A resurrected bug makes every transaction a huge risk

The remake of Diablo 2: Resurreed brand the very first time that Diablo 2 arrives on consoles. The game was originally developed for PC games. That said, Vicarious Visions is doing its best to successfully adapt the ARPG to the controls of the console. However, since developers are entirely dedicated to an authentic recreation of Diablo 2, some actions should become clumsy.

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A major problem that has been discovered in Diablo 2 draws attention to the game trading mechanisms. Pre-launch testers have discovered the bug and started to warn the other online players of this wicked exploit that could lead to a scam.

You will most likely get you scammed or scamn the others because of this commercial bug, wrote the testers on social networks. _Seach careful, traveler. If it happens to someone with whom you negotiate, let him pick up his equipment.

For example, a diablo 2: resurrected player asks to initiate an exchange. They ask to exchange against a specific article of Diablo 2 which is very valuable and open a trading window. The player who has this object will start the travel process, which would be very slow and tedious since the action must now be performed with a controller instead of a mouse. While the player always tries to drag the equipment in place, the commercial partner will suddenly close the window. Unfortunately for the player, the equipment does not come back in the inventory, but falls to the ground. The trading partner then retrieves it and leaves the game without making anything in exchange.

As stated pre-launch testers, there is not much coverage for the problems of Diablo 2: Resurrected. And, whenever there are some who go back to the surface, ces problems are boring swept under the carpet. The testers pointed out that _person appear to listen or recognize how much it will be a problem.

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