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How to get to The Elder Scrolls Online Coldharbour Karlshafen?

Coldharbour is an area in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), located in the Forgotten Kingdom. There you can hone new roles well. But this card is not easy to get. First, we revealed how you got to Coldharbour. Then, how to get to Kaltafin? The Coldharbour area is part of ESO’s main story. So if you follow the story, you will automatically end there. But it takes some time, and most importantly, some levels are needed. We want to perform levels in Karlshafen.

So there is another way to get to Kaltafin:

You can easily ask a player if he will go to Cold Harbor for you. Then you can follow him on a trip using the group or contact tool. By the way, this applies to all regions except Cyrodier. So, in theory, you can play a character that just came out of the tutorial in Karlshafen.

I’m in Karl Safin, but I can’t find the temple?

This may be because you have not zoomed out far enough on the map. Goldhagen is a level of the field of oblivion, and therefore an area outside of Nirn. Like Altima and Clockwork City, this area is outside Tamriel.

If you zoom out far enough, you can see the island on the left side of the map:

I’m in Karl Safin, but I can’t find the temple?

This may be because you have not zoomed out far enough on the map. Goldhagen is a level of the field of oblivion, and therefore an area outside of Nirn. Like Altima and Clockwork City, this area is outside Tamriel.

If you zoom out far enough, you can see the island on the left side of the map:

You can also get 16 Sky Shards in Cold Harbor, which you can use to gain skill points. There are also luxury retailers in Kongcheng, through which you can obtain special housing items every week.

How did ESO Blackwood perform one month after its release?

Since the latest Blackwood chapter appeared, The Elder Scrolls Online has been almost a month. But how did the new expansions be accepted by the fans, and what happened in the game? How was the launch process? To everyone’s surprise, everything went well this time. An enormous online performance accompanied the launch of Blackwood, and the new chapter was implemented without any problems or difficulties. This is even more gratifying after Greymoor’s fiasco in 2020. Unfortunately, the time after Blackwood was launched was not entirely without problems.

What are the problems?

But there is a bigger problem because the fancy PS5 performance and graphics updates cannot be achieved for many users. Suppose that many users do not have a CD because they are using the digital version. Thanks to the efforts of Bethesda and Sony, we finally found a solution and finally solved the problem.

How did the companion come?

The essential new feature of Blackwood is not a new class but an NPC companion who should help you complete tasks. There should be, but it is challenging to start because most of the players count in the same category and are therefore disappointed. Even after it was released, the friends didn’t want to ignite. Fans from all walks of life praised the words of their companions and the feeling of not being alone.

But NPC is only helpful for new players. Those who are farther away don’t need them and often feel bothered by them. Therefore, some players don’t even bother to unlock two companions.

If at least it can be customized, other players will bring their companions with them more frequently. Because according to the current situation, dozens of clones of the same two Hansel are running around Tamriel beside the player.

How to play the new Oblivion portal?

A more popular innovation is the new world event called Oblivion Portal. Their gameplay not only impressed our Our author Alexander Leitsch. Because, unlike Mournful Storms or Dragons, you can achieve some achievements with a minor team here. Not only is there a large group of people, but there is also a path with multiple bosses through which you can enter the final Obermotz.

What is the new super item about?

The new mystery item Harpooner’s Wading Skirt has a lasting impact on the game. It is mighty, and everyone wants it. But to get it, you have to go through a tragic track trial, which in turn makes many players feel frustrated. If you’re going to try it: our author MiezeMelli has written a guide on how to get a harpoon wading skirt.

What other updates did you get?

In mid-June, Update 30 was updated, which forms the basis of Blackwood. This includes a highly anticipated new feature to get premium items from loot boxes without real money. However, the process of obtaining these desires is enormous.

How is the new raid progressing?

Guild Disaster is the first company to create instances in fast running, hard mode, and without anyone dying. The new test (the name of the raid in ESO) is called Felshain and conquered. You can find the video of the attack here.

These are further plans for 2021:

As in previous years, the Blackwood chapter is part of a larger storyline, divided into four stages. The first and second phases have been completed. In the third quarter of 2021, DLC Awakening Flame will bring two other dungeons where the story continues. The finale awaits you in the fourth quarter. There, it entered the dead place, the realm of the villain Mehrunes Dagon.

Final Fantasy XIV Expands Player Favorite Ranking

On November 23, 2021, MMORPG FFXIV will release its following plugin Endwalker. For this reason, the last major content update of the current Shadowbringers extension has recently been launched. Nier Raid is about to be completed, and the Queen’s Arms mission is about to launch. The story will take you to the events of Endwalker, allowing players to directly immerse themselves in the new events at the time of release.

