WoW Shadowlands content drought is affecting the entire game

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands content drought is still going on for some time. Although the 9.1 authoritative prison patch is slowly seen on the horizon, many players have been plagued by boredom. The raid ended, the mythical dungeon was exhausted, and many people even received the coveted heart energy reward.

The content drought is affecting the entire game.
This is not that bad for me. Until this week, I finally completed the damn Andre page on M+15 with the guild within the time limit and finally completed the cornerstone master. For me and WOW guild, what we want to achieve is to really pass now.
But I know this is different for many people.
And just because patch 9.1 finally came out does not mean that Shadowlands has solved its problems. Because in the next few months, this problem will only become more serious. Blizzard must decide what to do with the “rest” of the Shadow Realm. Neither of these two possibilities is entirely optimistic.

Two scenarios for the future of the kingdom of shadows
The first option is that everything will change in World of Warcraft. Patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion has been released 2-3 months late. It is possible that to finally complete the 9.1 patches, the development of the subsequent 9.2 patches is currently wholly shelved. Therefore, the most optimistic scenario is:
Patch 9.1 will be released at the end of June 2021 at the beginning of July.
Patch 9.2 will appear approximately 6-7 months later, that is, January/February 2022.
Patch 9.3 will appear again in 6-7 months, that is, July/August 2022.
The next expansion will occur as early as the second quarter of 2023.
The second possibility is that developers insist on releasing new expansions: If Blizzard insists on the standard plan to release new developments, then we can expect the following plug-in to be released around the fall of 2022. However, this means that the last major patch will appear around the spring of 2022. At the current rate, that would only be Patch 9.2. With this, the Kingdom of Shadows will only get two big patches to be “cut” in a situation similar to the King of Draenor.

For a variety of reasons, I think the second scenario is more realistic.
This is mainly due to the economic benefits brought about by the new expansion. Blizzard can not only charge 40 to 100 USD(depending on the version) from each player, but it can also attract new and old players, thereby generating subscription revenue. A further extension created more hype and traction than another patch.

At the same time, the prolonged drought in Shadowlands has ensured that add-ons have fallen out of favor, and the first players just want something different. The dissatisfaction has nothing to do with the Shadow Realm but because the patch is delayed. But this, in turn, led to the fact that the Kingdom of Shadows was considered a lousy expansion.

This is the problem I encountered: Shadowlands was very powerful at first.

Yes, today, some people still complain that the contractual ability is too strict. Yes, some people don’t like Toast.
Yes, Mythisch + can be better balanced so that other weeks will not be so heavy.
Yes, the only practical choice for Anima’s training in the world mission as a cosmetic reward is not the ultimate wisdom.
But if you look at the pure world of the Kingdom of Shadows, which has a fresh storyline and many new characters created by Blizzard, then what is happening now is sad. With the Kingdom of Shadows, World of Warcraft dares to do some narrative things and venture into new areas. There are more than a dozen exciting characters in each room, and you want to know more.
I want to take more adventures with Mrs. Moonbury, follow up on Pelagos’ development, or watch decadent vampires inspired by the Victorian era unfold their political conspiracy in Ravens.

But most likely, it will not happen to the extent that it is fair to these roles. Blizzard will now use the King of Draenor scissors and cut the content patches together so that the plot can be completed as soon as possible, and the risk of proceeding to the following plug-in is very high.

I want to complain more and point out the best solution for everyone. But I can’t find it.

Shadowlands is destined to go down in history and become one of the worst “World of Warcraft” expansion packs. This is a shame because neither the new game world nor the system of the Kingdom of Shadows is worth having.