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Which are The five most Annoying cities in The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is a game full of beautiful locations. However, some of them you don’t want to visit, especially when it comes to these five worst cities in ESO! Tamriel (Tamriel) is not set the same everywhere. Everyone has their style. As far as urban planning is concerned, there are significant differences between regions in the world. There are positive examples, such as empires or cities with the most straightforward structure of high-level elves. Then there are alleys full of nightmares, winding paths, confusing buildings, and annoying verticality, which (almost) make every player feel white-hot.

Vivec Stadt-beautiful, terrifying pyramid

What kind of city is that? The city is named after the living Dunmer god Vivec, who has already pushed players to a fever pitch in two games. Because the city of Vvardenfell in Morrowind is a temple city arranged according to the requirements of God, it consists of several pyramid-shaped structures (states), which are built in the swamp area.
Although the blooming city has frustrated the players in the Morrowind game, ESO players can at least endure that in this game, the city has not been completed, and not all pyramids are in place.

What is the most annoying? The pyramid-shaped states are very well established. Because the entrance to the different floors of the vast structure is always not where you need it, and you spend a lot of time walking around the large building, you finally realize that you have to go up or down one floor.

Once you find access, the whole thing won’t get better because if you are looking for a specific NPC or shop, you usually have to walk elsewhere inside. The navigation in the Dunmer hall is unpleasant, and many players are happy after they have finally completed all the missions in Vivec City. At some point, you long for the asteroid hanging in the sky one day to fall and end this flawed construction project eventually.

Why is everything okay? Just as annoying as the states of Vivec Stadt: they look very cool. This city has a unique appearance, and only the palaces of the rulers of God who stand in all states know how to impress people. Who knows, maybe the confusing structure is only for deliberate purposes so that the subjects of the living God will not get stupid ideas?

Abahs Landung-Diagonal Alley, Tower, and Canal

What kind of city is that? Abah’s landing site is located in the southern part of Hammerfell Province and mainly lives in Redguards. The city started to play a role with the humorous DLC Thief’s Guild and left a deep impression on players with its lively bachelor, intrigue, and many oriental atmospheres.

What is the most annoying? When Abba landed, the designer might locate himself in a medieval city, such as Baghdad or Damascus, because the town is composed of different angles and levels. Although you can still make good progress on the main street, the backyard and alleys are confusing.

In addition, during the thieves’ guild, you must keep climbing the towers and rooftops of the city because thieves especially like to hang out nearby. The stairs leading to these ventilated places are often entirely different from the stairs leading to the task markers, and even those who find the right way often fall off the unsafe sidewalks and must start over.

Why is everything okay? Although pathfinding is terrible, it is precise that Abba’s landing device exhibits a certain crude charm after the sneaky thief escaped from the guards, whoever used the many winding alleys as an ideal escape route, who might not have cursed them so much.

Waldheim-Tree Town is always wrong.

What kind of city is that? Waldheim is-surprisingly-a a town of wood elves inhabiting trees. The settlement is located in the Greenschatten area of ​​Valenwald, Kingdom of Bosmer.
Like a small forest elf town, giant trees are a large part of the buildings there, and you are often at dizzying heights.

What is the most annoying? You can guess it, but these treehouses are just horror for those who are not squirrels. Like all vertical structural positions of ESO, the task marker only shows where the target is, not how to reach the target. In a “normal” city, you are usually taken to a house, while in Waldheim, you typically stand in front of a tree trunk and ask yourself: “How do I get there?”.

The solution is usually any staircase or bridge from another tree to the place you are looking for. It’s frustrating!
In addition, they built a shrine 30 miles from the village in Waldheim. Therefore, you must crawl in the forest for several years until you can finally explore this miserable city of trees.


What kind of city is that? Windhelm is located in the Ostmarsch region of Skyrim province and is the king Jorunn in the competition. This city is ancient and is considered to be the oldest still inhabited city on the mainland.
It was once built by the legendary hero Ysgramor, whose residence was built by enslaved elves as a monument to his dead son.

What is the most annoying? When one stays in Windhelm for a long time, the grief of the former builder and the suffering of the elven slave labor seem to be transferred to the players because the city has become more and more tortuous and chaotic in the development process.
In addition, even sidewalks are often walled, creating a more claustrophobic and curved feeling.
In any case, people will spend more time in this city looking for people looking for tasks in a maze of alleys and paths or visiting a particular place. The fun seems different.