Shadowbringers – Published: July 2, 2019

This is Shadowbringers: After FFXIV established itself as a powerful MMORPG, developers accelerated again with the current Shadowbringers plugin. In terms of scope, it has the most dialogues and cutscenes to date, and it also brings the first graphical upgrade of the PS5 beta.

In Shadowbringers, the player came to another world for the first time. In Hydaelyn’s first fragmented world, the elements are severely out of balance, and the world is full of light. Therefore, the player must first abandon the role of the warrior of sunlight and turn to the dark. In the process of saving the world, you get help from the enemy for the first time.

Shadowbringers also brought two new jobs, but there are also new playable races, including Hrothgar and Viera. One of the most significant changes in the ability to freely shuttle between servers in the data center and visit friends.

The high risk, many tragic moments, and plot twists make it the most highly rated FFXIV plugin on Metacritic, and it is also very popular with MeinMMO readers. In our survey, Shadowbringers swept their opponents with more than 50% of the votes and won first.

Heavensward – Published: June 23, 2015

This is Heavensward: The first plugin of FFXIV appeared on the first fan festival, thus marking the beginning of the MMORPG success story. Although the development team of A Realm Reborn is not sure whether the game will survive, Heavensward encourages them to believe it.

After the players in ARR become victims of a nasty conspiracy and are charged with murder, they must flee to the city – state of Ishgard. For 1,000 years, this country has been engaged in a terrible war with dragons, but this war is not as fair as the church claims. Therefore, you have embarked on a journey of uncovering a thousand – year lie.

Heavensward has brought up three new combat classes for the new playable characters of FFXIV and Au Ra in terms of gameplay. Their dragon scales fit the theme of the plugin very well. In Heavensward, raids are divided into normal mode and epic mode, so that casual players can also experience the story.

Heavensward is very popular with FFXIV fans. Because of its tragic story, you have to accept many losses. Some players shed tears in Cutscenes, which is why add – ons ranked second in our survey.

Stormblood – Published: June 20, 2017

This is Stormblood: When Stormblood was announced, FFXIV had become one of the medium and large MMORPGs of this type.

For the warrior of light, the journey now goes to the east. Since the failure of version 1.0, the power – hungry Garema Empire has tried again and again to gain a foothold in Eorzea and conquer the city – states there. The defenders fight back and hope to end the Empire’s rule in the occupied Alamigo and Doma provinces with an offensive. At the top of the resistance is the player character.

Although there are no new playable races in Stormblood, players have already received two DDs, Red Mage and Samurai, as new jobs. The add – on shows the four areas of Eureka for the new upgradeable weapons, where the applicable laws are entirely different. Hardcore attackers can look forward to the first Ultimate Raid Bahamut.

Although there is no shortage of actions in Stormblood, it is second to last in our polls. Some FFXIV players are troubled by the fact that the position of the add – on is constantly switching between Doma and Ala Mhigo, and there is no real focus. Eureka’s content is also not popular with many players.

A Realm Reborn – Published: August 24, 2013

This is A Realm Reborn: The base game is regarded as a phoenix resurrected from ashes in the gaming community. After the disastrous launch of version 1.0 of FFXIV, the game was utterly offline and revised. The result is ARR, which gives players a better gaming experience.

You started as a bit of adventurer who entered the vast world, became famous for himself, gained fame, honor, and wealth, or just helped other people in need. But you will soon be drawn into the vortex of power struggles, conspiracies, and conspiracies, and you will never be able to escape.

On the game level, Rebirth Domain brought the first batch of raids to Final Fantasy 14: Bahamut and Crystal Tower, where players can obtain unique and powerful equipment. In addition, the rich production system of MMORPG has also been modified, bringing many quality of life adjustments such as content search, making the game experience more enjoyable.

A Realm Reborn is considered the salvation of FFXIV, but it is not very popular with many gamers. The basic game starts slowly, and it takes a long time to start. The gameplay of the low – level classes is not exciting either. Therefore, ARR ranks last in our survey.

How Many Similarities and Differences do The Lost Ark have in Diablo?

The highly anticipated MMORPG Lost Ark has now received a release window in Europe in the fall of 2021 and has passed its first alpha test. This game made many fans of games such as Diablo sit up because, at first glance, the gameplay is very similar to A-RPG. However, before Diablo 4, will MMORPG provide an alternative or at least a bridge for Diablo fans? In this article, we have summarized the similarities and differences between the Lost Ark and Diablo games so that you can understand them.

