The 7 classes from Diablo 2 Resurrected in the ranking – from unpopular to popular

Many old fans and new players are looking forward to the Remaster of Diablo 2: Resurrected. We therefore wanted to know about you what class is your absolute favorite and why. Here are your answers.

That’s why it went out: On the weekend, the Open Beta of Diablo 2: Resurrected and many of you have fallen directly into the first two file of the Remaster, to let the old memories rebuilt or collect new experiences with the game .

Since one of the absolutely most important gameplay elements of D2 are of course the classes, we wanted to know about you in a survey which class is your favorite. Two classes have delivered a head-to-head race around the first place.

These are the results: At the survey, a total of 1,012 MeinMMO reader participated. Each of you could only award one vote for your absolute favorite class.

  • # 7: Assassine 5.34% (54 votes)
  • 6th place: Barbar 8.5% (86 votes)
  • # 5: Amazone 9.88% (100 votes)
  • 4th place: Paladin 15.32% (155 votes)

Here are also the top 3 of your most popular classes.

Place 3: Druid

  • Result: 16.5% (167 votes)

This is the druid: originally founded by Vasily, a mighty nephal, the first school of Druids gathered the strongest fighters and capable shamans of the tribes of Scosglen. The Druids refuse to use traditional magic and rather rely on their close connection to nature and all living. They are so closely connected with the world of Sanctuario so that they can call the elements of fire, earth and wind commitments and animals and plants for help.

Druids are a hybrid class in Diablo 2: Resurrected and can turn into animals like Wolf or Bear. With the Fireclaws WereWolf Build you can hand out physical damage as it does about the barbarians. A Beastmaster druid can summon in the fight servants who support him on the field. And wind and fire druids set strong elemental spells to put their opponents away.

Place 2: sorceress

  • Result: 21.84% (221 votes)

This is the sorceress: Only women with the strongest affinity to magic and the elements are included in the ranks of the mighty and old Klans Zann ESU. The disciples of the Nephal ESU strive to obtain absolute perfection in the work of the magic and will satisfy anything else. So the sorceress isendra, which she plays in Diablo 2 is incomparable in its power and dealing with magic.

The skill set of the class is characterized mainly by strong damage and large area attacks, which fails out the hordes of hell easily out of the way. Builds like Meteorb or Blizzball Sorc, focusing on fire and cold spells, can also carry you through the heaviest levels of hell level of difficulty.

In addition, the sorceress has the small but fine advantage that it natively has the teleport ability with which it can quickly swallow through the map. Clear advantage if you want to farm quickly and efficiently.

Place 1: Dead Screws

  • Result: 22.63% (229 votes)

This is the dead manor: Actually, deadlocks are called only from outsiders so. She itself calls itself as a priest of Rathma, a mighty nephalem and the son of Inarius and Lilith. Like no other magician Order in the Sanctuary, these priests are considered to protect the balance between life and death. Even if you need to use the dark magic of the dead combustion, which is usually used only by the handlers of hell.

The deadlocks are one of the most versatile classes in Diablo 2: Resurrected. You can have most servants at the same time in the field or use the bodies of the opponents as a weapon and blast cheerfully into the air. But they also have strong direct spells with whom they curse and destroy the hordes of the demons.

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Thus other communities coordinated

The same survey took place on our sister side Gamestar. Your results look like this:

  • Square 1: Dead Screws
  • 2nd place : sorceress
  • # 3: Paladin
  • 4th place: Druid
  • # 5: Barbar
  • Square 6 : Amazon
  • # 7: Assassine

The first two places in the ranking are occupied in both surveys from the dead manor and the magic. Both Gamestar and MeinmMo reader prefer the exploding bodies as exploding fireballs and meteors, which is why the deadlock has overtaken the sorcess in the fight for the first place.

Paladin and druids continue to be represented on squares 3 and 4, but have exchanged the places in the Gamestar ranking. Druide slipped into 4th place and Paladin rose to the top 3. Selbse principle also applies to the barbarian and the Amazon.

In one, you are clearly in agreement with the Gamestar readers: The Assassine is the most unpired class that has landed in both surveys in the last place.

How do you find the rankings of the classes? Did you expect the results or have you surprised you? Write it to us in the comments and tells why your favorite class is the best.

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