register on the official Blizzard website. Lots will be drawn there by lottery. If you are selected, you will be invited directly:

Click here to get the registration page for WoW Classic Beta-scroll down and click on the Become a Beta Tester button
On DiabloGuides, you can find a short guide to the TBC beta
The beta version has been running since March 24, so it has been more than a month, and many players have been invited. If you haven’t registered for the exam but want to take it, it may be a bit late for Karazhan. In any case, you have the opportunity to conduct the next surprise inspection.

In any case, please check your launcher to see if you can choose to switch to classic Beta in WoW. If you have this option, you can still access it even if you haven’t received the confirmation email.

When will TBC classics appear? It is not clear when the TBC Classic will be released exactly. The beta version has been running for a while, and Karazhan is now testing the first raid. Therefore, there is still some work to be done.