WoW fundamentally solves the worst affix and disgusting Boss

WOW Patch 9.1 makes many things in World of Warcraft easier for Myth+ fans. The most annoying affix was significantly weakened. A new version of the patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion has been installed on the PTR and has brought many balance adjustments. Most importantly, the Mythic + affix and some WOW bosses are the most important. The most annoying battle so far will become more enjoyable. There are also some changes so that the tank does not have to kite like before.

What will happen to the affix? Various myth + affixes enjoy different reputations in the community. Although some affixes are considered particularly simple and easy to use, other affixes are hated and avoided because they bring little happiness. Therefore, necrotic and Stormy will be modified in patch 9.1.

Necrosis: In the future, only the melee attacks of garbage creatures per second can ensure that a layer of necrosis debuff covers the target. Therefore, tanks can double the mob before the necrotic pile becomes a problem. This attitude has been practical for necromantic bosses, and it is now being extended to all junk creatures.

Stormy: Stormy has always been a negative affix for hand-to-hand combat players. The whirlwind repeatedly appears, circling in various tracks in close combat, pushing the player back and causing damage. Therefore, this affix has also been weakened.

In the future, the cyclone will only move clockwise, so it will be easier to avoid. Furthermore, once in contact with the player, the whirlwind will disappear. Last but not least, the damage done has been reduced by 20%, and the speed of the cyclone has also been reduced.

How have the bosses changed?
During the tyranny week, the most difficult WOW bosses also changed. They contribute to the particularly acidic stage and ensure that the dungeon’s level of difficulty is more balanced.

Impact of change:

Haka (another side): Haka will now channel his blood barrier until the player destroys him. In addition, it no longer collects energy during its blood barrier. This avoids a situation where the blood barrier is lined up without real progress. Now, before Hakkar has enough power to build another wall, there is always a window of time.

Merchant Xy’exa (on the other side): Arcane Lightning now does minor damage, but the debuff has become more severe. The additional damage taken per layer has been increased from 3% to 5%. Therefore, it is more important to distribute debuffs well in the team.

Amaz (Necromancer Alley): The damage done by Torment Echo is now reduced by nearly 20%, so it is easier for the healer.

Kryxis (Bloody Depths): The damage caused by Kryxis’s onslaught is reduced by approximately 20%. This should make it easier to survive an attack with one more minor player.

What did all the changes bring?
Overall, these adjustments should ensure that certain bosses are less stressed during the annoying tyranny week and that melee fighters have a more enjoyable dungeon experience. Most importantly, Necrotic’s weakening should mean that tanks no longer need to jump over dungeons like rubber balls to kite enemies forever.

When will the patch be released? Unfortunately, there is no release date for patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion. At the same time, however, everything seems to be available and only for balance. So hope we can look forward to an appointment in the next few days.