Diablo 4 will receive a Cool update in February 2020 – Director

Director Luis Barriga also noticed that the team booty has in the head.

After last year’s BlizzCon, followed by a year full of controversies, Blizzard Entertainment succeeded in recovering a little at the BlizzCon 2019 with some high-caliber results. One of them was diablo 4 and Lilith returned to devastate the world. The game returns to a much darker tone and also takes some key changes compared to DIABLO 3.

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Some of these changes have caused a reasonable proportion of criticism and discussion. In a letter after the Blizzcon director Luis Barriga noticed the total positive resonance of the revelation. He also said that an update will be made available to quarterly updates in February 2020 to keep the fans up to date.

We took the time this week to evaluate and discuss our insights from BlizzCon, and we look forward to all the intensive discussions about art, functions, systems and the world of diablo 4. We are also looking forward to a cool update that we plan for you in February next year. It will be the first of a series of quarterly updates, where we take a look behind the scenes, as we move forward in the future.

Barriga, however, noticed that a topic is hotter than the rest and that was the prey. We want you to know that we will result in the same calls about elements and statistics you guide – whether in the official discussion threads or on external websites, we read everything! We always strive to solve this problem, and in the coming weeks, our senior system designer David Kim will make some clarifications, tell some of his thoughts and answer some of their open questions. We hope you look at that and share your opinion.

Of course, Barriga mentioned no other topics such as diaBlo 4 always be online, a common playing style, microtransaktions for cosmetics and much more. Blizzard has already confirmed that DIABLO 4 will not be published shortly, so enough time should be available for further details. We will see how the developer team reacts to prey in the coming weeks.

DIABLO 4 is in development for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Watch the gameplay of barbarian and druid classes along with Ashava, a fight of the world bosses.

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