Blizzard Diablo Emo and One Store

Blizzard Mobile is aimed at diablo emotality as one of the most popular. In the case of Diablo emotion, Google Play, Apple App Store pre reservation is in progress. Here, the release of the one-storey is officially released.

Blizzard Korea’s electric trainer will launch Diablo Emo to the One Store on the 23rd, Diablo Emodal will be released on the one store, and will release more information related to the future. We will do our best to provide a wonderful experience to more Korean gamers through the partnership with the one-store. Diablo emoe will be released in the first quarter next year, and the specific schedule was not yet announced.

Blizzard signed a strategic partnership with the one-store. On the 11th, Has Stone has pointed to the one-store, and Diablo emoticization launches also announced the official announcement. Therefore, the new Blizzard mobile game new work is also likely to be serviced through the one-store.

Meanwhile, the one-store is said to grow the one-store to ‘global multi-platform content platform’ in the ‘Korea Mobile App Market’ through vision procedures. The partnership with Blizzard may not be in Korea. On the other hand, the one-storey representatives reported not to be specifically told, but the global partnership can be expanded, said the reply representative.

Then, this reinforcement is to pour ‘Nexon’ about partnerships with domestic game history. In Korea, it is cooperating every time a game comes to a game rather than a strategic alliance. Nexon’s main title is a good relationship because it is good to have a good relationship, and Nexon thinks that the expectations to be announced in the second half of this year will be released in the first store in the second quarter. Nexon has a subcrete game ‘Blue Archive’, which is a small Kim Yong-ha PD, which is a member of the mobile newly scheduled to launch in the second half of the year.