Diablo: Immortal PVP, Occupation, Quest, Equipment and BD Part Q&A

The story background of Diablo: Immortal is set between Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 3. Although the World Stone is broken, there is still a solid corrupting force remaining in the fragments. Diablo’s men attempted to use this remaining evil power to re-summon the King of Fear. The world believes that the archangel Tyrael is dead, and there is an urgent need for new human heroes to resist all evil forces. In addition to interacting with other players in the wild, challenging various monsters, and obtaining loot such as legendary props, players can also experience a copy of the dungeon in the game and join hands with other players to meet the challenge. In the dungeon, players can team up with up to four players (including themselves) to challenge the dungeon and challenge more challenging adventures. Like World of Warcraft, the monsters in the dungeon are specially opened for players, and no other wild players will join the battle.

Q: After Diablo: Immortal, more legendary equipment will be updated, so will the legendary parts be updated? For example, legendary rings, belts, gloves and shoes, these parts are only rare equipment in the current game.

A: We are delighted with the number of legendary equipment parts currently in the game and plan to maintain this number when Diablo: Immortal is launched. We believe that this number holds a clever balance and provides players with many options to customize their outfits through their legendary items. But we will continue to pay close attention to player feedback, and we will also consider this idea in the future.

Q: We have a lot of exciting suits in Diablo3 before. In subsequent version updates, will the suit system be launched, and how will we get them? If you want to establish a package system, how to install/update the package? How can the suit not affect the balance of the entire PVP under the premise that its characteristics are sufficiently distinctive?

A: No, we are not going to add set items to Diablo: Immortal. Our current design includes legendary powers that can change skills in exciting ways and create unique outfits by customizing legendary items. We want to provide players with more options to change items and skills without changing the gameplay.

Q: We see that the amulet system is a brand new system. The amulet can give your character more freedom. Will the amulet system expand more in-depth gameplay and possibilities in the future?

A: The amulet appeared in Diablo II. We love amulets very much, and in Diablo: Immortal, we want to introduce them in an engaging new way. We need to allow players to choose how to cultivate characters, and amulets are a good way. We are still testing the amulet system and will continue to make small-scale adjustments during the development process.

Q: How will Immortal achieve professional balance in the future? Is it to adjust character attributes or equipment? Will it affect the core BD fun if it focuses on equipment?

A: Our core design concept and the primary goal of Diablo: Immortal is to provide players with various upgrade options. Upgrades come from all sides, including equipment, gems, and pinnacle levels, all of which require you to invest time and energy. The diversity of outfits can coexist with strength enhancement, so we designed excellent systems such as enhanced transfer and essence inheritance. When trying different companies, you can pass on a lot of strength enhancements to new items.

Q: The current BD of the game is relatively mild. Will you consider developing the following combat diversities, such as giving different talents to individual skills and adding more functional items to equipment? Or is it like designing supernatural skills, designing some new dimensions of BD options for the characters?

A: Thank you for your suggestions! We are actively paying attention to the way players interact with skills and battles, and we want to find ways to improve the player experience, so we would love to hear these ideas.

Part of PVP Q&A

Q: We know that Immortal will soon launch PVP mode, but the balance of PVP mode has always been an important issue for this type of game. Because of the difference in basic mechanisms, there will be a large gap between different occupations, and numerical adjustments may cause PVE mode. How will you do an excellent job of PVP balance in the future with a more significant impact? Will it affect the overall model of the PVE environment? Regarding the balance of the PVP mode, how long will the balance interval be?

A: It is essential for players to feel I can choose any profession I like, and they can enjoy the game no matter what profession they play. In addition, we also hope that various hero skills can be applied to both PVE and PVP as much as possible. Although we will make corresponding fine-tuning due to the differences between PVE and PVP itself, the general starting point is that we hope that no matter what kind of gameplay, the same skills. The effect performance and the feeling and experience that the player gets by releasing the skills areas the same as possible. When the player switches between different gameplays, there is no need to relearn or adapt to some of the skills they already have. Therefore, whether it is in the past technical tests or the closed tests that have just ended, we will always pay attention to balance and make optimization and adjustments to the problems that arise.

Q: Will PVP matching be divided according to the character’s combat power value? How to keep players with more general equipment still interested in PVP activities?

A: Our PvP matching system is under development. Our goal is to ensure that PvP is competitive and fair. We are reviewing various methods, hoping to match players of the same Level and strength. We are currently unable to share specific details related to matching, but we will go all out to create a high-quality PvP experience for players.

