Pokémon, (an abbreviation for Pocket Monsters in Japan) is a Japanese media franchise business handled by The Pokémon Firm, a company founded by Nintendo, Video Game Fanatic, and also Creatures. The franchise was produced by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, and is fixated fictional animals called Pokémon . In Pokémon, human beings, called Pokémon Trainers, capture and also train Pokémon to battle other Pokémon for sport. All media works within the franchise are established in the Pokémon universe. The English slogan for the franchise is Got ta Catch ‘Em All! . There are presently 900 Pokémon species.The franchise began as Pocket Monsters: Red and also Green (later on launched outside of Japan as Pokémon Red and Blue), a set of computer game for the original Game Kid portable system that were developed by Video game Freak and released by Nintendo in February 1996. It soon became a media mix franchise business adjusted into various different media. Pokémon has actually considering that come to be the highest-grossing media franchise of perpetuity. The video game series is the fourth very popular computer game franchise, behind Nintendo’s very own Mario franchise, Tetris and also Call of Obligation with greater than 380 million duplicates marketed and also one billion mobile downloads, as well as it generated an anime tv collection that has actually come to be one of the most effective video game adaptation with over 20 seasons and 1,000 episodes in 183 nations. In addition, the Pokémon franchise includes the world’s top-selling toy brand name, the top-selling trading card game with over 34.1 billion cards sold, an anime film series, a live-action movie (Investigative Pikachu), books, manga comics, music, product, and also a short-term amusement park. The franchise is also represented in various other Nintendo media, such as the Super Knockout Bros. collection, where various Pokémon characters are usable.
In November 2005, 4Kids Home entertainment, which had actually handled the non-game associated licensing of Pokémon, revealed that it had concurred not to renew the Pokémon depiction agreement. The Pokémon Firm International manages all Pokémon licensing outside Asia. In 2006, the franchise business celebrated its tenth wedding anniversary. In 2016, the Pokémon Firm celebrated Pokémon’s 20th anniversary by broadcasting an advertisement throughout Super Bowl 50 in January and re-releasing the initial Pokémon video clip games 1996 Game Young boy games Pokémon Red, Environment-friendly (just in Japan), and also Blue, and the 1998 Video game Kid Shade video game Pokémon Yellow for the Nintendo 3DS on February 26, 2016. The mobile augmented truth game Pokémon Go was released in July 2016. The first live-action film in the franchise business, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, based upon the 2018 Nintendo 3DS spin-off game Investigative Pikachu, was launched in 2019. The most just recently released core collection games, Pokémon Sword and Shield, that were launched worldwide on the Nintendo Turn On November 15, 2019.
In party of its 25th wedding anniversary in 2021, the upcoming core collection games, Pokémon Brilliant Ruby and Radiating Pearl will certainly be released on November 19, 2021, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus on January 28, 2022, both for the Nintendo Change. They are remakes as well as a premake of the 2006 Nintendo DS games Pokémon Ruby and Pearl, respectively.

Pokémon GO published the patch notes for version 0.219 (1,185 for iOS). A change affects the selection of RAID attackers and is extremely important for the game. The community says that the change was made a long time ago.

What type of update is that? The update with the version number 0.219.0 has been in deployment since August 31 and has been gradually activated for players. On September 8, the developers published the patch notes to explain what will change as a result of the update.

Here we show you all the important notes of the patch in German and why the community is particularly excited about a change.

Notes of patch 0.219.0 in German

What has changed? In the following general description, we show you the patch notes and we qualify accordingly:

Notification of a mysterious piece found now has moved to combat rewards.
The incursion rewards screen has been fixed
Quality of life
Suggestions for combat equipment now give more weight to the value of damage per second of a Pokémon.
The duration of visualization of EP notifications has been reduced
Improvements in the German language shown
Trainers can now save their trainer success cards several times on their device
Error correction
The problem was solved by which the invitations of remote incursions were still appearing even though they had expired.
An error was corrected that prevented the coaches from having the opportunity to retaliate after fighting the Team Go Rocket.
The problem was solved by which the shadows of the sunglasses were not correctly shown in the battles of the GO league.
The problem was solved by which the Pokémon Event Galar did not appear in Event Pokédex
An error was corrected that showed the incorrect evolution of Night Macaw and Psiana.
The problem was solved by which the daily rotation of the Pokéstop had despite the fact that the coach’s pockets were full.
The problem was solved by which you could click on the New Attack button although the coach did not have enough star powder.
Solved a problem by which the animation of an egg to incubate briefly showed the map

Why the change of fighting team is so important

This is what the community says: A change of patch notes that is really celebrated in Reddit is that of battle teams. For this, it is written:

That’s huge in my opinion
If it really works, an improvement that a long time
But I bet the damage of (Pokémon with) Two charging attacks will remain the average, so the best attacker will have less weight than one with a single load attack.
And goodbye, stollloss

This is what makes the change so good: If you join an incursion to defeat a boss only or with a group of other coaches, Pokémon Go will first suggest a Recommended Team for this scenario . To do this, the game looks for in your Pokémon collection and uses it to place attackers in your 6 spaces that you consider good .

Unfortunately, in the past, this selection included Pokémon quite bad and the good ones were ignored or given less weight. The game often suggests Stollos as an attacker. Why Stollos is almost always a bad choice in Pokémon Go.

Beginners and casual players in particular often do not know anything better and trust this pre-selection of the game. As a result, open groups that lead with them beginners and occasional often have problems to cause sufficient damage. So this change, if it is really good, it is important.

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