Dungeon Fighter Online - 25 MUST KNOW TIPS For Newbies!

Nostalgia is a delicate lens through which to visualize any experience. The most beautiful day of your life, this delicious meal you enjoyed after six months of diet, your favorite holidays … In your brief, all are idealized, colorized and sanitized versions. The same goes for video games, especially those we played during our years of training or those who have a particularly strong positive association.

I felt a range of emotions by playing a bit like the Multiplayer beta version of Diablo 2: Resurreed. First of all, familiar music struck me as a ton of soft bricks, the scraped acoustic guitar and vaguely flamenco changes mixed with overloaded electricity. And I was suddenly there, to explore, hack and spawn for a path through the dark and demonic campaign and the deepest dungeons generated procedurally. Fight both the monsters and boring limits of my inventory. Can not stack consumables. Opening scrolls to identify the booty. I clinked eyes and twenty-one years have disappeared.

Diablo 2 is definitely in the top three of my favorite dungeon exploration robots of all time, and I have almost only good memories, even if they fade, dozens of hours I have Put to play at the game at its exit and replay it at various intervals in the following years. But let’s be honest. Although Diablo 2 has created a rather basic model followed by other less competent games, more recent titles have managed to change the gender over the two decades that have followed the appearance of Diablo 2. Many changes have been borrowed from other types of games, such as MMORPGs or ARPGs, but it is now rare that all the most rear-oriented dungeon exploration robots have severely restricted inventory locations or the need for Perform sukund stock management so that everything adapts. in a theoretical bag.

Diablo 2: Resurreed is a remill. It improves the graphics without modifying them significantly, opens the door to the crossed game all the way, adds the possibility of sharing the inventory stored between several players’ characters, and perhaps better, implements the support of controller. Beyond that, it’s Diablo 2 as you probably remember, trouble and everything. You will look at the new lighting, the models of net characters, the water, the reflections and the effects of particles and you will first think: Something has changed? A quick shot and you come back to the literal original, shocking pixelized and visually rough on the edges. Resurreed succeeds in the trick to make us believe that this is the game we have always played. But graphically, this is certainly not the case. One of the areas in which visuals are most obviously updated is cinematics, which are now fully compliant with the CG standard for the feature films we expect from Blizzard.

I admit to being a little disappointed that Blizzard has chosen to keep almost all the mechanisms of the authentic Y2K game and not to include all these improvements in the quality of life we’ve enjoyed in other games of Hack and Slash and ARPG. Enemy AI is (apparently) unchanged, the movement still lacks some images of fluid (although certainly better than the original) and although there are many more accessibility options than anyone who thought about including in 2020, Remapping the controller is only partially possible and in the general implementation of the controller resembles a work in progress.

In 2020, Diablo 2 was a global experience and for many, playing the remill will be a sweet nostalgia, reinforced by the new layer of Resurreed painting. Young players or those who have not spent several weeks of work as the original could intuitively understand what the problem is, but could also move away to play games that are mechanically less old school. There is polishing to do, unstable image frequencies and maybe a bit of balancing to adjust, but I look forward to the full output of the game when the doors of hell will open the September 23rd.

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