Similarities and similarities

Although Lost Ark belongs to the MMORPG genre, it has several game elements that attract fans of A-RPGs, such as Diablo or Road of Exile. In this section, you will find the most significant and most crucial part of it.

Perspective and control

The first and most apparent commonality between Lost Ark and Diablo games is, of course, the camera angle. MMORPG is played from an isometric perspective, and you can look down at your character from above. You can rotate the camera freely, but the incident angle will only change when using the zoom function to observe your nature.

In addition, the control method of Lost Ark is very similar to Diablo. Characters are not moved with WASD like most modern MMORPGs but with mouse buttons. You click on the desired location, and your character will move there.

The control of the attack is similar. Ordinary attacks are also carried out by clicking the mouse. By default, functions are on the QWER and ASDF keys, and items can be used with keys 1 to 4. Therefore, compared with Diablo, it offsets one line.

Combat system

The core gameplay of the Lost Ark combat system is almost the same as Diablo and other isometric A-RPGs. However, this is an action-oriented combat system in which there is no automatic lock. Instead, you must use your skills to specifically target and position yourself appropriately to hit opponents around you.

Similar to Diablo 3, each class has its resources. It collects or manages these resources in the battle to use skills or use powerful Ult abilities. WoW or FFXIV does not have a global cooldown, but each skill has its cooldown.

Lost Ark will also throw many opponents at you in battle, usually in Hack’n’Slay games. Enemies in groups are enormous, especially in raids, dungeons, and rifts. Dozens of monsters will often appear on your screen at the same time. This makes them more satisfied to use their excellent skills for mass destruction.

Skill system

Another similarity can be found in the lost ark tripod skill system. Its core is a skill level reminiscent of Diablo III. In D3, one of the six runes can personalize personal skills further and adapt to their game style or construction.

The basic system where you can adjust and personalize active skills is also provided in Lost Ark-but more extensively.

There, players will get skill points when they level up, and they can assign these points to individual active skills in their class. These points can be spent on a tripod system to personalize crafts. But compared to the runes of Diablo 3, you can choose more effects.

Each ordinary active skill has eight passive effects, which are distributed in three levels in the tripod. You can choose additional products for each level of skill. For example, a fully expanded skill in The Lost Ark will have three different effects at the end.

Similar to Diablo 3, this can be a pure attack or a duration increase or completely change the skill. Additionally, a single attack can be turned into three episodes, or the craft will gain the life deprivation effect of the vampire. So there are many options for different builds.

Loot Spiral and Gear System

One of the essential features of Diablo games loved by many gamers is the cool loot spiral. Just like Pinata, when monsters and bosses are slaughtered, colorful items will fly to the ground. Then, your search for armor pieces that are stronger or more suitable for the current construction, among many useless things.

This loot spiral works similarly in Lost Ark. You upgrade your character, and at the same time, you get weapons and armor from your opponents. Later, you can obtain armor from raids and dungeons at higher levels, or you can cultivate materials in the endgame to forge armor or upgrade it to higher levels.

There are fewer colorful loot fireworks in MMORPG than Diablo, but fans of giant loot piñatas will still be worth their money here. In addition, there are big world bosses that really rain and extraordinary treasure caves.

In addition, in the Lost Ark, similar to Diablo 3, there are many different ways to make your clothes better:

You can make the NPC recalculate the secondary statistics, similar to Diablo 3

Build or move elemental resistance by inserting runes

The carvings on the rings give them special effects, etc.

So you end up in a spiral that aims to improve your equipment and become stronger and stronger continuously. So the potential of minmaxen is enormous.


Since Lost Ark is not a one-on-one Diablo replica, some differences may delay one or another Diablo fan of MMORPG. This is the most significant and most serious of them.

Setting and story

The first and one of the most significant differences in the MMORPG settings. Unlike Diablo, in The Lost Ark, we are not in a dark, cruel medieval environment, where blood flows in rivers, and people are mutilated. Instead, the Lost Ark tends to use several different settings and mix them into a colorful pile.

Depending on the category you start the game, you will eventually enter the magical kingdom of elves, destroyed steampunk cities, Asian martial arts environments, or other environments. These starting areas represent different continents in The Lost Ark, you can prepare these continents, and each continent has its theme.

A Korean development studio also produced Lost Ark. Therefore, it has a unique Asian appearance and continues to appear as characters and armor. However, these garments partially expose or exaggerate the size, such as weapons from Berserker or Destroyer.

The story also revolves around demons. There are dark and sinister places, but it does not come close to the brutality of Diablo. There are many colorful and happy elements such as dances, facial expressions, and fancy cosmetics in the stories and games.

