How to Choose suitable Class and race for World of Warcraft beginners

Getting started in World of Warcraft can be difficult. We will tell you which course is best for taking the first step in Azeroth. World of Warcraft has 12 professions and 46 specializations, providing a variety of ways to immerse yourself in Azeroth. But as a newcomer, which class should you choose? We introduced you to three courses that are great for newbies to World of Warcraft so that you can get started easily in 2021

Paladin- all-round talent

Who is the Paladin suitable for?

Paladins are suitable for those who are hesitant, they don’t know whether to heal, refuel or cause damage in the final stage-because Paladins can do all of this. With his plate armor and many defensive skills, he is a tenacious warrior who can perform very badly in close combat.

What can a Paladin do?

Paladins in World of Warcraft can basically specialize in three different directions. Paladins can take on all three roles required for a successful team. One of his most famous abilities is the Divine Shield, which can make him immune to damage for a few seconds.

Protection (tank): Protect the paladin to arm himself with shields and melee weapons to attract threats from the enemy so that others can cause harm without any problems.

Punishment (damage): Punishment paladin uses powerful melee attacks to give him divine power. If he accumulates enough energy, he can use it for powerful special attacks, which can indeed cause a lot of damage. In addition, unlike many other unarmed fighters, the punisher also possesses very powerful survival skills.

Holy (Healing): Healing paladins must use mana wisely to keep allies alive. Compared with other healers, the Paladin can usually be found in melee combat, and heals his team members by combining attacks with healing.


Extremely resistant

Strong self-healing

Can play any role


No ranged combat options

People have limited choices

Which races can become Paladins?

Few races can become paladins in World of Warcraft. Compared with the tribe, there are many more situations in the alliance.

Alliance: Human, Dwarf, Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarf, Draenei

Horde: Tauren, Zandalari Troll, Blood Elf

You should play Paladin in the following situations: You want to play a multifunctional class that can play basically any role. Paladins are popular with other players because of their versatility, because they can fill any position in the team and have a strong defense against all allies

Hunter – a flexible killing machine

Who is the hunter suitable for?

In World of Warcraft, the hunter is almost an excellent single-player occupation. With wild animals as the company, hunters can almost complete all tasks by themselves, and due to various traps, high damage and various polishing effects, they are also welcome in groups. There is an additional collection aspect-because there are many rare and great animals in World of Warcraft that can be tamed by hunters.

What can hunters do?

In all of their specializations, hunters are purely damage occupations, so be careful in a group where enemies quickly bless time. At the same time, they can rely on being the animal companions of tanks in single player games to attract enemy threats.

Animal Domination (Injury):

As the name suggests, animal dominance hunters specialize in studying their companions. This hunter’s animal was particularly powerful and caused a lot of damage. Many skills can strengthen companions and even summon additional wild animals, and then attack the enemy as a whole.

Shooting (damage):

Shooting hunter is a sniper among hunters and can be carried out without a companion. From a distance, they will use a variety of different shots and abilities to cause huge damage. Whether it is single damage or group damage, marksmanship hunters have a wide range of skills.

Survival (damage):

Survival Hunter was redesigned a few years ago and has one characteristic: it is a melee specialization. The hunter and his wild animals did not attack from a distance with a bow or rifle, but made close contact with the enemy in order to knock them down at close range.

Which races can become hunters?

Together with the hunter, you can choose a large number of possible races. Because all playable species on Azeroth can become hunters.

Alliance: Human, Void Elf, Dwarf, Lightforged Draenei, Night Elf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Gnome, Kul Tiran, Draenei, Mecha Gnome, Werewolf, Pandaren

Horde: Orcs, Nightborne, Undead, Alpine Tauren, Tauren, Mag’han Orc, Troll, Zandalar Troll, Blood Elf, Foxman, Goblin, Pandaren

You should play Hunter if: You want to have a course that can handle almost any challenge on your own. Animal collectors are also good value for money here. But be careful: Hunters have had a bad reputation for 15 years, because many of them are bad players-but maybe you all believe that is not the case?


Excellent solo opportunity

Three different majors

Collectible wild animals as companions


DPS specialization only

The hunter received negative reviews for being a bad player

Demon Hunter- simple but cool course

Who is the Demon Hunter suitable for?

The Demon Hunter, especially its DPS variant, is especially suitable for players who are quickly overwhelmed by too many skills or quickly feel uncomfortable team performance pressure. Even if most players can distinguish between good and bad demon hunters, the learning curve of demon hunters is quite flat, and stable results can be achieved even in sub-optimal games.

Demon hunters can choose to temporarily adopt demon form so they can proceed more effectively. You can also double jump or even slide.

But beware: to create a demon hunter, you must first upgrade any other character to level 10 before you can unlock the demon hunter. Activation should not exceed one hour, even for novices.

What can a demon hunter do?

Demon Hunter is the only profession in World of Warcraft with only two specializations. This means that compared to all other classes in World of Warcraft, you have fewer choices, but at the same time you focus on fewer skills and are therefore more clear than other classes.

Vengeance (tank): The Vengeance Demon Hunter first jumps into the enemy group and binds them to himself with glowing seals. They use the power of the inner demon to strengthen themselves with armor spikes, or use the aura of fire plague to additionally damage the enemy. The tank demon hunter is extremely mobile and can benefit from it in many places.

Destruction (damage): Destruction demon hunters are known for their devastating eye stealing, which can destroy entire groups of enemies in a matter of seconds. But in addition, they also rely on fast attacks, which in many cases can simultaneously damage a large number of opponents. Their high mobility makes it easy to disappear from dangerous areas and avoid death traps.

Which races can become demon hunters? Demon hunters are very limited in choosing races.

Alliance: Night Elf

Horde: Blood Elf

You should play Demon Hunter in the following situations: You want to play a very easy to learn and interesting course. Demon hunters are very mobile, rushing from one enemy to another, only need to focus on some skills. In addition, they can survive any fall because they can slide-very useful in many situations.


Easy for beginners

Cool gimmicks such as sliding, double jumping, etc.

Cool look


Only 2 majors

There is only 1 person from each camp to choose from

Play what you like: In the end, these are of course only suggestions. Many professions in World of Warcraft are very different from specialization to specialization, so you should try something at the beginning. Note, however, that most classes are only finished later. Skills are added during the level stage. A course that seems boring at level 8 can be extremely challenging and fun at level 60.