The Action-RpgdiaBlo 2 Resurrected is for many new players for the first time you enter Blizzard’s classic. But veterans know the game for 20 years. One now says that the new players should be clear that the finished game is very different than the beta. Because the beta show only the lame beginning of the games, the gameplay in the finished game will be much faster.

That’s the situation:

  • The Studio Blizzard recalls his old Hit Diablo 2 (2000) old Hit Diablo 2 (2000). The first betas to Diablo 2 Resurrected already ran: However, you could only play act 1 and 2 and only in the first of the three difficulty levels normal. There were also only 5 of the 7 classes available.
  • The reactions to the beta are split. Some are excited about the new edition, they have wished for years to dive back to their beloved world and now enjoy the contemporary look. Others say: Some things are preferred to leave in the past.

Diablo 3 Imperius vs Diablo
* A veteran explains new players now, they should not believe that the full game Diablo 2 Resurrected is like in the beta.

Beta is much slower than the finished game – so many mana potions

What are the differences? The Reddit User Calimonium says he knew that many people Diablo 2 play for the first time and they have to tell them:

Diablo 2 drastically plays differently if you have completed the normal mode.

At the moment only act 1 and 2 are playing in normal mode. This brings some differences of the beta to the finished game on high levels of difficulty:

  • The speed is extremely slow
  • The character builds are only mediocre
  • You would consume too much mana and you have to always swallow mana drinks

In the finished game there would not be this problem at high levels:

  • The mana regeneration would be better. A rune word and Mana Leech would the rules
  • In addition, the itemization in Diablo 2 will be much better from Level 40-62 – then also draw the speed of the game clearly

Game experience depends strongly on whether one reads guides

This is how this is discussed: On Reddit one discusses whether the statement of the thread creator is really that way.

One gives way to consider: Who not informs you and Normal continues, for the tempo in Diablo 2 ressure ratred relatively slow as in the beta.

The speed of the game draws considerably when you use the good skills and good items, but if you are a new player who does not read guides and not trying to get everything to Min / Max, then you come with a very different game Experience out. […] It is more appropriate to say that Diablo 2 opens and gives players much more options to play it as in the first steps.

Reddit User Funkfyfritter

How quickly or slowly you want to play Diablo 2 ressurected, thus also depends on the player and how much the willing to invest time in Diablo 2 to learn the gameplay mechanics.

Diablo 2 becomes much deeper and more complex after the beginning

This is behind: For many hardcore players from Diablo 2, the charm of the game is that your character becomes increasingly stronger. One gathers more and more items, optimizes his build always to get the last few percent out.

This is ultimately a self-closed cycle: you collect better loot so that you will find the next Baal-Run a few milliseconds faster to find better loot.

For multiplayers, the GAME unfolds its stimulus only if you get significantly more options in MID and endgame, choose from many different skills and items. The beta correctly represents the beginning of Diablo 2, but not the playful depth, which develops the game later, if you look for it and hit this path.

How Diablo 2 Resurrected plays for you, it also depends crucially on what class you choose:

Diablo 2: Resurrected – Which class is your favorite?