MMORPG elements

Another difference is, of course, the MMORPG element in Lost Ark. Compared to Diablo games, you will never be completely alone here. You will meet other players in the open area. There are also classic MMORPG elements:

A detailed role creator

Need team raids and dungeons


Life skills such as collecting resources

Excellent navigation system where you can sail by boat

An auction house where you can trade with other players (Diablo 3 used to have it. But… we better not talk about it)

World bosses and world events, such as Chaos Rift, where a large number of players gather

Open PvP in certain regions

End Game

Unlike Diablo, the MMORPG element in Lost Ark is particularly evident in the endgame. In Diablo 3, players will usually cultivate essential secrets to get better equipment for their construction. This can be done in small groups or individually.

Diablo has three other seasons that have their themes and bring special effects and game mechanics, such as the ethereal weapons for the upcoming 24th season. Although each season will start a new role, they must also start from 0 to upgrade and equipment.

To get the best equipment in The Lost Ark, you must go to raids and chaos dungeons and get items, armor, and upgrades on the farm. Only by traveling with a team can you succeed there.

The content is instantiated and usually has its mechanism. In the guardian raid against the boss Nekrasena, a giant scorpion, you must chop off the tip of the tail with a particular item to prevent him from making powerful attacks.

In addition, endgame content (such as raids or dungeons) has daily or weekly caps. This means that you can’t send them endlessly to get the best items as quickly as possible because you can only enter them in a limited range or get a certain amount of loot from them.

WoW fundamentally solves the worst affix and disgusting Boss

WOW Patch 9.1 makes many things in World of Warcraft easier for Myth+ fans. The most annoying affix was significantly weakened. A new version of the patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion has been installed on the PTR and has brought many balance adjustments. Most importantly, the Mythic + affix and some WOW bosses are the most important. The most annoying battle so far will become more enjoyable. There are also some changes so that the tank does not have to kite like before.

What will happen to the affix? Various myth + affixes enjoy different reputations in the community. Although some affixes are considered particularly simple and easy to use, other affixes are hated and avoided because they bring little happiness. Therefore, necrotic and Stormy will be modified in patch 9.1.

Necrosis: In the future, only the melee attacks of garbage creatures per second can ensure that a layer of necrosis debuff covers the target. Therefore, tanks can double the mob before the necrotic pile becomes a problem. This attitude has been practical for necromantic bosses, and it is now being extended to all junk creatures.

Stormy: Stormy has always been a negative affix for hand-to-hand combat players. The whirlwind repeatedly appears, circling in various tracks in close combat, pushing the player back and causing damage. Therefore, this affix has also been weakened.

In the future, the cyclone will only move clockwise, so it will be easier to avoid. Furthermore, once in contact with the player, the whirlwind will disappear. Last but not least, the damage done has been reduced by 20%, and the speed of the cyclone has also been reduced.

How have the bosses changed?
During the tyranny week, the most difficult WOW bosses also changed. They contribute to the particularly acidic stage and ensure that the dungeon’s level of difficulty is more balanced.

Impact of change:

Haka (another side): Haka will now channel his blood barrier until the player destroys him. In addition, it no longer collects energy during its blood barrier. This avoids a situation where the blood barrier is lined up without real progress. Now, before Hakkar has enough power to build another wall, there is always a window of time.

Merchant Xy’exa (on the other side): Arcane Lightning now does minor damage, but the debuff has become more severe. The additional damage taken per layer has been increased from 3% to 5%. Therefore, it is more important to distribute debuffs well in the team.

Amaz (Necromancer Alley): The damage done by Torment Echo is now reduced by nearly 20%, so it is easier for the healer.

Kryxis (Bloody Depths): The damage caused by Kryxis’s onslaught is reduced by approximately 20%. This should make it easier to survive an attack with one more minor player.

What did all the changes bring?
Overall, these adjustments should ensure that certain bosses are less stressed during the annoying tyranny week and that melee fighters have a more enjoyable dungeon experience. Most importantly, Necrotic’s weakening should mean that tanks no longer need to jump over dungeons like rubber balls to kite enemies forever.

When will the patch be released? Unfortunately, there is no release date for patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion. At the same time, however, everything seems to be available and only for balance. So hope we can look forward to an appointment in the next few days.

The innovative WoW TBC Classic tool quickly makes you a better therapist

Are you having problems with WoW TBC Classic? Is your mana always empty, and your tank overeats damage? You want to deal with heroic dungeons and raids, but are you not ready yet? A simple tool will help you solve this problem.

