Rank Analysis Pass of Ax Day The wings were broken

Pass of Exiles departed as a core & slash game inspired by Diablo, but it has grown into a competitive competition pioneered by the owner area. The core is a season that combines the skills in several directions and a new theme in a new theme with a new theme in three months. Based on this, Pass of Exiles have been compelling with Diablo 3 and the ranking of Diablo 3 in the country where the service started relatively lately and has formed a tight confrontation.

However, in the global 8-year, the current pass of an executive, which has been a service 2 years in Korea, has dropped a large firepower. This year’s Pass of Exile started a new season in January, April and July, comparing the new league ‘exploration’, which started in July, and the new league ‘exploration’, which started in July, the ranking low after the beginning of the season, and then decline further. Compared with Competitive Diablo 3, it is revealed in the ranking that the seasonal effect is increasingly falling. In addition, the same period was similar to the ranking of the same period.

In the short term, it seems that it has not been able to recover the unrecognore with a balance patch that started in the early July and awarded balance patches. Diablo 2: Large-scale user disappearance is expected to reservoir. Among them, the follow-up pass of an executive two will be investigated. The fans ‘Grinding Gear Gear Games Chris Wilson said,’ It will be released in 2024 or a little earlier than the overseas podcast ‘Baeclast’ on the 12th, and the disappointment of fans has been added.

This situation can find the cause in the status of the grinding gear gear game. New Zealand, located by the company, is the first time the game industry base is weak, and the human residence is insufficient. So I have recruited overseas developers and filled the space, and the New Zealand government closed the border to block the proliferation of corona 19, and the instrumentation counterclocks were blocked. However, it is a game developer to find a way to provide a satisfactory experience as much as possible to the user even in the permission situation. You should find a bridge to overcome the current situation.

** Series first overseas abroad Multi-platform titles, Lineage W.

This week there is a New Face that has entered the ranking only by the announcement. I have a named ‘Lineage W’ on the 45th. Lineage W was designed as a multi-platform title that has been developed from the beginning of the existing development, unlike the existing work, which focuses on Lineage M and 2nd, and others. Compared to the game in the ranking, it is likely to be serviced in a similar form as a similar form.

It is also the first work to develop a strong lignie on a global limited faucet image to focus on global. Lineage W is a new title, even this week, the portal search quantity has risen to a large width, and with a differentiated point called multi-platform and global focus, Kim Taek-jin is developed by the showcase, It seems that the part I appealed was that I have attracted the interest in the game greatly.

Following the top of this week, the FPS top confrontation is becoming fierce. Last week, overworted the second place to the Baloturn, and it was overwatched sixth in the sixth place, and it was restored in the sixth place, and the ridiculous appeals fell to the same house in Pipes Online 4, and the gap between the competition was narrowed. In the case of the best confrontation, the ranking fluctuation is not large, and it is expected that the next week will continue to continue to the next week, because they are a significant starting point of all three games.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls OST
In the subordinate, Get Amford returned to 50th in 2 months. This week, Get Emprlack has increased slightly, which has increased slightly, which seems to be effectively acts as a skins and accessories (equipment) presented events that began on the 18th. Here are 17 parts of the test, the superphip, which is the end of the test, and the steepness of the rising tennis, and the descendant of the existing sub-ticket game, etc., and it was able to take the timing to reveal a relatively ranked competition in the Get Affairs.

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