Q: Diablo: Immortal has added a lot of PVP content in this closed test, but for now, the Demon Hunter is too strong in PVP. Will this be balanced in the future? How to balance?

A: We attach great importance to balance and will continue to evaluate the performance of each profession to ensure that all professions have the power to fight in PvP and PvE. During the test, we also received a lot of feedback and data on professional performance, and we will also work hard to ensure the balance between occupations. We will not let a certain occupation dominate. We will continue to pay attention to this point and make necessary adjustments during the testing period and after the game is launched.

Q&A part of daily tasks

Q: The 12 daily tasks per day feel a bit time-consuming and laborious. Will this part of the task be reduced in the future?

A: We want to ensure that players always have something to do when they login to Diablo: Immortal. Players should get engaging game content. We hope to find a balance where you can improve your character without feeling compelled to complete every activity every day. The feedback we received from players during the test is precious, allowing us to understand the appropriate design, and we are always looking for ways to make the game more fun.

Q: The daily tasks in the current version are slightly lengthy, and many players are also a little bit resistant to this setting. Will there be some systematic optimizations to the task volume and task diversity in the future?

A: We want to ensure that players can freely choose the game’s content when they login to Diablo: Immortal. Daily missions are just one of the content of the game that players can explore in-depth. Everyone can increase the intensity and obtain equipment at their own pace. Our goal is to balance the game’s content and prevent any gameplay from becoming a requirement. If players don’t like daily missions, they can also experience secrets, sacred war songs, and dungeons. We want to provide players with plenty of choices so that they can find their favorite content no matter how much time they have in the game.

Q: The daily missions of the Shadow Club are a bit high. Will the official version add more tasks for us to experience?

A: In the current closed test, daily missions are a good way for members of the Shadow Society to upgrade their ranks. In addition to daily tasks, members of the Shadow Society can also participate in many types of content. We will add more content in the development process, and daily tasks will gradually evolve. If you refer to conspiracy, we are designing more collaborations, far more than those in the closed test.

Questions and Answers on Career Design

Q: Why is Necromancer always the last open profession in the Diablo series of games? This time it was the same in Diablo: Immortal.

A: We know that everyone loves Necromancers, and we can’t wait to let players use this class in Diablo: Immortal. Necromancer was the first job of Diablo II and later landed in Diablo III. In Diablo: Immortal, the Necromancer will be our starting profession. What needs to be pointed out is that when the game goes live, we plan to add more classes in future updates, so the Necromancer will not be the last one.

Q: Will there be original characters in Immortal in the future? Will there be original props?

A: We have created a new storyline, roughly between Diablo II and Diablo III plots. This is an excellent opportunity for us. We can tell a new story of Sanctuary in a critical period in the history of Diablo. Players will meet not only familiar faces but also encounter strange allies and enemies for the first time. The game also brings new skills and legendary items. Players can customize their characters and match equipment in creative ways.

Q: Will you consider joining the treatment profession in the future?

A: The gameplay of Diablo has never been related to clear responsibilities such as tanks and treatment. For us, the most important thing is to let players use their favorite professions to form a team, and no matter what profession they choose, they can complete all the content that can be experienced.

Q: How many tests will there be before the official launch? This time the test opened up a new occupation of the Crusades. Will you continue to join the latest work in the next test? Such as witch doctor or Necromancer?

A: Our focus is to build an excellent game for players, and testing is a particularly critical step. We are currently unable to share information related to future testing phases.

Other problems

Q: We saw that in the A test, the game had made many operational optimizations. Will the follow-up (after the launch) create a unique independent mechanism different from the PC based on the characteristics of the mobile platform (such as the gyroscope)?

A: Our team is extremely excited to be able to bring Diablo to the mobile platform. One of our core concerns is to create an excellent experience for this platform. Our goal is to improve and optimize our game or make improvements based on player feedback.

Q: The damage numbers in Diablo: Immortal are very prominent. Only the numbers can be seen when the monsters are crowded, but no strangeness can be seen. Will there be a function to block the damage numbers?

A: We currently do not plan to introduce the option of turning off the damage value because the damage value is vital visual feedback in battle. However, the damage value still needs to be polished and modified to optimize the clarity in large-scale battle scenarios.

