Which are the best Addons for WOW TBC Classic and how to install them

If you want to make WoW TBC Classic easier, you can use plug-ins to change everything. MeinMMO shows you the best Addons in different fields and explains how to install them. WoW TBC Classic Addons list: With Addons, you can get more information about opponents, tasks, and WOW items, adjust your interface or get more performance from your course. Most of the best players rarely gamble without this modification. This also applies to TBC Classic. That’s why we have compiled the most useful addons for you here.

The best addons for dungeons and raids in TBC Classic

The Burning Crusade offers a total of 16 dungeons and nine raids, some of which will only be unlocked in the upcoming phases over time. However, you already have access to most of the PvE content, and it can be done more easily with the correct Addons.

BigWigs Boss mods

Deadly Boss Mods, or DBM for short, provide you with information about all possible abilities in raids and dungeons. If you have to dodge or laugh like a tank, the Addons will track the boss’s capabilities through a timer or issue a warning.

You can freely move the various columns and displays and arrange them in the interface in the way that suits you best. We recommend essential information in the middle, cooling time, and less relevant information outside.

Click here to enter the BigWigs Bossmods page 


With GTFO, you have a helpful tool that can save you from death. When you are in an area that may harm you or kill you, the Addons will emit a loud sound signal-the so-called ineffective area.

Since some of these areas may not be easy to see in TBC Classic, GTFO will help you deal with loud noises and warnings. For example, if other settings obscure your character, this Addons is also handy.

Go to the GTFO page


WeakAuras is probably one of the most versatile Addons. You can use it to create the so-called halo to show you all kinds of things: your skill cooldown, gains, and even boss skills.

You can create such a halo yourself, or you can get ready-made settings (via wago.io). WeakAuras provides support for every profession, every specialty, and almost all content in World of Warcraft. Please note that some auras only use English magic names, which may cause errors in the German client.

Use WeakAuras in this way

Details! Damage Meter

The details are a so-called damage meter, an Addons that record damage to players in the group. Such Addons are sometimes unpopular in Classic, but there are details! Many options make it very useful.

You can use addons to track which skills caused damage to the player, interrupted the spell, or used consumables. This information is helpful for failure analysis to solve the potential problems of the WOW Boss.

Details! Damage Meter even comes with Tiny Threat Addons, showing the threat to the target. This is particularly useful for tanks, but it also applies to DPS players to ensure that opponents do not suddenly change their targets.

Click here to enter the Details! Damage Meter page

The best Addons for leveling and tasks in TBC Classic

The level duration of The Burning Crusade is significantly longer than the retail version of WoW. With the correct addons, you can save time or get some conveniences that the game has not yet provided.

Question for Classic

With Questie, you can get the Quest overlay that Retail-WoW already has. You can get available tasks on the map, and once you accept the mission, Questie will tell you where to proceed.

This saves you from reading the mission text, which is what makes missions fun for some players. So use Questie wisely. Additional components are also helpful, for example, if the text is difficult to decipher or ambiguous.

In addition, Questie will show you tasks on the map that you may not have discovered in the past 14 years because they are so hidden.

You can find the Questie download page here


For many dungeons and raids in Burning Crusade, you first need an access mission or a key, the so-called coordination. These tasks usually require a lot of work and long queues.

Attune will show exactly which mission series you can start, when and where, and the steps you must perform next. Therefore, you can prepare during leveling so that you can start late in the endgame.

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The best Addons for the TBC Classic interface

With some Addons, you can change the appearance of World of Warcraft and get more information that the game does not provide by default. Usually, these extensions help in the overview and organization of the interface.

TradeSkillMaster (TSM)

TradeSkillMaster (TSM for short) is a trading addon that gives auction houses a whole new look. With TSM, you can filter multiple items simultaneously, enter different parameters, and instantly see the lowest price when listing multiple items. In Burning Crusade, auctions are not listed as clearly as they are in retail by default.

In addition, you can check the current market prices of various items at any time by scanning the auction house or using the companion app. Since TSM also supports your profession, you can even use addons to check the cost of producing items directly and whether they are worth selling.

With advanced settings, you can also move items in groups and use macros to buy and sell them quickly. However, for this, you need to have a good understanding of the server market.

You can find the TradeSkillMaster download page here


Bagnon consolidates your bags into one inventory so you can see all the collected items at a glance. This saves you from having to sort and arrange the bags.

In addition, with Bagnon, you can see your bank from anywhere without having to visit the city. In your inventory, items that you cannot use or essential items will be highlighted with borders.

You can find the Bagnon download page here


Using ThreatPlates, you can customize your opponent’s name badge. Then you will not only see a red bar on their heads and receive some information, such as the opponent’s level and his name. There are different designs to choose from.

But the most important thing is: next to the nameplate is your opponent’s current target when you are attacked. The color code tells you the present threat to the target. White represents a low threat, yellow means a medium threat, and red represents a high threat.

This is especially useful for a DPS player whose tank quickly sees which targets are attacking you. DD will soon realize where they should be more careful or even stop temporarily.

You can find the ThreatPlates download page here

How to install Addons?

If you want to install Addons manually, you need to download the files from our linked website and unzip them into the following folder:

[…] \ World of Warcraft \ _classic_ \ Interface \ AddOns

However, you must check whether you have an update and download it again every time. It is more practical to have a manager. We recommend WoWUp, which you can get on the official website (via WoWUp.io).

With WoWUp, you can easily download and install Addons from different sources so that the program can manage WoW Classic, TBC Classic, and Retail at the same time. Use the drop-down menu to select the version of the addon you want to install or update.