The Overwatch Development Team made a hero in the game, and the Diablo 4 developer Jesse McCr., who was renamed the name. There was a report that the reason for the retirement was not revealed, but the recent report was related to the accused of deprivation of in-house sons that covered the Activision Blizzard.

Kotaku said that Kotaku (Kotaku) confirmed that three employees were evaluated from Activision, 11th (local standards). The developer who left the company will develop Diablo 4 Developed Luis Barriga Game Director and Jesse McCree Lead Designer, the World of Warcraft Jonathan Lecraft Designer.

Active Bleeds Side did not reveal why employees’ retirement. However, Kotakaki reported that three people were discussed in the allegations of in-house sexual offenses. According to reports, Jonathan Recitals, Jonathan Recital, who has been suspected of staff, and the World of Warcraft developer, which was suspected of sexual harassment and sexual harassment, It has a bar. The name of the room is that the US former actor and the Bill Cosmis, which were prosecuted for sex offens.

Kotaku Plays Diablo I In Diablo III
World of Warcraft, there was a NPC based on Aphriasis, and after the adoption of the in-house sexual affairs, the NPC was replaced by another character. In addition, there is a hero Mac Creek with his name in the overwatch for the presented Jesse McCr. this time. Therefore, some of the overwatch users are asked to change the name of the developer who is involved in the charge of the company sexual harassment.

On the other hand, Diablo 4, the directory has been raised, and the concerns that the release may be delayed. For this reason, the Active Bleeds Jald put the appropriate new workforce, and it would be described that the player will have an amazing experience, while all employees will create a working environment that can focus on safe and work.