What tool is that?

Ozgar’s Downranking Tool is a website. As a therapist, you can calculate the level of spells you can use most on this website.

This tool supports all therapist professions in WoW TBC Classic:





By entering different values, the tool will calculate which level of healing spell you should use.

Why use this tool?

In Burning Crusade, your spells have different levels, different from the retail version of World of Warcraft. The higher the level, the higher the amount of primary treatment, but the higher the price. Higher levels require more mana.

However, with better equipment, the amount of treatment will increase, you can distribute these treatments naturally, and you will get better services at lower levels. As a result, you can save mana and can restore your tank or DD after a few seconds without drying out after a few seconds (OOM).

Especially for heroic Dungeons and subsequent raids, it is essential to deal with your spells and levels. Otherwise, you will run out of mana before the end of the battle.

Use Ozgar’s downgrade Addons tool to treat better.

How do I use this tool?

The operation is effortless. You enter some basic information in the device and list your spells and levels below. You must enter the following to calculate:

Healing power (healing power)

Crit level (Critical Strike Chance)

Spell haste rating

Hierarchical selection of talents

Active effects (such as the Blessing of Light of the Paladin)

For the spells listed, you can see a table with comparisons under Detailed Overview. There, you can learn more about why the corresponding ranking is best for you. Your level will change with better equipment, so check back often.

How can I get better?

If you want to improve yourself further, practice or talk with other representatives in the class will help. Generally, you can learn from the mistakes of others or benefit from their knowledge. You can also use plugins to make your life easier. For example, the correct modification can make it easier for you to track your team and team or clean up the interface. Plugins that are especially useful for therapists are Vuhdo or LunaUnitFrames.

The 5 coolest flying mounts in WoW TBC Classic and how to get them

In WoW TBC Classic, you can learn to fly after reaching the highest level 70. This feature was a bright spot at the time because in World of Warcraft you can only fly on a fixed route. MeinMMO introduces you to five mounts, you can use them to shape a great figure in the air: the 5 coolest flying mounts in the World of Warcraft classic BC. What are these mounts? There are many mounts here, you can use them to fly in the new area of ​​the Burning Expedition Outland. We will show you rare or hard-to-obtain mounts and explain how you can obtain them. Flying is the first item in Burning Crusade, and you must have learned epic flying for each of these mounts. With this ability alone, you need to spend 5,000 WOW Gold proudly. In return, you will learn to ride at an airspeed of 280%. Some of the mounts we are showing you here are even faster. With a speed of up to 310%, you can travel through Outland faster than the druid behind you and plant an ore or herb.

How can I even learn to fly? After reaching level 70, you must go to the faction flight instructor in Shadowmoon Valley:

There you can learn 800 WOW Gold experience riding (normal flying) and 5000 WOW Gold proficient riding (epic flying). Druids can save WOW Gold for normal flights through their flight forms. Once you learn the epic art of flying riding, you can start breeding rare mounts.


Flugmaschinen is used by the Shatar Sky Guard for flight patrols. These creatures are a bit reminiscent of snakes with sticky wings. These creatures have a peculiar appearance, but they are definitely one of the unique mounts in the game.
How do I get rays? Like the Nether Dragon, you have to hone a lot of prestige for the light. This is a bit faster than using Nether Swings, but it still requires a lot of effort.
To the west of Blade’s Edge Mountain in Ogri’la and next to Skettis to the southwest of Terokkar Forest, you will find the base camp of Skyguard. However, to do this, you must already be able to fly. The mission series started from Shattrath near Yula, and the mission was Danger from the Sky.
In the Sky Guard, you can do daily quests to kill the arakkoa in Skettis and repeatedly exchange for Shadow Dust to increase your reputation. You can buy ray for 200 WOW Gold after gaining a super reputation.


The aircraft is not a mount in the strict sense, but a mechanical structure, a bit reminiscent of early helicopter attempts. These partners are derived from deep steampunk fantasies and are the masterpieces and dreams of every engineer.
How do I get the machine? There are two variants: ordinary aircraft with 60% airspeed and 280% turbo-powered aircraft. You learn the recipe from the engineer in your camp in Shadowmoon Valley. However, the production cost is relatively high:

Flying machine:
2 x Adamantite Frame
30 x Fel Iron Bar
8 x Handful of Demon Iron Bolts
8 x Starwood
5 x Adamantite Bar
4 x element and wind charge
Turbo-powered aircraft:

1 x aircraft control (first mount)
8 x Krypton Energy Core
8 x Magic Steel Stabilizer
1 x hula hoop doll
In theory, you can buy all the individual parts and put the mount in your pocket, but the cost may be high. In contrast, you may pay the most for the engineered formulas of all mounts-depending on the server.