Why is everything okay? The ancient northern city of Windhelm (Windhelm) has an epic bridge and a huge palace where the rulers of the Ebony Treaty lived. You can hardly get enough of these vast structures, and fortunately, both of these structures are easy to find.

Schildwacht-Less is more

What kind of city is that? The sentinel, or sentinel, is the capital of Haberfield and belongs to the Redguard Empire. The settlement is located on the edge of the Alik’s Desert and is exceptionally spacious.

What is the most annoying? It is the vastness of the city, reminiscent of the desert, that is their big problem. The damn place is too far! Even the central points of contact are very widely distributed, and once you have a task to go to the outer area of ​​this elongated settlement, you will feel pain. You walked there for a while.
If you stay in the guard for longer, all you want is for the Red Guards to demolish the city, rebuild the city and make it more compact.

Why is everything okay? As long as you are not a supporter of patriotism, you do not have to be vigilant. But anyway, if you are there, you should go to see the magnificent palace and look for theater groups, which usually have strange performances.

Blizzard officially asks mod authors to remove D2ROffline and D2RModding of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

The previously tested Diablo 2: Resurrected I believe many players have already experienced it. In the process of game testing, many great players have Made many MODs for them. Among them, the two MODs that players like most and are most controversial are D2ROffline and D2RModding. But at present, Blizzard has asked MOD authors to remove these two MODs.

As a Technical Alpha test, players have some limitations when playing the beta version of Diablo 2: Resurrected. For example, it needs to be connected, and not all roles are open, etc. However, it is evident that these problems are not problematic for players with extraordinary powers, and there are two MODs, D2ROffline and D2RModding.

D2ROffline is a MOD that allows players to play the Diablo 2: Resurrected beta version in offline mode, while D2RModding unlocks other characters that are not opened in the beta version.

In a sense, these two MODs have indeed broken the test rules set by Blizzard, so now Blizzard officials have personally taken action and issued a notice to the MOD producer requesting the other party to remove the two MODs.

In response to this request for MOD authors to remove their MODs, Blizzard officials also explicitly explained. Blizzard stated that they deeply understand that one of the fundamental reasons for the longevity of Diablo 2 is the support of the MOD community, so the official version of Diablo 2: Resurrected will continue to support MOD.

However, Blizzard will not ignore certain mods that pose a security issue to the game. Security has always been the top priority of Blizzard’s work, so they cannot tolerate mods that may cause significant security problems.

The original Diablo 2 experience is included in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including the Resurrected of Diablo 2, Lord of Destruction expansion, and countless Slaying the magic adventure.

The sanctuary that players are familiar with will now be presented in a stunning 4K resolution. At the same time, the original Sprite-based 2D model in the game has been reborn and will be fully reproduced with 3D physical rendering. The visual effects are updated, and new animations are added, including dynamic lighting, new textures, and new spell effects.

FFXIV Endwalker story is significant in 4 aspects

FFXIV Endwalker will finally complete the 10-year story about Hydaelyn and Zodiark from FFXIV. Everything will move towards a great epic final battle, in which many questions about Primae, Ascians, and the players themselves will be answered. In addition, the story of Endwalker should be completed with the release of the add-on. Usually, a single extension ends with the x.3patch. About a year after the actual release, her story is complete. Then transition to the following add-on. Yoshida hopes to cooperate with Endwalker so that the momentum of the recent story in Shadowbringers can be unfolded and completed in one fell swoop. Therefore, players will get a significant final battle at the time of release.

In addition, Endwalker also has four aspects, some of which are extremely important to the FFXIV story:
Scholar’s Land Sharlayan: The capital of Sharlayan will become the new hub, where players will meet on their way to the terminal. Similar to Crystarium or Elmore in Shadowbringers.
Garland: For the first time in 10 years, players will be able to enter the capital of the empire, which makes them feel headaches on all plugins.
Radz-at-Han: This island country has been mentioned countless times in the story of FFXIV and has played an essential role in it. For example, jobs such as dancers or alchemists originated here.
Moon: By far, the most important new area. This is the place where Zodiark has blocked thousands of years ago. This is where the last battle will take place.

