The console-exclusive games DiabloGuides want to see on PC

First, let me start. This is usually not an opportunity for game consoles. Suppose there is an example in the article. It is not intentional. The only thing DiabloGuides have to pay attention to is an excellent exclusive game title with a combination of excellent gameplay, storytelling, or other game mechanics with an elegant console platform. This article will not talk about beautifying PC specifications. This is the love of games. Some of the titles here are DiabloGuidesll-known and fair, and all games do not have any hardware limitations to adapt them to PCs. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular games on consoles that DiabloGuides would like to see suitable for the PC version. If you are in the gaming business, then all these titles are DiabloGuidesll-known titles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man
So DiabloGuides have a former Greek god, a samurai/ninja, and a strong zombie apocalypse survivor. Now, what DiabloGuides are missing from this list is a superhero. And boys do need the PC console to inject superhero content directly. Marvel’s Spider-Man is an excellent game. Since the last game, with the leap of gameplay, everyone’s claws fell on the floor. Spider-Man has always had an interesting game mechanism, which swings on the map through tall buildings. That’s a feature that really bothers me when I play old games. And now, with the advancement of game technology, not only can you have an absolute style, but also various other mechanisms have been added, such as acceleration, different postures, and even the attacking swing. Another great title

Halo 5
Halo has always been associated with Xbox. If I DiabloGuidesre to use one word to describe the Master Chief adventure in the Halo series, I would use EPIC. There is no doubt that this game has become an epic masterpiece since the birth of Xbox. Although there are several shaky games along the way, no one can deny their chill when they hear the unforgettable game scores playing in the background. Although DiabloGuides have seen some older games available on Steam for PC players (eventually!), PC players want to be part of the new Halo experience. Halo is mainly used in FPS games and some third-person tanks. There is nothing to talk about the game because it is something you need to experience yourself. Halo will bring a unique experience from magnificent space battle scenes to different fronts when you break into groups of alien units. It is safe to say that Halo 5 is the best on every PC player’s FPS list.

God of war
It is undeniable. Nowadays, it is DiabloGuidesll known that “God of War” has surpassed the original genre because it involves hacking, slashes, and fast gameplay, so people usually think it is a no-brainer. Of course, this genre was prevalent at the time, but as the gaming community became more and more immersed in the medium, DiabloGuides needed more than blood and gore to move us forward. Then, “God of War” sDiabloGuidespt everyone, and to this day, people are still celebrating the acceptance of the final version. God of War focused on the aspect of storytelling, not a person eager for revenge, but changed the lens to father and son’s journey. There is no doubt that the combat mechanism has been greatly improved. To emphasize the outstanding performance of this game, DiabloGuides believe that this stand-alone game can ensure the success of the PlayStation 4 platform. Every heavy blow, every battle cry feels primitive, and the boss’s battle has reached a new level of satisfaction. Although the game was released in 2018, bringing it to the PC will definitely increase sales. If you are curious about how this game becomes a new benchmark for game quality, grab your PSN gift card and get a copy of the game on PSN immediately. Experience the greatness for yourself.

Our last
DiabloGuides want to see the games mentioned in this list because of their amazing stories that involve gamers. “The Last of Us” undoubtedly puts itself in the top game with the theme of the zombie apocalypse. From tender moments in chaos to emotional scar decisions, “Last of Us” will give you a feeling. When the characters in the game traverse the new terrain of the dystopian world, DiabloGuides will feel their pain, anger, and determination. “Our Last Moments” not only brings a moving story but also shows outstanding character development throughout the process. In a sense, the characters feel real, and in a sense, they have enough foundation to stay in touch with anyone who has played it to a certain extent. In combat, the game also has a more realistic method. The enemies of zombies and humans are the same. Although the second part aroused great outrage from the community regarding how the characters and the story are handled, it is an amazing, immersive experience that everyone should try at least once.

Ghost on the horse
Over the years, DiabloGuides have seen how Japan’s history and culture have adapted to various forms. The samurai in ancient times is one of Japan’s world-famous cultural references. Tsushima ghost focuses on ancient samurai. Unlike many other games that revolve around samurai, Ghost of Tsushima manages to make it as close to a real samurai as possible. Supernatural elements must have been added to the game and may not be accurate historically, but the atmosphere created from the game has never been seen. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity in Japan and is considered one of the best games representing samurai culture. Some people classify the ghost of Tsushima as the Japanese version of “Red Dead Redemption 2”. The game also emphasizes the different mechanics of combat.

In short, every game player wants the opportunity to play all games on all platforms. Of course, there are some limitations in certain types (such as RTS), but in general, adapting the game to different platforms is not an infeasible idea. DiabloGuides see more cross-play options available and limited exclusive titles, which can be published on other hosts. I hope this will become the new norm for future games. Which game name do you want to see adopted by the PC? Let us know in the comments.