FFXIV Endwalker story is significant in 4 aspects

FFXIV Endwalker will finally complete the 10-year story about Hydaelyn and Zodiark from FFXIV. Everything will move towards a great epic final battle, in which many questions about Primae, Ascians, and the players themselves will be answered. In addition, the story of Endwalker should be completed with the release of the add-on. Usually, a single extension ends with the x.3patch. About a year after the actual release, her story is complete. Then transition to the following add-on. Yoshida hopes to cooperate with Endwalker so that the momentum of the recent story in Shadowbringers can be unfolded and completed in one fell swoop. Therefore, players will get a significant final battle at the time of release.

In addition, Endwalker also has four aspects, some of which are extremely important to the FFXIV story:
Scholar’s Land Sharlayan: The capital of Sharlayan will become the new hub, where players will meet on their way to the terminal. Similar to Crystarium or Elmore in Shadowbringers.
Garland: For the first time in 10 years, players will be able to enter the capital of the empire, which makes them feel headaches on all plugins.
Radz-at-Han: This island country has been mentioned countless times in the story of FFXIV and has played an essential role in it. For example, jobs such as dancers or alchemists originated here.
Moon: By far, the most important new area. This is the place where Zodiark has blocked thousands of years ago. This is where the last battle will take place.

This means that when Endwalker is released, players will get five leveling dungeons to help them reach the new maximum level 90. It is expected that there will be two new levels, 80 dungeons, that can be used for equipment and Allagan stones. Approximately the same is true in Shadowbringers. In the raid, players can look forward to a new 8-person attack on Pandaemonium, which is little known so far. The critical art shows that old friend Ascian Lahabrea will somehow become the center of attention again. How this happened, we can only find out after the release of Endwalker on November 23.