Q: When I play in the wild, I will encounter other players who open the treasure chest first, which makes me unable to obtain the items in the treasure chest. What was the reason for this design?

A: We have received feedback on this scenario, and we are also looking for ways to optimize the experience. Currently, players in a team can share the loot obtained from the treasure chest, but we hope you can have a positive gaming experience when you meet others in the open world to have a way to connect with others. We are currently unable to share specific changes, but we will pay close attention to player feedback.

Q: In the future, will you consider restoring some special content in the terminal game, such as the enormous wings and pet system? In terms of the settings and functions of these content, will Immortal remain consistent with the end game, or will it be adjusted?

A: Diablo: Immortal is the first Diablo game designed for an outstanding mobile gaming experience. We are committed to launching a long-term update after the launch of Diablo: Immortal. We are currently unable to share information about features such as flying wings or pets, but please look forward to more new content and features after the game is released.

Q: It took quite a long time for the game to go online. In addition to the objective factors of waiting for the version number, what aspects did the project team spend most of? (filling content? Occupation? Build?)

A: Diablo: Immortal embodies our ambitions. We hope to provide you with the complete Diablo experience when the game is launched. This is the first time that we have brought Diablo to the mobile terminal. We have invested a lot of time and energy to polish each feature content. To get players a great game, all aspects are crucial. We are trying to expand the limits of mobile games!

Q: Most ARPG products on the mobile phone in recent years are mainly based on automatic battles. Will the Diablo mobile games that require manual brushing cause more significant fatigue to the user? What optimization solutions does the production team have for this?

A: Combat is an indispensable part of the Diablo experience. We hope to stay true to the expectations of Diablo players and create a robust and exciting combat system. From the beginning, Diablo: Immortal was designed for a first-class mobile gaming experience. We are working hard to ensure that the game control is smooth, clear, and intuitive to provide a smooth gaming experience.

Q: Will there be exclusive or limited rewards in the passes for the paid stalls?

A: We are still designing the paid part of the battle pass, but we can confirm that the paid route of the battle pass will include some unique personalized rewards. No matter which way the player chooses to play, we want to make the paid battle pass have a certain appeal, but it is unnecessary.

Q: Will there be other social games besides guilds?

A: Yes, of course, there will not only be guilds! We have eternal strife. This is a brand new full-level faction system. You can choose to join the Shadow Club or the Immortal and then interact with your chosen faction. We also have a fixed team, a small-scale semi-permanent team, and like-minded players with similar goals to create such a group. To help you better adventure, we also set up the world and regional chats, where everyone can participate. Social interaction is one of the core features of Diablo: Immortal, and we are delighted to provide players with a large number of communication options.

Q: How will you position the game’s story content, and how will you deal with the sustainability of the story development in the future?

A: Yes! Of course, we plan to continue to expand the content after Diablo: Immortal goes live. The universe of Diablo is vast, with many unexplored areas and characters that I have never met. We can’t wait to share various stories with you.

Q: In the current beta version, starting from level 35, there are plot missions that can only be performed at a certain level. During this period, players can only use daily bounty missions (Bounty) and Rift (Rift) to improve their Level. Is this a deliberate design, or is it caused by the lack of plot tasks in the current version?

A: Diablo: Immortal has a vast world, and we also encourage players to explore it. At some nodes, players must reach a certain level to continue to advance the main storyline. This is an excellent opportunity to explore other game systems, such as immortal mysteries, bounty missions, side missions, regional trials, and relics. After the game goes live, we also plan to continue to advance the plot in future updates.

Q: In the current online mode, players of different levels can also be matched together, but in the course of each game, even if it is the same enemy, players of different levels see different enemy levels, including the enemy’s blood volume, attack power, and Players can get extra experience points. How is this design implemented, and why is this design used?

A: Our goal is to let players play together and level up together as much as possible, no matter how many Level gaps there are between them. The technology we used was first introduced in World of Warcraft, allowing monsters to adjust their strength to the player’s Level. When fighting against monsters or bosses, players of different levels will see different values, and the challenge and contribution to the battle will be similar. Each player will cause a certain percentage of damage to monsters as if they were dealing with monsters of the same Level.

Q: In this test, there are only three face shapes to choose from in the character creation part. Will the official version provide more face shapes in the future? Or open up the custom pinch face function?

A: We like to provide players with personalized options to create a character that is closely related to them. We cannot share more information about personalization options, but we will also plan more ways for players to express themselves through their characters.