Diablo 2 resurrected What is new All changes at a glance

Diablo 2 Resurrected is the RMaster of the Popular Action RPG from 2000. However, the new edition gets several changes that go beyond a prowere optics. Meinmmo reveals all known changes.

What are that for changes? At Diablo 2 Resurrected are made in many points of innovations. Although the feeling should remain as authentic as possible, but some content is simply no longer contemporary.

The most important changes are the new optics with which Diablo 2 again appears and compatibility for all modern systems. However, there are still numerous revised and even new features.

Most of them should serve to deliver gamers to the Diablo-2 feeling without resorting to unnecessary complications from earlier. We have divided the changes to the overview of different categories. Here you can jump directly to the respective points:

  • Changes to the gameplay

  • Changes to the graphic
  • Changes to the Loot
  • Improved accessibility
  • Further changes

You also find some of the planned changes that will only be introduced to release if you come.

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Changes to the gameplay

Although Diablo 2 resurrected almost exactly as the original Diablo 2, the Remaster specialists of Vicarious Visions have introduced some modern amenities. If you play Diablo 3, you should already know them.

A small but important change is the size and accessibility of the personal chest. In your chest you can store items, you can find them in the capital in every act. This is limited to a certain number of slots.

Compared to earlier you have much more space. Instead of the original 24 slots you have 100 slots in the personal chest in Resurrected. There are three other riders shared between all characters of the account – ie 300 more places.

The change serves to avoid so-called packesel characters. These have used players earlier than additional bank.

As a further change, certain items such as gold are now automatically canceled. So you do not miss any valuables that are lying around. The option can be switched on and off, depending on the preference.

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Changes to the graphic

The largest point of the revision of Diablo 2 is the optics. The obsolete graphics from the year 2000 gets new 3D models in Resurrected, including improved effects for spells and lighting.

Suitable audio effects also get an update, movements and skills sound a little better than before. Even the available color palette has been expanded to give certain objects a slightly more concise color so you can withdraw.

Not only the game itself is graphically revised, but also the CutScenes. Each cinematic in the game was visually revised and, for example, extended to better lighting, but keep the soundtrack. The CutScenes now remember the bombastic scenes used by Blizzard:

Who would rather want the perfect old school feeling, can, by the way, can switch via option in the menu between the modern Remaster optics and the original graph of 2000 at will.

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Changes to the Loot

Besides the automatic give up of gold and some other objects, nothing has changed on the Loot yet. However, the developers are considering whether they should not introduce one of the quality features from Diablo 3: Personal Loot.

Normally falls in Diablo 2 booty for all players in a group and whoever grabs them first gets them. In the past, there was the problem that especially in public games bot users or unfair players just rang it quickly.

With a personal Loot every player gets his own prey, which only he can see. Trade remains possible, but the game then generates the Loot by accident for every self.

However, if the feature comes, it is subsequently inserted after release. The first resonance is quite positive, with many players wanting that this option should be similar to the graphic on and off.

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Improved accessibility

In the last 21 years since the release of Diablo 2, many gamers have become accustomed to a certain quality standard of newer games and there are also significantly more people than before.

This also reacts Diablo 2 Resurrected with two changes: UI enhancements and controller support. At the UI, certain elements of the HUD (Heads-Up Display) will be customizable. Affected are about the visibility of the elements, names of items, the minimap or item comparisons.

For better visibility, you can display ammunition to the skills, adjust the font size of the chat and the transparency of the card. There are also subtitles for the greetings of NPCs and modes for color lindness.

Diablo 2 resurrected can also be played with controller, instead of just with mouse and keyboard only. Controller support also works on the PC.

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Further changes

Another big point and one of the reasons for the Remaster is the compatibility of Diablo 2 with modern systems. Anyone who wants to play the old ARPG today must often go through complicated options or mods for the PC.

However, resurrected appears native for all computers with Windows 10, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s. All modern platforms support the REMASTER.

To this end, Blizzard’s platform Battle.net has become better over the years and connections should be more stable with Diablo 2 more resurrected than before.

One of the rather bad changes, however, is the lack of lobbies on the console version of Diablo 2 resurrected. The lobby is an important feature in Diablo 2, which can find and join forces opened by other players and join them.

With the lobby it is particularly easy to find farm or level runs and play with strangers. Players on PlayStation and Xbox must use their friends list, because the lobby function does not come on consoles in this way.

Incidentally, the tenor of the fans to most changes is largely positive. Many see in the new or changed features no major intervention in the core gameplay of Diablo 2, but at best good or even necessary improvements.

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Some purists nevertheless criticize that features such as personal lot have nothing to look for in Diablo 2. However, if these come as a selectable option, hardly anyone should have something to complain here.

Either way, there is a look at Diablo2 Resurrected with security for anyone who is interested in Hack’n’Slay and Action RPGs – even if he does not know the nostalgia factor, but starts again:

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