Diablo 2 Resurrected Preview pretty modern and still very old

AUTOR: Christopher Blair

After Denalpha of Diablo 2: RESURRECTED we have now made the beta, but from a different viewing angle.

Now they are already over – the two beta-time slots in which we were Diablo 2: Resurrected Zocken. A balance act between modern wishes and outdated gameplay. Whether Blizzard and Vicarious visions of this spaghat succeed, could not quite resolve in the beta, but the game promises a lot.

For years I have not moved a mouse pointer to the Battle.Net Launcher. All the more excited I was when I was finally allowed to play the beta for new editions of a classic. On the first day, of course, there were extremely many server problems, as many players wanted to go into play at the same time. But the topic was raised more than it really is. With us, there were significantly fewer problems with the connection from the second day. And compared to the release of Diablo 3 was a joke.

After all these years

Right at the beginning you will be welcomed with the well-known intro and goes into the character selection, which still convinces with a beautiful variation today. After all the years you have the feeling just started the old Diablo 2. Because really much on the interface was not changed. But it would not be too much demands to adapt at least the menus of modern needs. On the other hand, it should only be a remaster that captures the charm of the original. In the beta there were only the multiplayer mode and not to test a actual singleplayer mode. So I chose the barbarian, with whom I was already allowed to sneak together with my friends through the hordes of the undead. Already when entering Tristam, I was not only welcomed from memories, but from the first barges of other players. Everything seems to be the old one. In the beta, however, only the two first chapters were available. Completely sufficient to make a picture before.

The good old times

For modern gamers, the entry into Diablo 2: Resurrected could be a bit more difficult. After 21 years there are already some new genre standards that are painfully missing here. For example, the character development and lack of skill strip initially ensure frustration. The strongly limiting inventory, which does not even offer a sorting function, I had completely displaced. As Diablo veteran, however, I have been able to snug me quickly. The question is whether younger gamers will have patience. Maybe it would have been well here to offer the modern comfort optionally.

Visual hell

What you miss Diablo 2 was a real beauty. Never before did the game look so beautiful. Even the rendered sequences have been recreated and the whole thing even in up to 4k. The title must not hide even after 21 years before the new plays. In any case, the whole atmosphere of old gamers as well as newcomers should still be excited today. Fans, which are only with Diablo 3, can also discover a step far thus to discover the origin and history of the brand.

Religious question

However, the right Crux on the thing will be to the extent to which you can set yourself on the present archaic gameplay. As a player of the original, I was able to get used quickly after a while and would now even have many innovations that I would initially wished. Without a doubt, however, some quality-of-life improvements would be like other remasterers needed to make a better game. There is still something to be released to the game and all beta characters are then reset. Until then, interested parties can already look at some of the old new guides and possibly plan Blizzard and Vicarious Visions still a lot for the future of Diablo 2: Resurrected.

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