Senalian War Hippogryph

The Cenarion Expedition’s war Hippogryphs looked almost exactly the same as the flying mounts of the night elves of Azeroth. If you’ve ever flown with the night elf flying master, you probably know what these animals look like. Advantages: Of all the mounts shown here, the Hippogryph may be the easiest to obtain.
How do I get the Hippogryph? To control this blend of bucks and eagles, you need to become famous in the Cenarion expedition. Regardless, most of you may be respectful or at least benevolent.
Missions in the dungeons of Zangarmarschen and Coalfish alone will give you a lot of reputation for the faction. Later you have to visit the steam room and then raise the reputation to awesome.
The opponent (hero or normal) in the steam room has been granted reputation and dropped weapons from the lizard boiler. Then you can redeem it again and again at the adventure camp in the eastern part of Zangarmarsh. You can get the Hippogryph from the quartermaster for 1,700 gold.

Al’ars Asche

Phoenix is ​​the first boss of Storm Fortress. This is one of the T5 raids of the Burning Crusade. Use the ashes to summon the burning bird as your personal mount. Aura’s ashes are still one of the rarest mounts and most sought-after items in World of Warcraft.
This mount is one of the two mounts in Burning Crusade that allows 310% speed.

How to get the ashes? Al’ars Asche is a drop from Kael’thas Sunstrider, the final leader of the Stormhold. Therefore, you will not be able to obtain the mount in the first phase (the release of TBC Classic).
The fortress will not open until the second stage, and the chance of falling is very slim. So you must be lucky that the mount is dropped-then the raid must also give you loot, otherwise, you need the luck of the dice.
In BC itself, your chances of finding Phoenix are very slim. Kael’thas is one of the most difficult bosses in World of Warcraft. Even though some guilds can complete the whole content without problems, few players can defeat Kael’thas without problems.

Netherwing Drake

Dark Dragon is a new type of opponent in Outland, mainly appearing in Blade’s Edge Mountain, Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm. Unlike their relatives in Azeroth, these creatures have ethereal wings instead of leather wings, and different head and body shapes.
Lingpterosaurs come in six colors: sky blue, onyx, violet, cobalt blue, lavender and emerald green. Your airspeed is 280%.

How do I get the dragon? To ride the Void Netherwing Drake, you must go through a series of tedious, repeatable tasks. You start with the lowest level of hateful prestige, and you must gradually increase your prestige.
To do this, you must start a series of missions in Shadowmoon Valley near Modenay. You can find it in the southeast of Netherwing Fields. The mission Goodness starts the whole series, through which you will gain neutral prestige at the end.
Then you can do other normal and daily tasks, you must be able to fly, or you search for Pluto’s eggs. Each egg provides 250 reputation points. With an excellent reputation, you can choose a one-stop shop for free-so choose colors carefully.
Or, you can make a name for yourself in PvP. For the Gladiator level, that is, in the top 0.5% of the players in the arena, you will get a nether dragon in stylish armor. The flying speed of these special kites is 310%.

Why should MMORPG and Diablo Fans play Lost Ark?

MMORPG Lost Ark was released in South Korea in 2018 and has been eagerly anticipated by Western fans. It will finally come to us in 2021. We revealed what makes Lost Ark unique and why so many people look forward to it. Lost Ark plans to launch PCs in Europe and North America in 2021. Amazon has not announced the exact release date but has designated the release time as autumn 2021. But today, June 11th, the first technological alpha began in the West. But what makes MMORPG so interesting, and how does it stand out from other games?

Diablo feels but in MMORPG.

The most notable feature of Lost Ark is the perspective. You will not play the game in the first or third person as usual, but look down on the action from above. The so-called ISO perspective is mainly used for Hack’n Slays such as Diablo or RTS games.

Diablo has some other similarities, including the combat system and the loot spiral.

How do you fight in the Lost Ark?

You can move in the game world by clicking with the mouse and have various skills that can be used in battle:

Over time, you can upgrade and develop your skills through the tripod skill system.

These level increases provide more damage, more range, or shorter cooldown.

You can also use many passive skills to adapt your build to the way you play.

How does the loot in Lost Ark work?

Most of the equipment is obtained directly from opponents or raids and dungeons. Every piece of armor has an item level—the higher the level, the stronger the equipment.

