For me, The Elder Scrolls is currently the best MMORPG. There are not enough formulas to distinguish The Elder Scrolls Online from existing free or existing attributes on the surface. It is tough for me to recommend anyone who seeks experience outside of a comfortable and beautiful people box.

Sometimes I can play alone.
MMORPG is a social gaming experience that is usually the most fun when going out with friends. Of course, there are exceptions, which I will discuss later.
When a friend has time, it is not always possible to be online. I am married, have three children, and a full-time job, so the rest of the playtime is not like when I was a child. Most importantly, I am no longer as flexible as before. When a partner wrote to me asking if I was interested in dungeon running, I couldn’t say yes quickly.
Therefore, things that appear around me from time to time happen, and here I am also having a great time in ESO.
ESO is an MMORPG. When I am alone, I can complete tasks quickly. When it was released, I even played far away alone.

I like many stories in the mission.
I am a gamer and believe that exciting adventures are essential when playing games. For me, the story is about gameplay. I can forgive the weak combat system or complex skill system in the game, but the story is not correct for me, or the task is too monotonous for me, and then I quit.
I want to lose myself in the virtual world, learn more about the history of virtual reality, and experience the adventure that appeals to me in front of the screen. I want to get acquainted with NPC, and maybe there will be a surprise in the story. , Even if I have to read them and hear them.
You can tell The Elder Scrolls that it originated from a single-player game. The game is very prominent storytelling and pursuit. This is why ESO’s focus is also on this area.
Therefore, to provide me with exciting stories is entirely correct MMORPG for me.

PvP and PvE are separated from each other.
Understandably, the developers want to put the player in a dangerous state and gradually the most meaningful return. The so-called risk and reward system works well. It’s just for me-not when mixing PvP and PvE.
I don’t want to set up tasks or collect raw materials by myself and then suddenly be attacked by other players. This is why I think ESO’s system is excellent. If I want to experience PvP, I can challenge my teammates to a duel or go to Cyrodiil to participate in alliance war.
If I don’t want to play PvP in ESO, I don’t have to and can’t enjoy Tamriel’s world, missions, and tranquil stories.