How did ESO Blackwood perform one month after its release?

Since the latest Blackwood chapter appeared, The Elder Scrolls Online has been almost a month. But how did the new expansions be accepted by the fans, and what happened in the game? How was the launch process? To everyone’s surprise, everything went well this time. An enormous online performance accompanied the launch of Blackwood, and the new chapter was implemented without any problems or difficulties. This is even more gratifying after Greymoor’s fiasco in 2020. Unfortunately, the time after Blackwood was launched was not entirely without problems.

What are the problems?

But there is a bigger problem because the fancy PS5 performance and graphics updates cannot be achieved for many users. Suppose that many users do not have a CD because they are using the digital version. Thanks to the efforts of Bethesda and Sony, we finally found a solution and finally solved the problem.

How did the companion come?

The essential new feature of Blackwood is not a new class but an NPC companion who should help you complete tasks. There should be, but it is challenging to start because most of the players count in the same category and are therefore disappointed. Even after it was released, the friends didn’t want to ignite. Fans from all walks of life praised the words of their companions and the feeling of not being alone.

But NPC is only helpful for new players. Those who are farther away don’t need them and often feel bothered by them. Therefore, some players don’t even bother to unlock two companions.

If at least it can be customized, other players will bring their companions with them more frequently. Because according to the current situation, dozens of clones of the same two Hansel are running around Tamriel beside the player.

How to play the new Oblivion portal?

A more popular innovation is the new world event called Oblivion Portal. Their gameplay not only impressed our Our author Alexander Leitsch. Because, unlike Mournful Storms or Dragons, you can achieve some achievements with a minor team here. Not only is there a large group of people, but there is also a path with multiple bosses through which you can enter the final Obermotz.

What is the new super item about?

The new mystery item Harpooner’s Wading Skirt has a lasting impact on the game. It is mighty, and everyone wants it. But to get it, you have to go through a tragic track trial, which in turn makes many players feel frustrated. If you’re going to try it: our author MiezeMelli has written a guide on how to get a harpoon wading skirt.

What other updates did you get?

In mid-June, Update 30 was updated, which forms the basis of Blackwood. This includes a highly anticipated new feature to get premium items from loot boxes without real money. However, the process of obtaining these desires is enormous.

How is the new raid progressing?

Guild Disaster is the first company to create instances in fast running, hard mode, and without anyone dying. The new test (the name of the raid in ESO) is called Felshain and conquered. You can find the video of the attack here.

These are further plans for 2021:

As in previous years, the Blackwood chapter is part of a larger storyline, divided into four stages. The first and second phases have been completed. In the third quarter of 2021, DLC Awakening Flame will bring two other dungeons where the story continues. The finale awaits you in the fourth quarter. There, it entered the dead place, the realm of the villain Mehrunes Dagon.