There are many bosses in World of Warcraft, but few can stand the players. We show you the most tenacious bosses who have protected their thrones for months. World of Warcraft has been around for more than 15 years, with a pervasive game world and numerous raids. Some bosses were defeated when they were released, and others lived for weeks or even months. But which bosses have endured the longest time in the history of World of Warcraft? Which enemies have withstood the player’s onslaught the longest? We show you the seven most demanding bosses in World of Warcraft history-at least in terms of their lifespan.

Seventh place: Nefarian
Lifespan: 77 days | Team Dungeon: Blackwing Lair (Vanilla)

Warcraft players know that a business administration degree is not a bachelor thesis but a black dragon Nefarian. It kept Raider from WoW Classic on alert for 11 weeks and was considered impossible for a long time. This is not only because the previous Raid was quite tricky but also because of a particular requirement.
Anyone who wants to fight Nefarian needs an onyx scale cloak. Only with this item can it be possible to survive the devastating shadow flame. Otherwise, the player will be killed in one blow. However, since the cloak requires Onyxia’s scales, Onyxia is also a raid boss, so it takes a long time to plant the blanket.
Nefarian also needs good coordination and still possesses one of the most famous skills, the so-called class call. Nefarian forces each profession to use special skills against allies or to help Nefarian. For example, magicians turned their friends into animals, which caused a lot of confusion.

Sixth place: Archimonde
Lifespan: 79 days | Team dungeon: Battle of Mount Hyjal (Burning Crusade)

Archimonde is the final leader of the Battle of Greenland Hyjal and part of the Burning Crusade expansion.
Due to its structure, the Battle of Mount Hyjal is considered one of the most extended examples of raids. This battle is reminiscent of the map of Warcraft 3. Once again, it would be best if you defeated wave after wave of enemies to fight the onslaught of the Burning Legion and the Scourge. If you fail on individual bosses or waves, you must repeat the whole process. Therefore, there may be a lot of time between each Boss’s attempts.
At the end of this Raid, Archimonde was able to make himself comfortable. When the players finally found him, he had a lot of devastating effects. The fatal high-damage debuff effect, the vast recoil effect, can kill the player from falling damage and a well that will silence everyone for a long time if they fall into it.

Fifth place: Yogg-Saron
Lifespan: 85 days | Raid: Wrath of the Lich King

Ulduar has 14 bosses and is one of the most extensive Raids in the history of World of Warcraft. Especially the last battle is very clear-at least in the most challenging version.
Like almost all bosses in Ulduar, various hard modes make the Boss more challenging, add new skills, and thus increase the possible loot.
In Yogg-Saron, players can choose to give up the help of the Titan Construct. Each of these guardians provided some relief in combat, such as a way to restore the character’s sanity.
It is this kind of reason that is the key to the battle. Many abilities will take away the player’s mind, and those who lose all of their sanity will eventually become servants of the ancient gods and oppose their allies. Therefore, it is not surprising that the problematic +0 variant of Yogg-Saron withstood a full 85 days.

Fourth place: Kel’Thuzad
Lifespan: 90 days | Raid: Naxxramas

Kel’Thuzad is not only an important character in Warcraft III but also the last great opponent of the Vanilla version of World of Warcraft. He ruled the Necropolis of Naxxramas and was the final leader of the Burning Crusade before its first expansion.
Naxxramas is famous for several things. On the one hand, the toll of Naxxramas is quite expensive because players must first buy channels-depending on how much reputation they have previously brushed, it costs more or less. However, so far, the more incredible difficulty is the precise boss mechanism.
At least in terms of the standards of the original World of Warcraft, Naxxramas put an excellent shovel on it and provided an exciting but deadly mechanism. Think of the famous Black Dry Dance or the four riders who need four tanks. Freezing resistance and other gimmicks are also required here.
At the end of all these difficulties, Kel’Thuzad fought an extremely long battle in which a considerable number of mobs had to be killed. Thanks to the preparations of other leaders, it is not surprising that Kel’Thuzad maintained his honor for a full three months before the first group successfully killed the chief servant of the Lich King.

Third place: C’Thun
Lifespan: 113 days | Raid: Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (Vanilla)

The old god C’Thun stayed at the end of Ahn’Qiraj Temple for nearly four months and therefore won third place in the longest-lived Boss in the history of World of Warcraft.
C’Thun was frightened by several things. On the one hand, he has many health, plus many powerful mobs and terrible death lasers. It turned around, and all players hit by it died instantly. In the next few years, a mechanic who can enter the new Boss fights again and again.
However, I have to say that C’Thun just took his high spot on this list. Because at the time of release, C’Thun was simply unbeatable. Players can prove to Blizzard that defeating the ancient gods is mathematically impossible.
A salvation patch appeared only a few weeks later, allowing C’Thun to be conquered, and everything proceeded very quickly-just. A few hours after the end of the game, the old god had to give up and finally released his prey.

Second place: Kael’thas Sunstrider
Lifespan: 130 days | Raid: Das Auge (Burning Crusade)

In second place is the blood elf prince Kael’thas Sunstrider at the end of Raid’s Eyes in the Burning Crusade. With a life span of 130 days, the Sun King almost fought for his position at the top-or instead escaped. Because many different factors have kept Kael’thas invincible for a long time, there is virtually nothing to get his lead.
The player must first complete the activation of The Eye. In many cases, this alone will take weeks or months.
Several bosses were tapped. The leader Al’ar is the first leader of Raid. He drags the player for several weeks and likes to reset it once or disappear altogether.
Kael’thas Sunstrider himself was also tapped. At the beginning of the fourth phase of the battle, the tanks completely lost their threat, but the healer retained their threat. This ensured that Kael’thas Sunstrider—despite his cleverness—turned off all therapists first before turning to the tank.
But even after everything is repaired, Kael’thas Sunstrider is still an uphill battle. It includes several stages, many small bosses, and exciting mechanics, making each player’s battle challenging. It is even necessary to let the little Boss die in the right place to be resurrected in a good position in the future and be more easily defeated.

First place: Ragnaros
Lifespan: 154 days | Raid: Vanilla

Today, the original version of the Fire King found in the Molten Heart is the longest-lived final Boss ever. It took nearly half a year for the players to make Ragnaros succumb and master his terrible son stage.
However, the reason for longevity is not only the crisp difficulty of the fire owner at the time but also a less astonishing fact:
Ragnaros and Molten Heart have been included in World of Warcraft nostalgia. But at that time, players still need to reach level 60 and level 60. There was no reliable speed level method, and many of the complexities of MMORPG remained unexplored.
Therefore, many players even need weeks and months to enter the range of attacking Ragnaros. For one of the most famous bosses that World of Warcraft has ever seen, this is still a well-deserved place.