Diablo Immortal stands out from other Diablo titles

During a recent interview, the main designer of the game, Wyatt Cheng, said Diablo Immortal would stand out other titles in Diablo. Although the game shares many similarities and the obvious similarity of the Diablo Franchise, Immortal has significantly influenced by Diablo IV. Wyatt Cheng wants to make Immortal Diablo as fun as a game Diablo for mobile and waits for the game to comply with Blizzard quality levels before publishing it for iOS and Android. According to the main producer of Caleb Arseneaux games, the Mobile Title Diablo has been selected from the opening ceremonies of the Blizzcon this year to avoid confusion with the unveiling of Diablo IV.

Diablo II vs. Diablo III
The Diablo IV team is at the end of the corridor. We bump all the time in the rest room. It is clear that we understand that we work in the same universe. But we also take the best possible decisions for our game. My responsibility is to ensure that Immortal Diablo is as fun as possible, said Wyatt Cheng. Sometimes it involves doing something very similar to what Diablo IV does, and sometimes do something different. We do not do our best to be identical or different. We simply take the best possible decisions for our game. I will exchange ideas with them, if I work on a problem, and they will give me their feedback. Then we make decisions for our game.

At the opening ceremony of the 2019 BlizzCon, the main video game producer, Caleb Arseneaux, said, I think it was just a question of concentration and avoid confusion. We wanted Diablo IV to have his time, that everyone can focus on this impressive revelation. We launch this huge thing. We wanted to give this team a little space to really tell their story. It was simply to avoid this message confusing from the presence of a group of Diablo in two different games. ยป

Do you think it was a wise decision to remember Diablo Immortal during the opening ceremonies of the blizzcon of this year or would you like to see more of the moving title? Do you think the team will succeed in making immortal both fun and unique compared to other Diablo securities? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamesbeat