Diablo 2 Resurrected Beta starts with problems – that says the community

On August 13, the Beta from Diablo started 2: Resurrected. However, there were some problems with the servers that did not stand the mass of the community. We summarize the first reactions to the beta of D2R for you.

What’s going on at Diablo 2: RESURRECTED? Yesterday, on August 13, the beta started for pre-order of the Remaster of Diablo 2. At about 19:00 clock German time opened the doors and stay around until the 17th of August. 19:00 o’clock open.

However, there were already reasons for frustration shortly after the start of the test phase. Because the servers did not stop. There were problems in many places. However, testers and testers look forward to the contents. We summarize here how the first hours of the beta ran.

Server problems to start the D2R beta

That was the problem: Shortly after the start of the beta, parts of the community complained about strong problems playing. They flew out of the games, had high pings or did not come into the game. There were many complaints in the forums, Reddit and Twitter.

At 11:20 pm, the Blizzard team decided to restart the EU servers. One is aware of the problems of the EU players. The server restart should help to fix the problems (via Forums.blizzard.com)

On Reddit writes Im-German-Lets Party The beta is 1 to 1 as the original game. They even used the servers from 2000 (via reddit.com). As an explanation, the post is attached: Genuine Diablo experience. I played 45 minutes, then froze the game. […]. A new game could not be created first.

Much approval can be found in the comments. There Danielspoa (via reddit.com) writes: My chat loses the connection, my gameplay is lying. My ping shows 266 ms. I live in Brazil, Blizzard has servers in Brazil, USA East and West, Asia, Oceania etc. 266 MS is higher than my ping to Russia in Path of Exile, just to illustrate.

Others emphasize in the thread that it is a beta test and you just have to assume that it comes to problems.

What does the community say about content?

This is the positive feedback: Apart from the server problems there are many positive feedback on the beta of Diablo 2 resurrected. Thus, NauticalPhoenix positively writes that Blizzard does not go back to the Gore at Remake. For clarity, two pictures were divided, which show a separate body on a table:

In addition, the possibility is highlighted positively that you can easily switch between the revised graphics and the old graphic. That’s a useless feature, writes Valdeearg20 on Reddit, but it brings a big, nostalgic smile into my face (via reddit.com).

Also praised is that the Remaster remained faithful to the original game and did not change too much. The automatic gold pick up and the advanced beau rest rest are both solid quality-of-life improvements.

The general gameplay is praised. Canceling items and playing the game feels good, writes Ziffibert (via reddit.com).

This is negative: Negative, however, the community notices the temperatures of the graphics cards. Especially in the lobbies strongly went up, as noted in the forum and on Reddit. It is believed that there is no frame limit in the lobbies and therefore fire the graphics cards with everything that is available to them. This inevitably drives the temperatures on the 100 degrees Celsius.

Many also complain that there is no support for ultrawide monitors. Instead, you now play with black bars at the edge, which should cloud the game fun during opponent mets. By far, the lack of ultrawide support is the topic, which was most named most in the feedback thread in the Diablo Reddit (via reddit.com)

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