This means that when Endwalker is released, players will get five leveling dungeons to help them reach the new maximum level 90. It is expected that there will be two new levels, 80 dungeons, that can be used for equipment and Allagan stones. Approximately the same is true in Shadowbringers. In the raid, players can look forward to a new 8-person attack on Pandaemonium, which is little known so far. The critical art shows that old friend Ascian Lahabrea will somehow become the center of attention again. How this happened, we can only find out after the release of Endwalker on November 23.

67% of players see World of Warcraft as a single-player game, only 10% prefer groups

Is MMORPG a game that should or must be enjoyed, especially in a group? This is an ongoing discussion in comments and various forums. We wanted to know a few days ago and start investigating topics related to World of Warcraft. Nearly 1,800 of you attended the meeting and gave a relatively clear picture of your point of view.

More than 50% of people rarely participate in group competitions.
More than half (52%) said that you mainly play World of Warcraft alone. Most of your time in the game is solo, and the rest of the time is used as a small chat for some conversations. However, the actual game operation is performed with one hand. Exceptions are necessary to group tasks, occasionally current world bosses, or visits to LFR. However, most of the content in “World of Warcraft” is handled with one hand.

After all, 15% of people are still stubborn, lonely people. You can play “World of Warcraft” as a standalone game. Group tasks are not even solved or handled entirely by human hands, which is also a good challenge. Relying on other players is not your business-especially annoying, because if you want to dive for a few hours, you must adjust the time according to them.
If these two numbers are added together, 67% of the group (i.e., 2 of 3 players) play Warcraft mainly or entirely in solo form.

One quarter enjoys solo and group.
The next group accounted for 24%. These are players who play both individually and in groups. A quarter of you is in balance. From time to time, there will be stages in which you gamble alone, play twink, complete world tasks, or deal with other content alone. But in the future, there will always be time to play dungeons with guilds or friends, join a raid group or sneak into PvP. After all, the content here can also complement each other perfectly. Those who get good things from group activities are also more effective as soloists. Those who accumulate buff food in single-player games will also benefit from it.

Only 10% are preferred, team players
After all, 7% of you prefer to play World of Warcraft in groups. You can perform the necessary tasks yourself, but this is rare. Through activities with other players, you will have the most fun. Of course, you can complete some tasks alone, such as completing homework or conducting raids. However, only when you are at war with your friends will real happiness appear.
Only a tiny part-3% of you-can only play “World of Warcraft” together. The shared experience is at the front desk and even the only reason to log in to Azeroth. This group includes core group members and role members who always rely on interaction with other members because it will be boring at some point to read only the emoticons written by myself all day long.

Which Changes WOW TBC Classic does Better than before

Like the Classic version of World of Warcraft, the BC classic version will differ from the original version. It ranges from subtle but proper adjustments to skills that were not part of the game in the past. I don’t want to make all the changes here, but I welcome the three differences that are about to appear or have already occurred. I will go further: Blizzard may change some things, and some minor details will make the game more interesting. The last group of members, including me, partly believes that if the old version is not perfected, most people will not like the old version at all. Combining the past 14 years of experience in World of Warcraft, I have come to this conclusion: Many changes are perfect.

Large arena team
What has changed? In the past, the size of an arena team was limited to the number of players participating in the game. In the 2v2 arena, there are only two players on the team. With TBC Classic, this limit is increased, and the number of players in a team maybe twice the number of players they are participating in-that is, there are four players for every two people.
Why is it so good? The change has two advantages: first, it’s easier to enter the arena, and second, the player’s failure is no longer so severe. If anyone could not gamble in the past, then the entire team will be put on hold.
After all, this is no longer the case, and you have a replacement player. In addition, less experienced players are more likely to learn something from better players. When the team is more extensive, not everyone wants to have absolute professionals in the group.
You are more likely to visit the arena with a lower score and PvP experience. I need to study the reasons for PvP carefully-I wholly ignored this in the past.

