FortNite Offline Server Down for Update 17 40 Today Time First Patch

The Fortnite Update 17.40 is on: The patch is available for download today. In advance of the update, Fortnite goes offline: Epic Games announces scheduled maintenance to prepare the Battle Royale shooter on the new update and the related content. One time has already mentioned the developers: The servers are temporarily switched off at 10 o’clock. From this point, neither logins nor playing contributions are possible. The matchmaking system goes down as usual for 30 minutes earlier: At 9:30 pm you can patch in the last match for the time being.

At what time the Fortnite servers return and the Battle-Royale shooter can be played again, does not come out of the information. As a rule, the maintenance work is only of a short duration, so you can expect to fall into the battles again for noon. During the server-downtime, the update 17.40 is available for download, which also reflects new content in addition to bugfixes and optimizations.

The full patch notes with all changes and innovations are not available so far. However, with the Imposter Mode a new game variant could be available, the Epic Games last week again and again anteate. Concrete details on the gameplay are not yet available. Fans speculated that the mode could be related to a possible Among US Crossover. Whether the degree of preservation will have to show.

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Changes, however, seems to give on the map. From a current FNCS stream indicates that Coral Castle is a greater adjustment. Concrete details about the changes are not available so far. As soon as the information from the patch Notes reaches us, you will learn that as usual on our website. Hard is: On August 20, Wonder Woman comes into play. The superhero will then be available with its armored variant in the item shop. In addition to the two outfits, the entire set also includes the hangover Golden Eagle Wings, the pickaxe Athenas Strikeaxe, the charging screen DC Trinity and the back accessory Diana’s Cape in two variants.

Already from the 18th of August you can compete in the Wonder Woman Cup in a duo with a friend to win the outfit Wonder Woman and the back accessory Diana’s Cape even before both in the item shop is available. All duos have three hours to play up to ten matches and collect as many points as possible. The best teams from each region are looking forward to the new items.

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