Diablo Beta Prints 2 Resurrected A Devil with which we love to treat

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The first beta session of Diablo 2: Resurrected is about to conclude and finally I can give my initial impressions about the game. With the disaster that turned out to be Warcraft 3: RefoGed, lifelong fans are understandably concerned about the state of the Remaster of Diablo 2. After all, we are talking about a game that is probably perceived as more gender defining than Warcraft 3 .

As it is, Diablo 2: Resurrected is not RefoGed. Apart from a couple of warnings (of variable importance), it seems that the game is not going to be a joke of the innocents out of season.

Impressions beta resurrected from Diablo 2: returning to hell in glorious 4k

It is not exaggerated to say that Diablo 2 has inspired a whole generation of ARPG, including games like Path of Exile or Grim Dawn. It was no surprise to me then, see that the main gameplay of the title is still maintained incredibly well for current standards. Kill demons, collect booties, level up, repair your team, deliver missions, rinse and repeat. The style of looter game is a proven and proven formula: one that Diablo had already dominated two decades ago. No adjustments have been made in particular to those aspects of the game, and I do not think anyone can argue that changes are required anyway.

The cutting scenes, which were already considered excellent at that time, rejoiced from scratch for Diablo 2: Resurrected, and everything is clear and up to modern standards. While game graphics may have aged a little bad, there is an aspect of the game that absolutely has not done it: the soundtrack. The OST de Diablo 2 is still a great moment even twenty years later, and it sounds better than ever in this remaster. The battery and guitar riffs do a great job by subtly setting the tone of the game, it is difficult not to spill a tear or two of nostalgia.

Conestick and reworked cinematics.

Playing Diablo 2: Resurrected also reminded me that the game had a skill mapping system a little strange, that the last ARPG ended up abandoning. Here, assign two skills to the click and right mouse clicks, and … that’s it. Usually, left click will have normal linked self-assault, while right click will have another skill. To change skills, you would have to use a combination of assigned keys and then use right click again to make use of said skill. The system does not feel as natural as having skills linked directly to different keys, before you can use them directly, but I really can not blame Blizzard for wanting to stay with such a central aspect of the original game. Adjusting that would have stolen the fans something that makes Diablo 2, well … Diablo 2.

Glasses tinted in red: where resurrected stays short

Not everything is rosy in the depths of hell, and this is especially true for Diablo 2: Resurrected. On my first day of play, European servers suffered a great impact just one hour after the beta began. First I started as a druid, and when I arrived at level 4, BNET servers took me out of the game. I could not reconnect with my character at all, and even create a new one did not help. It seemed that most other EU players were experiencing similar difficulties, something I confirmed after visiting BNET lobbies. My solution was simply relaunching the game in na using the NA server: it is not ideal, but at least the game was running. It is not uncommon to see difficult launches for online games, but problems do not end here.

Throughout my experience with Diablo 2: Resurrected, I had problems of latency of different degrees. The visiting record was not always worked, and my character occasionally teleported on the other side of the screen. I’m not sure if the overloaded servers contributed to this, but I thought that the fight was a bit loose sometimes. I could swear that I was pointing at some of the mobs correctly, but in reality nothing was happening on the screen. The problems of latency and delay were definitely the greatest complaints of my experience, and I sincerely hope that this is not part of the final product. Hopefully, Blizzard can solve this before the next beta phase arrives.

The servers of the EU were going through the drain.

omitances that scratch the skull: no local multiplayer, no ladder

Now is the time to address another elephant in the room: the lack of multiplayer TCP / IP. Blizzard does not allow the game to have any local lobby, due to alleged security problems. This was a fairly outstanding feature of the original devil 2 and is still an essential part of the PC games of that time. Removing this damages the game, and even if I personally have not used the function anyway, I’m sure many others would have done it. Blizzard also announced that there will be no competitive ladder in the launch, which only adds to the list of dear characteristics that will be missing.

Personally, I did not have any error that broke the game after playing for several hours, but some players have reported constant failures. If developers can solve most of these problems before the official launch date, the game is already in a much better place than Warcraft 3: RefoGed could expect to be.

I was not the only one who experienced these problems.

Balls of Fire and Sleeves

I played with the Druid, the Amazon and the Sorceress. The improved sound effects and graphic quality really served to make all the experience feel good, and especially enjoyed my time with the sorceress. Compatibility with the controller also works well, and perhaps the skill system feels even better when using it with a gamepad, instead of a keyboard and a mouse. However, the management of the inventory was a little tedious in this way, especially with the way the strip and potions work.

The aesthetics of the game respects the sensation of the original.

However, fortunately, there are some improvements in the quality of life. For example, you can now pick up gold automatically walking on it, which saves you a little effort in terms of clicking. There are also additional stash shared tabs with expanded sizes, so you can change items between your characters if necessary. There are also a couple of other settings of the user interface here and there, so that the experience feels a little less archaic than necessary. It is worth noting that you can actually omit those changes and simply play the game in your inherited version if you wish.

The beauty of a reinvented hell

I’m not trying to summon him, I swear …

One of the best characteristics of Diablo 2: Resurrected is, no doubt, the ability to switch between remastered and inherited graphics by simply pressing a button. When I used the function for the first time, I just could not believe how … dated in Diablo 2 it was really seen. The nostalgia glasses are powerful and in my mind I had recorded a version of the game that, in memory, looked significantly better. In any case, my brain initially thought that the remasterized version was closer than the original ‘real’ inherited aspect.

It is when you compare the two versions that you can really appreciate the new appearance of the game. Diablo 2: Resurrected walks by a very fine line, where the updated graphics respect the source material and give him that little momentum he needed. While it was a little disappointed with the caricature aspect inspired by Warcraft de Diablo 3, I am happy that Blizzard has found a way to keep the original devil atmosphere for resurrected. Character models are detailed enough, while somber lighting (especially in caves and darker areas) constantly reminds you of the kind of game you are playing. The transition between inherited and remastered graphics is perfect, and sometimes it has been a pleasure to change between the two to appreciate the change in quality.

Prints of Diablo Beta 2 Resurrected: I’m glad to be back

Diablo 2: Resurrected, in essence, is a good and faithful remastering of a timeless classic, and my beta impressions were largely positive. If Blizzard includes competitive stairs, local multiplayer and improved latency: we would have a true jewel in our hands. As it is, the pair of warnings may be sufficient to dissuade the fans of remasterization.

These are difficult times for the company, and Diablo 2: Resurrected could be only half a step forward when it comes to recovering some confidence from its base of players. The project is definitely much better than Reforged, and I was able to feel the passion of the Development Team of the corpses of each monster that I killed. The shadow of the recent demand for sexual harassment within the company, without a doubt, still rises over the heads of the development team. Maybe Blizzard first needs to get rid of his own demons to return to his glory days.

Until then, I will be anxious to play Diablo 2: Resurrected one more time, during the next phase of the beta.