Your armor can also be further customized:

There are rune slots with their effects

The secondary status value can be re-rolled at a specific price

The ring can have unique engravings, different effects, and so on.

The drop rate is relatively high, and you will change equipment regularly. This gives a strong sense of progress, and there is almost always a carrot in front of your nose that you can chase.

Variety of Classes

What does Lost Ark offer in terms of systems? At the beginning in Europe, you can choose from 5 introductory courses, which are later subdivided into different majors:



Martial artist



Each primary class starts in its area, and at level 10, they are all clustered on the main path. Introductory courses also offer 2 to 4 majors to choose from 15 courses in the European version.

Each specialization uses its weapons and provides its combination of skills, and these skills can be adjusted according to your game style or the type of content using the tripod system. Career constructions that perform well in certain PvE content are not necessarily suitable for duels or 3v3 battles in PvP.

How was the world of Lost Ark constructed?

Similar to Guild Wars 2, the game world of Lost Ark is divided into several areas, but you will encounter other players time and time again in these areas.

Each map looks good and provides different content, including:

Information about trucks you can find in your adventure book

Various collections can only be found through careful observation

Mini-Boss that appear regularly, comparable to elite opponents in Diablo 3

World events such as dimensional cracks

Great world boss

From a visual perspective, the world is a mixture of high fantasy, elves, demons, and steampunk.

However, the game world offers a small problem. There are relatively few side tasks outside of the story. However, the mob provides so much XP and loot, and you don’t have to work hard for progress.

Various content, such as PvP, NPC relations, and housing

What does the Lost Ark offer in terms of content?

In addition to the stories and missions in the open world, Lost Ark also provides shared MMORPG content, including:

Collect and make

Dungeons and raids

PvP in some regions of the arena and game world


Relationship with NPC

Especially the last aspect is a small profession that does not exist in every MMO. You can talk to NPCs and have different options to answer them. You can also exchange emoticons with them, do tasks for them, give them gifts or play music for them.

In this way, you can build relationships with the corresponding characters, learn more about the background story, and get valuable items, such as boosters for status values.

How does the housework? In Lost Ark, you will have your island, which you can design according to your wishes and upgrade over time. This place can also be used as a place to store unnecessary equipment.


What is unique about sailing? Around level 35 to 40, you can unlock navigation. You can use them to move between continents, and you can also recover some treasures located in dangerous waters.

Navigation is a prevalent feature. You can expand your ship at any time and hire a crew to help you transport. In addition, your boat may be damaged and then must be repaired. There are also ghost ships that you can board and fight with undead creatures.

Why is Playing WoW TBC Classic still worth it in 2021?

In June 2021, the first expansion of World of Warcraft TBC Classic was launched for the second time, attracting thousands of new and old players. But when you start from scratch, how good is the Burning Crusade? In terms of popularity, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King share the throne of World of Warcraft players. Both of these extensions are considered the best in World of Warcraft’s history, and there are disagreements as to which one of them ranks first.

The best Raids and 16 Dungeons in the game

Burning Crusade provides what to use Burning Crusade, and the highest level increased to 70, even higher than the current retail WoW (Shadowlands) level. The most important content is the PvE content of the game. This includes:

Nine regions have missions, and their factions

16 dungeons

The heroic difficulty of all dungeons (for players of level 70)

Nine raids, three of which were publicly released

Two world boss

Three of the raids are particularly noteworthy:

Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider waits in the Fortress of Storms, and he is still considered one of the heaviest bosses in World of Warcraft. The Dark Temple is the first time we encounter Illidan Stormrage’s iconic raid in the game, the charismatic night elf traitor.

With Karazhan, WoW’s best raid ever is in the Burning Crusade: Karazhan Raid is a massive tower of the mighty magician Medivh, possessed by demons. Individual battles and activities await here in a Victorian atmosphere, accompanied by a beautiful harpsichord melody.

What is the core function?

In The Burning Crusade, the blood elves are one of the essential features of the Horde and the Draenei Alliance. With these two new races, all factions can play professions that only their opponents could choose before Paladin (Blood Elf) and Shaman (Draenei).

In addition, the new jewelry cutting profession is added to the game, and players can use it to make cornerstones for themselves and others. With such a stone, the already powerful equipment can be upgraded.

One of the most significant changes is flying, which is only possible with TBC in World of Warcraft. Previously, players were tied to the ground, and now they can fly independently in the new area.

Three reasons to see TBC Classic 2021

Anyone who plays retail or is interested in World of Warcraft should not avoid BC Classic. Especially if you have already subscribed, the classics are included, and you can view them at any time without additional cost.

