Which Changes WOW TBC Classic does Better than before

Like the Classic version of World of Warcraft, the BC classic version will differ from the original version. It ranges from subtle but proper adjustments to skills that were not part of the game in the past. I don’t want to make all the changes here, but I welcome the three differences that are about to appear or have already occurred. I will go further: Blizzard may change some things, and some minor details will make the game more interesting. The last group of members, including me, partly believes that if the old version is not perfected, most people will not like the old version at all. Combining the past 14 years of experience in World of Warcraft, I have come to this conclusion: Many changes are perfect.

Large arena team
What has changed? In the past, the size of an arena team was limited to the number of players participating in the game. In the 2v2 arena, there are only two players on the team. With TBC Classic, this limit is increased, and the number of players in a team maybe twice the number of players they are participating in-that is, there are four players for every two people.
Why is it so good? The change has two advantages: first, it’s easier to enter the arena, and second, the player’s failure is no longer so severe. If anyone could not gamble in the past, then the entire team will be put on hold.
After all, this is no longer the case, and you have a replacement player. In addition, less experienced players are more likely to learn something from better players. When the team is more extensive, not everyone wants to have absolute professionals in the group.
You are more likely to visit the arena with a lower score and PvP experience. I need to study the reasons for PvP carefully-I wholly ignored this in the past.

Paladins get more seals.
What has changed?
Paladins have a seal in the Burning Crusade, which their faction can only use. In the tribe, it is the mark of blood. In the alliance, it is the mark of retribution.
Seals are spells used by Paladins to strengthen themselves and then release them through judgment. They are the essential tools used by the class in various situations.
These seals are now available in the TBC Classic Edition for two factions above level 70. All Paladins can use the Blood Seal (Martyr in the Alliance) and the Seal of Retribution (Corruption in the Horde). This change only appears with WotLK.
Why is it so good? The Blood Seal is the strongest of the two seals, so the Paladins of the tribes of BC are more powerful than the Paladins of the Alliance. This is also because the blood elves have significantly more substantial racial rewards, but the seals influence the balance substantially here.
As an Allianz player, I welcome being as strong as my tribe. Paladins is a class I want to play, and I am happy to have at least not play the weaker version of my class in the less representative factions.

(Single) character promotion
What has changed?
The Digital Deluxe Edition and the Dark Portal Pass were introduced in the pre-patches of the Burning Crusade. Including the level 58 role promotion, each account can only be used once and can only be purchased once.
In the past, one had to play a role strenuously. Now, at least one part can be prepared for the foreign domain role, accessed from level 58.
Why is it so good? In the classic battle and the Burning Crusade, leveling is also a long process. It is not uncommon for many places to take more than one hour per step in the traditional regions and later outland regions. If you don’t have a two-week vacation before the release, it’s challenging to prepare a character for the Burning Crusade.
I have taken over the villain role of Classic, but I want to play the old paladin and wizard of Burning Crusade again. I will never upgrade both of them to the latest version.
This is why it is convenient. Even if I don’t pull up the Paladin before the release, I can turn off the wizard directly through the booster, and I must gamble at the end.