Diablo IV offers a better customization than Diablo 3

According to David Kim, the main designer The systems of Diablo IV at Blizzard Entertainment, the game will offer players more freedom with the selection of skills and variety the objects. Diablo IV follows Diablo II In addition to a title than Diablo 3 and the ability to choose the skills to use was much more open in Diablo II to which Diablo IV bends. Although the development of the latest Diablo is still in its infancy, the team really studies the choice of the player for this episode. Diablo IV will market for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and probably the next generation of consoles.

The skills and allocation selection will always be fully open for all players, said David Kim. We are still working on all the comments received regarding the creation of articles and actively discuss the means to add more depth and complexity to the basic elements (including rare), to bring a greater variety to the affixes of elements to make these powers interesting and profitable. Your choices make sense, and the ways to give players more freedom to choose how to personalize objects, so that you can have fun by exploring a wide range of effective gaming possibilities instead of simply watching construction construction optimal ┬╗online. Apparently, Blizzard focuses on the player. Freedom more with Diablo IV than in Diablo 3, which is exactly what we expect from a sequel.

The fans of Diablo 3 who have criticized the old objects system will rejoice that Blizzard plans to modify it and allow the players to cultivate the specific equipment closer to Diablo II than Diablo 3. focusing on the choice of Player, choose it your skills and freedom to cultivate the equipment you want will also be reflected in the fight.

What aspect of Diablo IV do you have the hurry? Are you happy that Blizzard focuses on the freedom of the player in the last Diablo or did you prefer the somewhat linear system of Diablo 3? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Game bolt