Avorion Update 2 0 of space

Today, the update will be released 2.0 for the space sandbox Avorion. The developer has announced Boxelware. It will bring numerous revisions of features several improvements and additional content with it. It is emphasized that it has allowed to flow and the feedback from the community in the development.
We are very proud of Update 2.0, because we were able to implement many of the suggestions from the community. To make the game so that is not only better, it also offers a lot more opportunities _ explains Konstantin Kronfelder, founder and lead developer of Boxelware. _ Just because Avorion has become such a huge success and we won an incredible number of fans around the world, we wanted to increase still correct and give Avorion additional boost once. _

According to the manufacturer, the changes are very comprehensive after installing the update 2.0, and thus affect almost all play areas in Avorion. Here is a summary of the most important new features:

  • New progression in which players draw up the Bauwissen to the different materials
  • New Classic Avorion scenario without the new progression
  • Configurable Freeplay scenario
  • Captains with specializations and a personality
  • Improved AI commands to ships to reduce act, or explore to send
  • More beautiful and clearer user interface
  • Improvements to the system for independent objectives of guns
  • Many Quality of Life changes such as easier travel, crew management, autopilot, less micromanagement, balancing improvements, GUI improvements Overview of bulletin boards, available crew and goods sector – and much, much more!

Conversely, those who still preferred the familiar presentation and would like to continue playing Avorion in its present form, can the Classic variant change.

Avorion has left over a year since the Early Access more. Nevertheless, the team has continued to work on its sandbox and added after the release of the full version more content and features. With the update 2.0 we want to emphasize again now that the work is going on at Avorion and it is also looking into the future for ways to enhance the gaming experience further.

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