In June 2021, the first expansion of World of Warcraft TBC Classic was launched for the second time, attracting thousands of new and old players. But when you start from scratch, how good is the Burning Crusade? In terms of popularity, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King share the throne of World of Warcraft players. Both of these extensions are considered the best in World of Warcraft’s history, and there are disagreements as to which one of them ranks first.

The best Raids and 16 Dungeons in the game

Burning Crusade provides what to use Burning Crusade, and the highest level increased to 70, even higher than the current retail WoW (Shadowlands) level. The most important content is the PvE content of the game. This includes:

Nine regions have missions, and their factions

16 dungeons

The heroic difficulty of all dungeons (for players of level 70)

Nine raids, three of which were publicly released

Two world boss

Three of the raids are particularly noteworthy:

Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider waits in the Fortress of Storms, and he is still considered one of the heaviest bosses in World of Warcraft. The Dark Temple is the first time we encounter Illidan Stormrage’s iconic raid in the game, the charismatic night elf traitor.

With Karazhan, WoW’s best raid ever is in the Burning Crusade: Karazhan Raid is a massive tower of the mighty magician Medivh, possessed by demons. Individual battles and activities await here in a Victorian atmosphere, accompanied by a beautiful harpsichord melody.

What is the core function?

In The Burning Crusade, the blood elves are one of the essential features of the Horde and the Draenei Alliance. With these two new races, all factions can play professions that only their opponents could choose before Paladin (Blood Elf) and Shaman (Draenei).

In addition, the new jewelry cutting profession is added to the game, and players can use it to make cornerstones for themselves and others. With such a stone, the already powerful equipment can be upgraded.

One of the most significant changes is flying, which is only possible with TBC in World of Warcraft. Previously, players were tied to the ground, and now they can fly independently in the new area.

Three reasons to see TBC Classic 2021

Anyone who plays retail or is interested in World of Warcraft should not avoid BC Classic. Especially if you have already subscribed, the classics are included, and you can view them at any time without additional cost.

If you consider watching WoW BC Classic but can’t decide, here are some reasons that might convince you.

Experience the game that millions of people love

Burning Crusade is already the first expansion, but it is still a bit like the pure form of World of Warcraft. Over the years, more and more new features have been added to WoW, and the old components have disappeared. If you ask the veteran, some people will say that today’s World of Warcraft has nothing to do with that year.

Anyone who started playing World of Warcraft will know a completely different game from what new players see today. But anyone who has played since then will tell you that they fell in love with this game in that era.

As a new player, you have the opportunity to experience World of Warcraft again. Many veterans will envy you the feeling of going through the Dark Portal (again) or entering Shattrath City for the first time.

World of Warcraft can develop and grow because it has been perfect in that era and has been one of the largest MMORPGs in the world for 17 years.

Learn how World of Warcraft became what it is today

Burning Crusade introduces many standard features in today’s games. These include, for example:

Flying mounts can even be used in retail stores around the world (only in the Shadow Realm starting with patch 9.1)

Division of capitals for tribes and alliances, so-called refuges

Different difficulty levels of the dungeon

Raid with less than 40 players

In addition, TBC later brought the dungeon browser, which has evolved into the LFG tool you know today. However, this is (yet) not available in BC Classic.

However, suppose you are interested in why farming mythical dungeons instead of normal dungeons, why not allowing players from other factions to be killed in Oribos, or how difficult it was actually to be allowed to fly back. In that case, you definitely should Take a look at BC Classic.

Many features taken for granted today are still real achievements, and perhaps you will look at the current World of Warcraft from a different perspective.

WoW TBC Classic is slow.

In Classic and Burning Crusade, everything takes longer-from upgrading from traveling to visiting the dungeon. Without a one-click invitation, learning to ride a bike is very expensive, and sometimes it takes you several hours to climb a step.

So when you play Warcraft Classic, you have to take it slowly. You want to take it slowly. But it also allows you to enjoy the feel of the entire game fully.

In Classic, you can escape the hustle and bustle of quickly reaching the highest level to wipe everything out. In any case, the content itself is not new, so it’s not worth it at all-you’d better take a moment to review all the content you want to see.

BC Classic slow and tired

However, not everything in WoW BC Classic is good. In the beginning, remember that the game is challenging. A large part of the difficulty does not come from complex classes but cumbersome systems.

Compared to retail, leveling takes longer and requires more grinding. Many times, players travel through the same dungeon multiple times for experience points. It’s boring, but using this method, the player reaches level 70 in just a few hours.

Due to many skills and talents, the course is more confusing but still less complicated. You have many skills to choose from, but you will end up using only a few of them in most cases. It takes time to learn.

Even items are not available in every corner. For many powerful items, you must accumulate prestige for hours, collect materials or visit instances multiple times. You cannot find groups for this with tools, and you have to group them and go to the dungeon yourself.

Level 58 has a level boost, but there are several reasons not to use the boost. If you are satisfied with the current speed of World of Warcraft, you may be annoyed by the effort you have to put into Classic.