Diablo 3 Season 24 release date, weapons, patch notes

Blizzard announced the 24th season of Diablo 3 and the content in the related update 2.7.1. Both should be released in July.

When does season 24 start?

The new season will start at 5 pm on July 23.

Patch 2.7.1 will be released a little earlier, that is, July 20.

Season theme

The motto of season 24 is Ethereal Memory. Therefore, we should review the Diablo 2 released more than 20 years ago, and it will return as a remake of Diablo 2 Resurrection in September 2021.

In addition, there are ethereal objects in Diablo 3, more accurately 21 beloved weapons from Diablo 2.

What weapons are these?

Ethereal weapons will have a set of powerful affixes, legendary professional weapon power, and random professional passive abilities. You will also have the unique icons, names, item types, and sounds found initially in Diablo II.

Ethereal weapons will only fall from monsters, boxes, and destructible objects.

You don’t have to reach level 70 to get them.

The rarity of virtual spirits lies between ancient items and ancient items

Each class has 3 Ethereals-each Ethereal weapon has a fixed affix and will receive random legendary weapon rewards and random passive abilities of the class

Void spirits are limited and can only be equipped with one at a time

Void weapons ignore durability loss

Aether weapons cannot be enchanted, transmog, dyed, forged, or traded

New weapon binding account

New cosmetic rewards

These are the new rewards: in Season 24, you can get two new cosmetic rewards. On the one hand, the portrait frame Reawakened Terror. On the other hand, the mummy of the companion.

You can also get the appearance rewards from the 12th season of the previous season:

Breastplate and gloves in the conquest series

Hohe Simmel’s new portrait

Fiala-Géar wings

Heydrich’s gift

What is Hedrig’s gift? By completing the stages of the seasonal journey, you will gain some new professions by defeating certain bosses. It should be noted that for a complete set, you must also use the same hero to open all gifts at each stage.

Season 24 provides you with the following packages:

Monk-Uliana’s Cunning

Demon Hunter-Natalia’s Revenge

Crusader-Chaser of Light

Wizard-Vyr’s magical secret

Barbarian-Call of the Immortal King

Witch Doctor-Soul of Araki

Necromancer-Trag’Ouls Avatar

Diablo 3: Patch 2.7.1 Patch Notes-What’s in it?

Class changes:

Monk | Skill changes:

Mysterious Allies-Fire Allies: Now split into two allies (up from 5), but now all fire allies can be split. The range of influence has been slightly increased, and the damage has been increased from 480% to 1,920% weapon damage.

Mysterious Ally-Fire Allies: The AI ​​of Fire Allies has been improved, so allies can now detonate more reliably.

Mysterious Ally-Allies of the Earth: Damage increased from 380% to 4,500% weapon damage.

Drooling: Teleporting your mind-consumers while the Apocalypse is active will also affect nearby targets without consuming more minds, and the damage done in the process is increased by 350–450%.

Magician | Skill changes:

Mirror: The counter now shows how many mirrors are active on the mirror symbol.

Project changes:

Inna’s spell (4 part set bonus): You get the basic effects of all four spells at the same time. For each active mysterious ally, your damage will be reduced by 5%. Your mysterious partners are no longer harmed.

Inna’s Mantra (6 pieces set bonus): You will permanently obtain the passive skills of all five mysterious allies. Your attack will create the mysterious allies of your choice for 15 seconds and up to 10 mysterious allies. Each mysterious partner will increase the damage done by your mysterious ally by 3,000%.

The thickest boots: Mysterious allies summon two mysterious allies to fight side by side with you. They cause 150–200% more damage and can attack longer in the active state.

Binding of the Lesser Gods: Enemies hit by your Whirlwind Strike ability will take 150% to 200% more damage from your mysterious allies within 5 seconds. Backers who divide the fire receive five times the reward.

Courage Shield (2 pieces set bonus): Use Sky Fist attack to increase the damage caused by Sky Wrath by 125% for 5 seconds. It can be stacked up to 3 times.

Masquerade of Burning Carnival (6 set bonus): The damage done by you and your simulacra using bone spears is increased by 6,000%.


Fixed bugs for monks

All mysterious allies and their abilities can benefit from the increased damage of the mysterious allies’ skills.

Fixed a bug where the 2-piece reward set of Dragon Soul could not be triggered as expected when using Storm Battlefront

Fixed a bug with the ethereal item of the witch doctor | Jibin Hotel

The opportunist’s passive skills now correctly benefit from the +200% damage of all voodoo skills.

What do you think of the changes and innovations in the 24th season? Do you have any specific expectations?