67% of players see World of Warcraft as a single-player game, only 10% prefer groups

Is MMORPG a game that should or must be enjoyed, especially in a group? This is an ongoing discussion in comments and various forums. We wanted to know a few days ago and start investigating topics related to World of Warcraft. Nearly 1,800 of you attended the meeting and gave a relatively clear picture of your point of view.

More than 50% of people rarely participate in group competitions.
More than half (52%) said that you mainly play World of Warcraft alone. Most of your time in the game is solo, and the rest of the time is used as a small chat for some conversations. However, the actual game operation is performed with one hand. Exceptions are necessary to group tasks, occasionally current world bosses, or visits to LFR. However, most of the content in “World of Warcraft” is handled with one hand.

After all, 15% of people are still stubborn, lonely people. You can play “World of Warcraft” as a standalone game. Group tasks are not even solved or handled entirely by human hands, which is also a good challenge. Relying on other players is not your business-especially annoying, because if you want to dive for a few hours, you must adjust the time according to them.
If these two numbers are added together, 67% of the group (i.e., 2 of 3 players) play Warcraft mainly or entirely in solo form.

One quarter enjoys solo and group.
The next group accounted for 24%. These are players who play both individually and in groups. A quarter of you is in balance. From time to time, there will be stages in which you gamble alone, play twink, complete world tasks, or deal with other content alone. But in the future, there will always be time to play dungeons with guilds or friends, join a raid group or sneak into PvP. After all, the content here can also complement each other perfectly. Those who get good things from group activities are also more effective as soloists. Those who accumulate buff food in single-player games will also benefit from it.

Only 10% are preferred, team players
After all, 7% of you prefer to play World of Warcraft in groups. You can perform the necessary tasks yourself, but this is rare. Through activities with other players, you will have the most fun. Of course, you can complete some tasks alone, such as completing homework or conducting raids. However, only when you are at war with your friends will real happiness appear.
Only a tiny part-3% of you-can only play “World of Warcraft” together. The shared experience is at the front desk and even the only reason to log in to Azeroth. This group includes core group members and role members who always rely on interaction with other members because it will be boring at some point to read only the emoticons written by myself all day long.