Diablo 2 Resurrected What s new All changes at a glance

Diablo 2 Resurrected is the remastery of the popular 2000 action role game. However, the new edition receives a series of changes that go beyond a more beautiful aspect. game reveals all known changes.

What kind of changes are these? In Diablo 2 Resurrected, innovations are made at various points. Gameplay should remain as authentic as possible, but part of the content is simply not updated.

The most important changes are the new look with which Diablo 2 reappears and compatibility for all modern systems. However, there are also numerous functions reviewed and even new.

Most of these are destined to give players the feeling of devil 2 without resorting to unnecessary complications of the past. We have divided the changes for the general description in different categories. Here you can skip directly to the respective points:

  • Changes in the game
  • Changes in graphics
  • Changes in the booty
  • Improved accessibility
  • More changes

You will also find some of the expected changes that will not be introduced until after the launch, if they arrive.

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Changes in the game

Even if Diablo 2 resurrected is played almost exactly like the original Diablo 2, Removal Specialists of Vicarus Visions have introduced some modern comforts. Anyone who has played Diablo 3 should already know this.

A small but important change is the size and accessibility of the personal chest. You can store items in your chest, you can find them in the capital at each act, this is limited to a number of spaces.

Compared with before, you have much more space. Instead of the 24 original spaces in Resurrected, you have 100 spaces in your personal chest. There are also three most lathes that are shared among all the characters in the account, that is, 300 places more.

The purpose of the change is to avoid calls charging horses characters. Players used to use them as an additional bank.

As an additional change, certain elements such as gold are now canceled automatically. So that you do not miss more valuables out there. The option can be activated and deactivated, according to your preferences.

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Changes in graphics

The most important point of the image change of Diablo 2 is the appearance. The obsolete graphics of 2000 receive new 3D models in resurrected, including improved effects for magic and lighting.

The effects of audio are also being updated, so the movements and skills sound a little better than before. Even the available color palette has been expanded to give certain objects a little more concise color to stand out.

Not only has the game in itself been checked graphically, but also the cutting scenes. All the movies of the game have been reviewed and visually improved with better lighting, but the soundtrack has been preserved. The scenes now remember the grandilocuent scenes than we are accustomed to Blizzard:

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If you prefer the perfect feeling of the old school, you can switch between the modern remastered appearance and the original 2000 graphics using an option in the menu.

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Changes in the booty

Apart from the automatic delivery of gold and some other elements, nothing has changed in the booty yet. However, developers are considering whether they should bring one of the quality characteristics of Diablo 3: the personal booty.

Usually, in Diablo 2 the booty falls on all the players of a group and who caught him first obtains it. It used to exist the problem that users of BOTS or unfair players simply seized everything quickly, especially in public games.

With the personal booty, each player gets his own booty that only they can see. Trade is still possible, but the game generates the booty at random for all.

If the function comes, it will only be added after the launch. The first response is positive, although many players would like this option to turn on and off in a similar way to graphics.

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Improved accessibility

In the last 21 years since the launch of Diablo 2, many players have become accustomed to a certain quality standard of newer games and many more people are playing than before.

Diablo 2 resurrected also reacts to this with two changes: improvements in the user interface and compatibility with the controller. With the user interface, certain HUD elements can be adjusted (Front display screen). The visibility of the elements, the names of the elements, the minimapa or the comparisons of elements are affected, for example.

The Diablo 2 Resurrected user interface can be adjusted in many areas.

For better visibility, you can show ammunition on skills, set the source size of the chat and map transparency. There are also subtitles for the Greetings from the NPCs and modes for color laziness.

Diablo 2 resurrected can also be played with a controller instead of just one mouse and a keyboard, as was the case before. The controller support also works on the PC.

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More changes

Another large point and one of the reassers of the Remaster is the compatibility of Diablo 2 with modern systems. Those who still want to play the old ARPG today often have to go through complicated options or modifications for the PC.

Resurrected appears natively for all computers with Windows 10, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. So, all modern platforms admit remasterization.

In addition, Blizzard Battle.Net platform has improved over the years and connections with Diablo 2 Resurrected should be more stable than before.

However, one of the bad changes is the lack of pressure groups in the Diablo Console version 2 resurrected. The lobby is an important feature in Diablo 2, through which you can find rounds open by other players and join them.

The lobby is an important feature in Diablo 2.

The lobby makes it especially easy to find farms or level races and play with strangers. PlayStation and Xbox players should use their friends list for this, because the lobby function does not come in this way in the consoles.

By the way, the opinion of fanatics about most changes is largely positive. Many do not see new or modified features as an important intervention in the main game of Diablo 2, but as good or even necessary improvements.

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However, some purists criticize what features as the personal booty do not have a place in Diablo 2. However, if they come as a selectable option, almost no one should have something to complain about here either.

Either way, a look at Diablo2 Resurrected is definitely worth it for all who are interested in Hack’n’slay and Action-RPG, even if they do not notice the nostalgia factor and begin again:

Play Diablo 2 for the first time in 21 years, why is it so fascinating?