If you consider watching WoW BC Classic but can’t decide, here are some reasons that might convince you.

Experience the game that millions of people love

Burning Crusade is already the first expansion, but it is still a bit like the pure form of World of Warcraft. Over the years, more and more new features have been added to WoW, and the old components have disappeared. If you ask the veteran, some people will say that today’s World of Warcraft has nothing to do with that year.

Anyone who started playing World of Warcraft will know a completely different game from what new players see today. But anyone who has played since then will tell you that they fell in love with this game in that era.

As a new player, you have the opportunity to experience World of Warcraft again. Many veterans will envy you the feeling of going through the Dark Portal (again) or entering Shattrath City for the first time.

World of Warcraft can develop and grow because it has been perfect in that era and has been one of the largest MMORPGs in the world for 17 years.

Learn how World of Warcraft became what it is today

Burning Crusade introduces many standard features in today’s games. These include, for example:

Flying mounts can even be used in retail stores around the world (only in the Shadow Realm starting with patch 9.1)

Division of capitals for tribes and alliances, so-called refuges

Different difficulty levels of the dungeon

Raid with less than 40 players

In addition, TBC later brought the dungeon browser, which has evolved into the LFG tool you know today. However, this is (yet) not available in BC Classic.

However, suppose you are interested in why farming mythical dungeons instead of normal dungeons, why not allowing players from other factions to be killed in Oribos, or how difficult it was actually to be allowed to fly back. In that case, you definitely should Take a look at BC Classic.

Many features taken for granted today are still real achievements, and perhaps you will look at the current World of Warcraft from a different perspective.

WoW TBC Classic is slow.

In Classic and Burning Crusade, everything takes longer-from upgrading from traveling to visiting the dungeon. Without a one-click invitation, learning to ride a bike is very expensive, and sometimes it takes you several hours to climb a step.

So when you play Warcraft Classic, you have to take it slowly. You want to take it slowly. But it also allows you to enjoy the feel of the entire game fully.

In Classic, you can escape the hustle and bustle of quickly reaching the highest level to wipe everything out. In any case, the content itself is not new, so it’s not worth it at all-you’d better take a moment to review all the content you want to see.

BC Classic slow and tired

However, not everything in WoW BC Classic is good. In the beginning, remember that the game is challenging. A large part of the difficulty does not come from complex classes but cumbersome systems.

Compared to retail, leveling takes longer and requires more grinding. Many times, players travel through the same dungeon multiple times for experience points. It’s boring, but using this method, the player reaches level 70 in just a few hours.

Due to many skills and talents, the course is more confusing but still less complicated. You have many skills to choose from, but you will end up using only a few of them in most cases. It takes time to learn.

Even items are not available in every corner. For many powerful items, you must accumulate prestige for hours, collect materials or visit instances multiple times. You cannot find groups for this with tools, and you have to group them and go to the dungeon yourself.

Level 58 has a level boost, but there are several reasons not to use the boost. If you are satisfied with the current speed of World of Warcraft, you may be annoyed by the effort you have to put into Classic.

Looks like Diablo Project TL will be used on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X

The new MMORPG is very reminiscent of The Lost Ark and Diablo. Project TL should be an action game in which you fight from an ISO perspective. In addition, it should provide a destructible environment. It was initially announced as Lineage Eternal and is the successor to the successful MMORPG series in Korea. But due to lousy criticism in the first test, the game was completely redesigned. In particular, entry and grinding are considered weak. Since 2018, it has been called Project TL. But exactly how it works is still unknown. Lineage Eternal initially provided the possibility to play several heroes and can switch roles from F1 to F4.

The U.S. market has high priority, and the first test will be conducted in 2021

What information was shared? South Korea said that the developer NCSoft has now obtained TL and TL trademark rights: Origin in the United States. So assume that TL: Origin will also be the name of the MMORPG.

In general, the United States should be an important market for NCSoft, so the release of Project TL should be carried out on a global scale. The different platforms of the game also fit this point. The new MMORPG will appear on the PC but also on the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. However, consoles are not as standard in South Korea as they are in our region.

In its report last quarter, NCSoft stated that new games should appear on as many platforms as possible, especially consoles. Currently, the mobile implementation of Project TL does not seem to be a problem.

What is the cost of NCSoft’s new MMORPG?

Project TL has been developed since 2011, and it has been nearly ten years. And this time, it should have paid a hefty price.

According to Chosun Biz reports, MMORPG is said to have swallowed more than 100 billion won.

What do you think of Project TL? MMORPG will arouse your interest, or are you curious about The Lost Ark or Diablo 4?

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