Paladins get more seals.
What has changed?
Paladins have a seal in the Burning Crusade, which their faction can only use. In the tribe, it is the mark of blood. In the alliance, it is the mark of retribution.
Seals are spells used by Paladins to strengthen themselves and then release them through judgment. They are the essential tools used by the class in various situations.
These seals are now available in the TBC Classic Edition for two factions above level 70. All Paladins can use the Blood Seal (Martyr in the Alliance) and the Seal of Retribution (Corruption in the Horde). This change only appears with WotLK.
Why is it so good? The Blood Seal is the strongest of the two seals, so the Paladins of the tribes of BC are more powerful than the Paladins of the Alliance. This is also because the blood elves have significantly more substantial racial rewards, but the seals influence the balance substantially here.
As an Allianz player, I welcome being as strong as my tribe. Paladins is a class I want to play, and I am happy to have at least not play the weaker version of my class in the less representative factions.

(Single) character promotion
What has changed?
The Digital Deluxe Edition and the Dark Portal Pass were introduced in the pre-patches of the Burning Crusade. Including the level 58 role promotion, each account can only be used once and can only be purchased once.
In the past, one had to play a role strenuously. Now, at least one part can be prepared for the foreign domain role, accessed from level 58.
Why is it so good? In the classic battle and the Burning Crusade, leveling is also a long process. It is not uncommon for many places to take more than one hour per step in the traditional regions and later outland regions. If you don’t have a two-week vacation before the release, it’s challenging to prepare a character for the Burning Crusade.
I have taken over the villain role of Classic, but I want to play the old paladin and wizard of Burning Crusade again. I will never upgrade both of them to the latest version.
This is why it is convenient. Even if I don’t pull up the Paladin before the release, I can turn off the wizard directly through the booster, and I must gamble at the end.

Why The Elder Scrolls Online is the Best MMORPG

For me, The Elder Scrolls is currently the best MMORPG. There are not enough formulas to distinguish The Elder Scrolls Online from existing free or existing attributes on the surface. It is tough for me to recommend anyone who seeks experience outside of a comfortable and beautiful people box.

Sometimes I can play alone.
MMORPG is a social gaming experience that is usually the most fun when going out with friends. Of course, there are exceptions, which I will discuss later.
When a friend has time, it is not always possible to be online. I am married, have three children, and a full-time job, so the rest of the playtime is not like when I was a child. Most importantly, I am no longer as flexible as before. When a partner wrote to me asking if I was interested in dungeon running, I couldn’t say yes quickly.
Therefore, things that appear around me from time to time happen, and here I am also having a great time in ESO.
ESO is an MMORPG. When I am alone, I can complete tasks quickly. When it was released, I even played far away alone.

I like many stories in the mission.
I am a gamer and believe that exciting adventures are essential when playing games. For me, the story is about gameplay. I can forgive the weak combat system or complex skill system in the game, but the story is not correct for me, or the task is too monotonous for me, and then I quit.
I want to lose myself in the virtual world, learn more about the history of virtual reality, and experience the adventure that appeals to me in front of the screen. I want to get acquainted with NPC, and maybe there will be a surprise in the story. , Even if I have to read them and hear them.
You can tell The Elder Scrolls that it originated from a single-player game. The game is very prominent storytelling and pursuit. This is why ESO’s focus is also on this area.
Therefore, to provide me with exciting stories is entirely correct MMORPG for me.

PvP and PvE are separated from each other.
Understandably, the developers want to put the player in a dangerous state and gradually the most meaningful return. The so-called risk and reward system works well. It’s just for me-not when mixing PvP and PvE.
I don’t want to set up tasks or collect raw materials by myself and then suddenly be attacked by other players. This is why I think ESO’s system is excellent. If I want to experience PvP, I can challenge my teammates to a duel or go to Cyrodiil to participate in alliance war.
If I don’t want to play PvP in ESO, I don’t have to and can’t enjoy Tamriel’s world, missions, and tranquil stories.

