Where to find Dendrite Blastoma in warframe

Dendrite Blastoma is a Warframe resource that has been introduced with the HEART OF DEIMOS update. This resource can be obtained by fishing, and if you are very lucky, you can sometimes drop it from the containers that litters the Cambion Drift.

To get the most out of fishing on the Cambion Drift, you will need to get a Spari Spear from Daughter for 500 entrati literature. The easiest way to win an EntraTi status is to make premiums for mom, and then putting the mother’s chips you win at grandmother.

You will also need baits. The bait is actually the Fass and Vome residue that you can find everywhere on the map when giant worms destroy. Look for areas of Cambion drift that shine and you will find giant spatial lock pieces that you can break to get the bait.

When you have the bait, head to the cave indicated on the map. You have to fish vitreospina to catch Dendrite Blastoma. You can try other caves, but we have not confirmed that they will appear elsewhere for the moment. Many caves do not even seem to engender fish, so we recommend that you go to it. Equip your fishing spear, throw the bait and wait for the fish to start.

Warframe - Dendrite Blastoma Farming Guide

When you have a lot of Vitreospina fish, go back to Daughter in the Necralisk and select the Cut Fish option. It is time to massacre fish to get their spongy interior and rich in resources. Choose the glasspina that you caught and cut it, and this will give the dendrite blast that you can use.