Diablo 2 Resurrected – Which class is your favorite

The Open Beta Auzdiablo 2: Resurrected has started and the fans can now let off steam in Sanctuaryio. With which class are you most looking? Tell us us.

That’s why: Yesterday, on August 20, the open beta of Diablo 2: Resurrected on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox consoles is officially launched.

You will have access to Act I and Act II in beta, including all Cinematics, as well as 5 of the 7 classes of Diablo 2. In the finished game, a total of 5 acts will be included with Baal as the final boss of the Addon Lord of Destruction.

You will also be able to play the beta with your friends. The Remaster supports Koop gameplay for groups of up to 8 players. The PVP should also be possible and is discharged in the form of duels between individual players. CrossSplay is currently not available.

Although you can not play all classes in the open beta, but many of you have already had favorites that they are now playing again in the Remaster. So skin out: Which ones are it?

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You can vote: You can give your voice in the survey tool below. Everyone has only one voice and the choice can not be reversed. So consider what class you think so horny.

So, how does it look like? With which class you will get started in Diablo 2: Resurrected because you just is the coolest? Do you have a unique favorite or may you have trouble deciding you between several? Why do you like your favorite class so much?

Did you play the resur rated beta ever? What are your general impressions of it? Write us in the comments.