Which is the best tank in WoW Burning Crusade Classic?

You are at the forefront, attracting the eyes of all monsters to you. Tanks are essential for any group that ventures into dungeons or raids. We will tell you the performance of the three tank Classes in the ranking.

All tanks in the ranking

Burning Crusade WOW Classic has not been launched for a long time. Although some players have completed the first raid, most of the World of Warcraft nostalgic players still barely survived the level. For this reason, the following values and the resulting rankings are not static, and they are more about predictions than final rankings.

All tank classes are suitable for raids, and ultimately it depends more on which class you like and can play well. Nonetheless, we want to introduce all three classes in detail again:

Protection warrior

The protective fighter is the same as the World of Warcraft classic. Once again, the all-rounder tank is perfect because of the main tank in airstrikes. If you swapped your shield for a one-handed weapon in Classic, you should now be back to your trusted fender. Thanks to new skills and equipment, building and defending against enemy threats have once again become better.

Wild Druid

If you don’t have a lot of tank experience in the raid and don’t want to play the main tank, you should use a wind druid. Bärchen-Tank is an ideal sub-tank, for example, to attract secondary targets and distribute damage between the two tanks. If you have accumulated enough threats, you can change into cat form and cause some damage. This is especially useful if there is a general lack of DPS in the raid.

Protect the Paladin

Although you are more concerned with the personal goal of protecting warriors and wild druids, protecting the Paladin is the ultimate answer to a large number of opponents. Thanks to his sacred spells and buffs, even larger groups are not a problem for him. This is why it is more suitable for secondary tanks than the main tank in raids, and it is ideal for tank beginners due to its effortless game style.

What about PvP?

Since you treat real people as opponents in PvP instead of dealing with AI-controlled monsters, tanks play a rather subordinate role in all player-to-player modes. Those who want to play PvP actively should probably switch to DPS classes or skills. Our DPS ranking will tell you which profession is best for this.