The innovative WoW TBC Classic tool quickly makes you a better therapist

Are you having problems with WoW TBC Classic? Is your mana always empty, and your tank overeats damage? You want to deal with heroic dungeons and raids, but are you not ready yet? A simple tool will help you solve this problem.

What tool is that?

Ozgar’s Downranking Tool is a website. As a therapist, you can calculate the level of spells you can use most on this website.

This tool supports all therapist professions in WoW TBC Classic:





By entering different values, the tool will calculate which level of healing spell you should use.

Why use this tool?

In Burning Crusade, your spells have different levels, different from the retail version of World of Warcraft. The higher the level, the higher the amount of primary treatment, but the higher the price. Higher levels require more mana.

However, with better equipment, the amount of treatment will increase, you can distribute these treatments naturally, and you will get better services at lower levels. As a result, you can save mana and can restore your tank or DD after a few seconds without drying out after a few seconds (OOM).

Especially for heroic Dungeons and subsequent raids, it is essential to deal with your spells and levels. Otherwise, you will run out of mana before the end of the battle.

Use Ozgar’s downgrade Addons tool to treat better.

How do I use this tool?

The operation is effortless. You enter some basic information in the device and list your spells and levels below. You must enter the following to calculate:

Healing power (healing power)

Crit level (Critical Strike Chance)

Spell haste rating

Hierarchical selection of talents

Active effects (such as the Blessing of Light of the Paladin)

For the spells listed, you can see a table with comparisons under Detailed Overview. There, you can learn more about why the corresponding ranking is best for you. Your level will change with better equipment, so check back often.

How can I get better?

If you want to improve yourself further, practice or talk with other representatives in the class will help. Generally, you can learn from the mistakes of others or benefit from their knowledge. You can also use plugins to make your life easier. For example, the correct modification can make it easier for you to track your team and team or clean up the interface. Plugins that are especially useful for therapists are Vuhdo or LunaUnitFrames.