The 5 coolest flying mounts in WoW TBC Classic and how to get them

In WoW TBC Classic, you can learn to fly after reaching the highest level 70. This feature was a bright spot at the time because in World of Warcraft you can only fly on a fixed route. MeinMMO introduces you to five mounts, you can use them to shape a great figure in the air: the 5 coolest flying mounts in the World of Warcraft classic BC. What are these mounts? There are many mounts here, you can use them to fly in the new area of ​​the Burning Expedition Outland. We will show you rare or hard-to-obtain mounts and explain how you can obtain them. Flying is the first item in Burning Crusade, and you must have learned epic flying for each of these mounts. With this ability alone, you need to spend 5,000 WOW Gold proudly. In return, you will learn to ride at an airspeed of 280%. Some of the mounts we are showing you here are even faster. With a speed of up to 310%, you can travel through Outland faster than the druid behind you and plant an ore or herb.

How can I even learn to fly? After reaching level 70, you must go to the faction flight instructor in Shadowmoon Valley:

There you can learn 800 WOW Gold experience riding (normal flying) and 5000 WOW Gold proficient riding (epic flying). Druids can save WOW Gold for normal flights through their flight forms. Once you learn the epic art of flying riding, you can start breeding rare mounts.


Flugmaschinen is used by the Shatar Sky Guard for flight patrols. These creatures are a bit reminiscent of snakes with sticky wings. These creatures have a peculiar appearance, but they are definitely one of the unique mounts in the game.
How do I get rays? Like the Nether Dragon, you have to hone a lot of prestige for the light. This is a bit faster than using Nether Swings, but it still requires a lot of effort.
To the west of Blade’s Edge Mountain in Ogri’la and next to Skettis to the southwest of Terokkar Forest, you will find the base camp of Skyguard. However, to do this, you must already be able to fly. The mission series started from Shattrath near Yula, and the mission was Danger from the Sky.
In the Sky Guard, you can do daily quests to kill the arakkoa in Skettis and repeatedly exchange for Shadow Dust to increase your reputation. You can buy ray for 200 WOW Gold after gaining a super reputation.


The aircraft is not a mount in the strict sense, but a mechanical structure, a bit reminiscent of early helicopter attempts. These partners are derived from deep steampunk fantasies and are the masterpieces and dreams of every engineer.
How do I get the machine? There are two variants: ordinary aircraft with 60% airspeed and 280% turbo-powered aircraft. You learn the recipe from the engineer in your camp in Shadowmoon Valley. However, the production cost is relatively high:

Flying machine:
2 x Adamantite Frame
30 x Fel Iron Bar
8 x Handful of Demon Iron Bolts
8 x Starwood
5 x Adamantite Bar
4 x element and wind charge
Turbo-powered aircraft:

1 x aircraft control (first mount)
8 x Krypton Energy Core
8 x Magic Steel Stabilizer
1 x hula hoop doll
In theory, you can buy all the individual parts and put the mount in your pocket, but the cost may be high. In contrast, you may pay the most for the engineered formulas of all mounts-depending on the server.

Senalian War Hippogryph

The Cenarion Expedition’s war Hippogryphs looked almost exactly the same as the flying mounts of the night elves of Azeroth. If you’ve ever flown with the night elf flying master, you probably know what these animals look like. Advantages: Of all the mounts shown here, the Hippogryph may be the easiest to obtain.
How do I get the Hippogryph? To control this blend of bucks and eagles, you need to become famous in the Cenarion expedition. Regardless, most of you may be respectful or at least benevolent.
Missions in the dungeons of Zangarmarschen and Coalfish alone will give you a lot of reputation for the faction. Later you have to visit the steam room and then raise the reputation to awesome.
The opponent (hero or normal) in the steam room has been granted reputation and dropped weapons from the lizard boiler. Then you can redeem it again and again at the adventure camp in the eastern part of Zangarmarsh. You can get the Hippogryph from the quartermaster for 1,700 gold.

Al’ars Asche

Phoenix is ​​the first boss of Storm Fortress. This is one of the T5 raids of the Burning Crusade. Use the ashes to summon the burning bird as your personal mount. Aura’s ashes are still one of the rarest mounts and most sought-after items in World of Warcraft.
This mount is one of the two mounts in Burning Crusade that allows 310% speed.

How to get the ashes? Al’ars Asche is a drop from Kael’thas Sunstrider, the final leader of the Stormhold. Therefore, you will not be able to obtain the mount in the first phase (the release of TBC Classic).
The fortress will not open until the second stage, and the chance of falling is very slim. So you must be lucky that the mount is dropped-then the raid must also give you loot, otherwise, you need the luck of the dice.
In BC itself, your chances of finding Phoenix are very slim. Kael’thas is one of the most difficult bosses in World of Warcraft. Even though some guilds can complete the whole content without problems, few players can defeat Kael’thas without problems.

Netherwing Drake

Dark Dragon is a new type of opponent in Outland, mainly appearing in Blade’s Edge Mountain, Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm. Unlike their relatives in Azeroth, these creatures have ethereal wings instead of leather wings, and different head and body shapes.
Lingpterosaurs come in six colors: sky blue, onyx, violet, cobalt blue, lavender and emerald green. Your airspeed is 280%.

How do I get the dragon? To ride the Void Netherwing Drake, you must go through a series of tedious, repeatable tasks. You start with the lowest level of hateful prestige, and you must gradually increase your prestige.
To do this, you must start a series of missions in Shadowmoon Valley near Modenay. You can find it in the southeast of Netherwing Fields. The mission Goodness starts the whole series, through which you will gain neutral prestige at the end.
Then you can do other normal and daily tasks, you must be able to fly, or you search for Pluto’s eggs. Each egg provides 250 reputation points. With an excellent reputation, you can choose a one-stop shop for free-so choose colors carefully.
Or, you can make a name for yourself in PvP. For the Gladiator level, that is, in the top 0.5% of the players in the arena, you will get a nether dragon in stylish armor. The flying speed of these special kites is 310%.