3 things I liked and 3 things I did not like about Diablo 2 Risen

Diablo 2: Resurreed crosses the doors of hell on September 23rd and last weekend was the last opportunity to check the state of the next remill. I had a lot of fun to scrape this nostalgic itch and the game looks rather nice, but I could not help but be bored by some persistent mechanical problems. To be fair, the annoyance is my base state, so you can take these complaints with a grain of salt.

What I liked

Diablo III Evil is Back TV Spot

When you play Diablo 2: Resurreed, you swear that this is exactly how you remember the appearance and game in 2020. Press the G key and you will be shocked by the difference. The new version is sharper, much more detailed and full of light effects and reflections that Blizzard could only dream about twenty years ago. The talented people of Vicarious Visions have succeeded a magic tour by making us live simultaneously in the past and the present.

Newly polished cinematics to the history that leads the gameplay to the dark and enveloping dungeons, Diablo 2: Resurreed reminds us that he forged the model of diabolical narration and that there remains one of the best and most ARPGs influential never created. Play any fantastic dungeon robot that followed and you will see the mark of Diablo 2. With lighting that highlights only a small area around the character, the idea of ​​an enveloping and evil darkness is at the same time a thematic element and a mechanical characteristic.

Let’s make a standing ovation to Matt Uelmen’s diablo 2 musical partition because it was amazing in 2020 and the rest in the remill. In addition to mixing acoustic instruments and ambient electronics, the partition of Diablo 2 mixture of Heavy Metal guitar riffs with a classic technique and the subtle use of themes and variations for each game domain.

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