The console-exclusive games DiabloGuides want to see on PC

First, let me start. This is usually not an opportunity for game consoles. Suppose there is an example in the article. It is not intentional. The only thing DiabloGuides have to pay attention to is an excellent exclusive game title with a combination of excellent gameplay, storytelling, or other game mechanics with an elegant console platform. This article will not talk about beautifying PC specifications. This is the love of games. Some of the titles here are DiabloGuidesll-known and fair, and all games do not have any hardware limitations to adapt them to PCs. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular games on consoles that DiabloGuides would like to see suitable for the PC version. If you are in the gaming business, then all these titles are DiabloGuidesll-known titles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man
So DiabloGuides have a former Greek god, a samurai/ninja, and a strong zombie apocalypse survivor. Now, what DiabloGuides are missing from this list is a superhero. And boys do need the PC console to inject superhero content directly. Marvel’s Spider-Man is an excellent game. Since the last game, with the leap of gameplay, everyone’s claws fell on the floor. Spider-Man has always had an interesting game mechanism, which swings on the map through tall buildings. That’s a feature that really bothers me when I play old games. And now, with the advancement of game technology, not only can you have an absolute style, but also various other mechanisms have been added, such as acceleration, different postures, and even the attacking swing. Another great title

Halo 5
Halo has always been associated with Xbox. If I DiabloGuidesre to use one word to describe the Master Chief adventure in the Halo series, I would use EPIC. There is no doubt that this game has become an epic masterpiece since the birth of Xbox. Although there are several shaky games along the way, no one can deny their chill when they hear the unforgettable game scores playing in the background. Although DiabloGuides have seen some older games available on Steam for PC players (eventually!), PC players want to be part of the new Halo experience. Halo is mainly used in FPS games and some third-person tanks. There is nothing to talk about the game because it is something you need to experience yourself. Halo will bring a unique experience from magnificent space battle scenes to different fronts when you break into groups of alien units. It is safe to say that Halo 5 is the best on every PC player’s FPS list.

God of war
It is undeniable. Nowadays, it is DiabloGuidesll known that “God of War” has surpassed the original genre because it involves hacking, slashes, and fast gameplay, so people usually think it is a no-brainer. Of course, this genre was prevalent at the time, but as the gaming community became more and more immersed in the medium, DiabloGuides needed more than blood and gore to move us forward. Then, “God of War” sDiabloGuidespt everyone, and to this day, people are still celebrating the acceptance of the final version. God of War focused on the aspect of storytelling, not a person eager for revenge, but changed the lens to father and son’s journey. There is no doubt that the combat mechanism has been greatly improved. To emphasize the outstanding performance of this game, DiabloGuides believe that this stand-alone game can ensure the success of the PlayStation 4 platform. Every heavy blow, every battle cry feels primitive, and the boss’s battle has reached a new level of satisfaction. Although the game was released in 2018, bringing it to the PC will definitely increase sales. If you are curious about how this game becomes a new benchmark for game quality, grab your PSN gift card and get a copy of the game on PSN immediately. Experience the greatness for yourself.

Our last
DiabloGuides want to see the games mentioned in this list because of their amazing stories that involve gamers. “The Last of Us” undoubtedly puts itself in the top game with the theme of the zombie apocalypse. From tender moments in chaos to emotional scar decisions, “Last of Us” will give you a feeling. When the characters in the game traverse the new terrain of the dystopian world, DiabloGuides will feel their pain, anger, and determination. “Our Last Moments” not only brings a moving story but also shows outstanding character development throughout the process. In a sense, the characters feel real, and in a sense, they have enough foundation to stay in touch with anyone who has played it to a certain extent. In combat, the game also has a more realistic method. The enemies of zombies and humans are the same. Although the second part aroused great outrage from the community regarding how the characters and the story are handled, it is an amazing, immersive experience that everyone should try at least once.

Ghost on the horse
Over the years, DiabloGuides have seen how Japan’s history and culture have adapted to various forms. The samurai in ancient times is one of Japan’s world-famous cultural references. Tsushima ghost focuses on ancient samurai. Unlike many other games that revolve around samurai, Ghost of Tsushima manages to make it as close to a real samurai as possible. Supernatural elements must have been added to the game and may not be accurate historically, but the atmosphere created from the game has never been seen. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity in Japan and is considered one of the best games representing samurai culture. Some people classify the ghost of Tsushima as the Japanese version of “Red Dead Redemption 2”. The game also emphasizes the different mechanics of combat.

In short, every game player wants the opportunity to play all games on all platforms. Of course, there are some limitations in certain types (such as RTS), but in general, adapting the game to different platforms is not an infeasible idea. DiabloGuides see more cross-play options available and limited exclusive titles, which can be published on other hosts. I hope this will become the new norm for future games. Which game name do you want to see adopted by the PC? Let us know in the comments.

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